Cheap Car Rental Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
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Cheap Car Rental Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Located about 3 miles from downtown Phoenix in the Maricopa County, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the state of Arizona. This airport is often referred to as PHX Airport or Sky Harbor Airport and extends over an area of 3400 acres. In 2018, PHX served 44,943,686 passengers and became the 41st busiest airport in the world. To J. Parker Van Zandt, the owner of Scenic Airways goes the credit of assigning a unique name to the Phoenix Airport, which was the fourth built in the city. The airport has three 3 terminals with 116 aircraft gates and three parallel concrete/grooved runways.

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Cheap car rental in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Affordable Pricing & Availability

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A wide range of vehicles in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Not for nothing has TravelCar acquired a grand reputation in the car rental domain. If you’re a casual visitor, the Mini will suit you ideally, but if you want a slightly bigger car but don’t want to delve too deep into your pocket, then the Economy or Compact Car is perfect. However, if you are one of those that lug people and luggage around wherever you go, the Intermediate Car should suit your needs. The Full-Size car will cater to big families that want lots of legroom, luggage space, and headroom, while the Luxury edition will satiate the cravings of the ‘man of the town’ who likes to be ahead a couple of paces ahead always in everything. Of course, TravelCar’s Minivan and SUV will serve those huge groups that like to travel together. TravelCar has it all.

Driving in Phoenix

Phoenix is the capital of the state of Arizona and is known as the Valley of the Sun. There are so many things to see and do and TravelCar ensures that you have a budget car rental of your choice to explore and discover the treasures of the city.

1. Steep yourself in The Musical Instruments Museum

Housing more than 6,800 instruments from almost 200 countries and territories, this museum is located in a spectacular building that has 5 permanent galleries. As you wander through the five galleries, you get an opportunity to hear instrument sound, play some of the instruments and see craftsmen at work in the Conservation lab. Signature events, traveling exhibits and showcasing of live music from across the world are events that take place from time to time. You can actually catch a concert in the theatre while you take a world tour of cultural instruments and artists.

2. Brush up at the Desert Botanical Garden

You wouldn’t expect to find an oasis of flowers and plants in a desert. Desert Botanical Garden, located in Papago Park, is a beautiful example where this happens. Nature and art blend together delightfully in an amazing way. This 50-acre garden is home to towering saguaros, delicate blooms and a variety of cacti and flora from across the world. The riot of color in the gardens is in stark contrast to the ‘Desert's cinnamon-red buttes’. Hiking trails and wildflower loop trails beckon you at every turn and you can get a whiff of nature and its wonders as you walk along. Against this background of color and green landscapes, numerous concerts and other events are hosted. Fun and frolic amidst nature- what can be better?

3. Cool off at Phoenix Zoo

If it gets too hot outside (as it usually does in sunny Arizona), then you can seek refuge at the zoo and be entertained in the process. The zoo is famous for its Sumatran tigers and orangutans and houses more than 1,400 animals that include many endangered species. You can actually meet monkeys at the Monkey Village and horses, sheep and goats at the Red Barn petting zoo. Encountering giraffes or Stingrays, getting camel rides are part of the many things that you get to do. There are even children play areas and trails to follow. If you’re tired at the end of it all and want to just sit around and experience the water, wind and smells in the air, enter the 4D Theater and you can have it all.

4. Be inspired at the Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center is home to a planetarium, an IMAX theater and so many interactive exhibits in seven galleries. It affords a rich learning experience and kindles excitement as you learn about science through hands-on activities. Designed by famous architect Antoine Predock, this 140,000-square-foot building has four levels of exhibits, a 5-story high IMAX theater, and a planetarium. Education and entertainment galore for kids and adults of all ages. The Science Center is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix and is close to many other Arizona attractions.

Driving Around in Phoenix area

The area around Phoenix is as interesting and delightful as the city itself- so if you are out for outdoor adventure, then here goes.

1. Enjoy Montezuma Castle, Camp Verde  

If you want to take a peek into the history of Arizona or get a glimpse of the culture of original Native Americans, then this castle might just be for you. This castle is one of the 16 district structures that exist in the Montezuma Castle Monument. The architectural features, the shape of the doorways and windows, limestone blocks, mud mortar the latilla ceilings, the numerous fireplaces, the hearths and the storage spaces in the cave walls give you an idea as to how the Native Americans lived and how they were able to survive the harsh desert climate. What is termed as Castle A is a large limestone cliff dwelling used by the Sinaguas. The Montezuma Castle National Monument is 82 miles from the Phoenix Airport. The road distance is about 100 miles and the castle can be reached by taking Exit 289 off I-17 and following the signs to the Visitor Center parking lot. By bus (including transfers), it roughly takes the same- 2h.

2. Meteor Crater

The Meteor Crater attracts visitors from all over the world- it’s an enormous circular depression in the ground that is more than 500 feet deep and a mile in length. It is said to the effect of a large meteorite crashing into the Earth at that place. The crater is not only about rocks, but it’s also about stars, planets, and meteors too- interactive exhibits give you so much information. It’s a great place for stargazing, so hang around till night. The distance between Phoenix and Meteor Crater is 125 miles and the road distance is 187 miles. Driving takes 2h 56 m, while an Amtrak Thruway and taxi take 5h 9m. Buses (including transfers) take about 5h 27m.

3. Casa Grande Ruins National Monument 

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument houses Hohokam structures that pertain to the Ancient Pueblo Peoples of the Pueblo III and Pueblo IV Eras. Made of Caliche, the structures have weathered climatic conditions for about 7 centuries. One of the largest prehistoric structure in the United States, the monument consists of irrigation tunnels built by the native inhabitants over 600 years ago. It is about 50 miles from Phoenix Airport and takes 51 m if you drive via 1-10E. If you take a tram and bus then you can reach Casa Grande in 2h 26m.

4. Kartchner Caverns State Park 

This is a state park in Arizona and is 9 miles to the west of the San Pedro River. It contains a cave that is 2.5 miles long, which was discovered in 1974 and is being preserved with the help of a state biologist. Limestone and spectacular speleothems continue to grow in these caverns, even as water drips down into the cave. Visitors to the park can get a glimpse of stalagmites and stalactites, explore a discovery center with displays, visit the theater and have a good time at the gift shop. There is no dearth of hiking trails and picnic spots at the park. The road distance is 167.8 miles between Phoenix and Kartchner Caverns State Park and journey time is 2h 38m. The same journey takes 3h 47m by bus including transfers.

There is so much more to do and see and a budget car rental service like TravelCar makes it easier all around. Avail of cheap car rental facilities and enjoy your trip.

Driving in Arizona

Different states in the United States have different speed limits

As on May 10, 2016 

Rural freeways and interstate highways

75 mph

Urban freeways and interstate highways

65 mph:

Residential and business districts

25 mph

Approaching and inside school zones

15 mph:


15 mph

If you are a visitor or a tourist, you can legally drive in Arizona by using a valid driver license from another country. An Arizona resident has to apply for a regular Arizona Driver license.

Getting a rental car is not the easiest of things, especially when you’re visiting another place, but with TravelCar around, all your car rental problems will be solved.