Cheap Car Rentals In Newark Liberty International Airport
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Newark Liberty International Airport

About Newark Airport

Newark Airport is located between the city of New York and the city of Philadelphia in the state of New Jersey. The airport extends over an area of 2,027 acres and was opened to the public on October 1, 1928. Formerly known as the Newark International Airport, it was renamed as Newark Liberty International Airport in 2002.

Stated to the 15th busiest airport in the United States, it served 43,393,499 passengers in the year 2017. Lying 3 miles south of Downtown Newark, the airport has 3 runways and one helipad. It has three passenger terminals with a total of 121 gates.

This busy airport has many car rental providers but TravelCar with its cheap car rental service easily surpasses the others.

Cheap car rental in Newark Liberty International Airport

On landing at Newark Airport, you are immediately on the lookout for transport options that will get you where you want to go. TravelCar with its various used car rental Newark is a boon for visitors looking forward to a great holiday.

Affordable Pricing & Availability

These are obviously high on the priority list of any traveler, who looks to save as many precious dollars as he can. TravelCar with its cheap car rentals is the first choice for many and its presence at the airport is welcomed with open arms. Its budget car rental Newark Airport is an attraction and the quality of service is highly commendable. Moreover, regardless of how long you hire these rental cars- a couple of days, a week or a month, it metes out the same impeccable service to one and all and provides them with cars that are safe and comfortable.

Ease of Booking

No one likes to be involved in a long-drawn booking process and TravelCar understands this mentality. That’s why it has made online booking a breeze. Visitors just have to fill in a few details and then click, click, click and you’re done. You have the option to change your choice or cancel it if need be without incurring a penalty or a fine. If you book in advance, TravelCar has your car ready and waiting for you when you arrive, but it’s no different if you book when you land at your destination spot. TravelCar never plays the ‘waiting game’ with its customers. It makes great efforts to ensure that you get what you want and if you tell them your requirements, it will recommend the kind of car that will suit you best. All recent vehicles have all-inclusive insurance attached to it and that assures travelers. There’s no beating TravelCar when it comes to enhancing value-add.

Professional 24/7 Customer Service

When customers come to TravelCar, they expect something more than the ordinary and they are never disappointed. Given its eclectic vehicle options, its seamless booking service, and quality cars, it will come as no surprise to find that it has an efficient customer service staff that works tirelessly around the clock to answer queries, clarify doubts and sort out issues before they become problems. Staff and personnel work to placate irate customers and ensure that they get a good deal all the time. They take time to understand customer needs and recommend a vehicle that will best cater to them. TravelCar with its rental cars Newark Airport seeks to keep customers happy and aims to deliver the best all the time, every time. Its prices are unbeatable, its service impeccable and the quality of its cars irreproachable.

A wide range of vehicles in Newark Liberty International Airport

Getting the correct type of car when you reach your destination spot is always a bother, but with TravelCar around, you can be sure of getting what you want. The car rental provider is well known for its wide variety of cars. It has a Mini for those that like to drive alone or with just a friend, but it has an Economy or Compact car that is a little bigger but budget-friendly. If you’re one of those that like to travel with friends and need a lot of legroom, it has the Intermediate or Full-Size Car that’s roomy enough for your needs. For those who are lavish and want to ride in style, its Luxury edition does the trick. Families and large groups that want to travel together will be pleased with TravelCar’s Minivans or SUVs.

Driving in Newark City

Sitting right at the mouth of the Passaic River, the Newark Airport in New Jersey is close to many attractions. TravelCar’s dominant presence is very handy for travelers in search of car rental options.

1. Light up at the Alice and Leonard Dreyfuss Planetarium

Planetariums are amazing places and you can never tire of seeing them. This one is an interactive theater and you can get a hold of space and planetary science when you explore the universe and constellations. As you travel through the solar system and visit galaxies, known and unknown, you’re transported to a world where time and space meet on a platform. The state-of-art digital projection system gives you the correct positions of the stars, sun and moon and astronomers and visitors remain entranced.

2. Delve into Art at the Newark Museum 

Founded in 1909, the museum is a historic landmark and houses amazing collections of art that range from American and African to Asian. With 80 galleries that cater to natural science, art, and history, the museum beckons nerds and geeks. A mini zoo, a planetarium, a sculpture garden schoolhouse, the Ballantine House are all worth a visit. This museum is said to be the largest in New Jersey and is a place where art and science are brought together. As you walk through the halls and exhibits, you find yourself on an inspirational and educational journey where the classic and modernism face each other. Programs and events happen throughout the year and there is no dearth of entertainment.

