Cheap Car Rental in Portland International Airport

Cheap Car Rental in Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport, Oregon, in the USA is 6 miles northeast of Portland. Both civil-military airport operations are carried out here. It is the largest airport in the U.S. state of Oregon that boasts of about 90% passenger movement. The number of passengers flying in and out of this airport is 19,882,788 million.

The airport is about 3000 acres wide with two Terminals: South terminal and North terminal with 60 gates. The two sections of the main terminal (South and North) at Portland International Airport have five concourses (A, B, C, D, E) and are connected with a walkway like Concourse Connector.

Portland International Airport handles a variety of international air-cargo in the international section of Concourse D. The terminal was renamed in the honor of Governor Victor G. Atiyeh. He was also known as ‘Trader Vic’ for initiating international Trade and tourism. Oregon is one of the few states in the nation with no sales tax, all stores offer tax-free shopping.

Cheap car rental in Portland International Airport

TravelCar car rentals can be hired right from Portland International Airport. They are in the business of car rentals since the year 2012. They have worldwide recognition for their professionalism, affordability, and reliability.

TravelCar have a very safe booking procedure. There are no hidden costs in their bookings. The rental charges are budget-priced. They have a wide range of vehicles with the latest features and a fleet from small size cars to the economy to luxury vehicles.

Whatever the preference or the price range be, TravelCar has an option for all. The range of cars at TravelCar are all new and well maintained. You can hire them for a day, a week, or a month. They offer great hire-package and deals to suit all requirements. The vehicles vary from roomy vans to sporty cars. They offer seasonal discounts on their select vehicles. The rental cars have an all-state permit. Backed by the latest tracking technology, TravelCar road-assistance is unmatched by any other car rental service. In case of advance booking, you can even avail the 24x7 assistance of a TravelCar professional to assist you with your preference during your booking.

Portland has a lot of sightseeing and tax-free shopping to offer. Rent your car from TravelCar and get set for a memorable road trip in and around Portland!

Wide Range of Vehicles

The TravelCar range of vehicles are cost-effective and the models are equipped with various travel requirements. You can opt for Manual or Automatic cars. All cars have GPS Navigation, A/C, Ski Equipment fitted in them. Browse through the models which may be in tandem with your itinerary.

The compact range of cars is recommended for small groups to travel around Portland. TravelCar car rentals have an array of models of Audi A3, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, Renault, Megane, VW Golf, Peugeot 308, Fiat Brava, Citroen C4, to pick from.

TravelCar Economy cars are sought after for their Renault, Clio, Vauxhall Corsa, VW Polo Fiat Punto, Citroen C2 & C3, Peugeot 207, Ford Fiesta, Ford KA (mini-economy), VW Lupo (mini-economy) models.

A great choice for large group and luggage, their MPV Range models are 5, 7 and 9-seaters. Pick from Renault Scenic, Ford Galaxy Auto, Fiat Ulysses Auto, Vauxhall Zafira, Renault Espace, Citroen C8, Citroen Jumper, Mercedes Viano.

Driving in Portland

There are a hundred reasons for you to choose to travel around Portland, Oregon. A handful of them is listed here. TravelCar car rentals will assist you in booking the right car for a comfortable tour.

Portland is a beautiful city with gardens and slopes and Museums. It has great places for food and drink and shopping too! With a super-amazing Rose Garden, Portland is rightly called Rose city. Since 1907 it is a host for the Rose festival and has millions of people coming to Portland every June to watch the Grand Floral Parade.

The Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo is the oldest zoo towards west Mississippi. It was started with two bears in 1888. Today it has about 2000 animals of about 200 species in it. Few of them are rare species. Oregon Zoo is the home to ‘Packy’ the very first white elephant born in the zoo in 1962. The zoo grew to be a center for breeding elephants in captivity. The zoo is home to several other endangered animals like the Condor.

Aerial Tram 

If heights do not freak you, take an aerial tram ride from South Waterfront to Marquam Hill. The ride is for four minutes and at 22mph and about 80 people can travel in one ride. You can get an aerial view of Portland city as you zoom 500 feet above. There’s an observation deck to view the famous Mt. Saint Helens of Washington and Mt Hood of Oregon. While at it, go to the upper terminal to walk the enclosed largest Sky bridge in North America.

Pearl District

Pearl District has got nothing to do with Pearls. Bookworms could find their pearls here by means of books because the world’s largest independent bookseller is in Portland. Powell’s City of Books, the first publishing house has over million books which are new and old, in about 300 sections on sale. A book in your hand and restaurant for a drink is the right combination for a vacation in a trendy place like Pearl district.

The Saturday Market

If you are in Portland in the months of March through December, head to Waterfront Park in the Old Town/Chinatown on a Saturday. From Jewelry, Handicraft, handwoven clothes, the Saturday market has something for everybody. A shoppers’ delight, The Saturday Market is an initiative of an NGO since 1974 with over 350 vendors in the listing.

Grotto Gardens 

Grotto Gardens is a Catholic Church. Even if you are not a Catholic you must have it in your itinerary. The shrine is known as Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother. The fresh and the serene garden has a peaceful vibe to it. Grotto Gardens has been there since 1924. The center of the garden stands the 110 feet high carved cliff of Our Lady Grotto, a statue of Mary.

Driving