3. Admire nature at Branch Brook Park

The park spread over 360 acres and four miles long was designed by the firm of the Olmstead brothers. The land extends to the northern parts of the Essex County. The highlight of this park is its cherry trees- 4000 of them belonging to different species. The Cherry Blossom Festival held in April- during peak bloom time- can hold its own against the one held in Tokyo, Japan. This park is registered as a National historic and a state one. Nature lovers savor the greenery, the elegant bridges, the winding pathways, and delight in the freshness of the park. Whether you just stop by or intend to walk through the park, you’ll not be disappointed.

4. Enjoy the New Jersey Performing Arts Center

For nearly two decades this art center has been in the spotlight and attracts New Yorkers and other people too. Apart from its capacity to offer live entertainment and live performances by local and foreign artists, it’s home to classical ensembles and jam sessions. Regular fests such as the Jazz fest and comedian shows draw great crowds. This center is stated to be the ‘most prolific’ in the entire country. So don’t miss out on this one.

5. Admire the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

At the edge of Brook Park, this Gothic church is stated to be one of the biggest basilicas in the whole of America. Construction of the church commenced in 1898 and it took about 29 years to be built as the designers experimented with different architectural styles. Whether you want to listen to some wonderful music or enjoy the architecture, you’re at the right place as you can do both.

Driving Around in Newark Area

If Newark has many delights to offer, the surrounding areas are even better- With TravelCar’s cheap car rental options, it’s easy to make trips that are away from the city proper.

1. Gaming at Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City means casinos and as this is just a couple of hours away from Newark, adults can have some fun and if dame luck favors them, get big winnings. Apart from that though, there are lots of sights to enthrall you- the elephant-shaped building which always draws crowds, the New Jersey Korean War Memorial, the Steel Boardwalk, comedy shows, and music performances keep you entertained. Satisfy your hunger pangs at the high-rise hotels, shop at the malls and cap it all off with a visit to the nightclub. The distance between Atlantic City and Newark Airport is 93 miles and the road distance is 115.2 miles. If you drive, the journey time is about 2h. Though there is no direct bus, services operate between Atlantic City NJ station and Newark Airport and that includes transfers. Journey time is 3h 25mts.

2. Fire Island, New York

With 25 miles of shoreline and ocean, lush forests and amazing coastline, Fire Island offers you an opportunity to get away from civilization and spend some time amidst nature. The island is just 2h 20m away from Newark and you can seek refuge from city-life just whenever you want. You want to fish- well, you can do it on the bay and if you want to go canoeing, and the Great South Bay awaits you. The distance between Newark and the island is 55 miles and road distance is 61.5 miles. Journey time by road is a little more than 1h-apparently you can go till the lighthouse or the other end of the island. Every 30 min there is a train from Newark to Islip (a town in Long Island) and journey time is more than 1 hour. There are also shuttles from Newark Airport to Islip, from where you can go to Fire Island.

3. Ocean City, New Jersey

If you want to have a view of the beach and boardwalk, then Ocean City is for you. It is 174 miles from Newark and road distance is 224 miles. This seaside resort has 2.5 miles of boardwalk and offers long stretches of beaches. When it comes to shopping and dining, this top beach offers you lots of options. Go Italian and dine and wine or soak up the sun and have fun with carnival rides at the piers. If you love biking, follow the trails, play golf if you want or imbibe some art at the Ocean City Art Center. You can either drive or take a bus from Newark to transfer point in Ocean City via shore Transit Bus Terminal. Buses depart from Newark, NJ station.

4. Asbury Park 

Sandy beaches, great entertainment, and a beachfront boardwalk are the highlights of

Asbury Park. This is a small coastal town with art galleries, restaurants, scenic views and is regarded as a premier beach in NJ. Two theatre companies offer lots of entertainment and annual events like the oysterfest and NJ Zombie Walk attract huge crowds. With sand and water around you, there’s no dearth of fun and frolic and water activities. There is no direct bus but along with transfers, you can reach Asbury Park, NJ with services starting from Newark Penn Station. Journey time is under 3 hours. If you drive, it takes a little less than an hour. Direct trains operate from Newark Penn Station to Asbury Park and journey time is about 1h 18m.

Driving in Newark

Different states have different speed limits in the United States. In Newark-

School zones, business, or residential districts

25 mph

Low-density business and residential districts

35 mph

Freeway Rural

65 mph

 Divided rural, certain state highways and interstates

55 mph

Freeway Urban

50-65 mph

Undivided Rural

30-55 mph

Drivers in NJ need to have a Basic Automobile License (Class D) if they are 18 years of age and older for all types of motor vehicles. Foreign nationals must have a valid license from their own country.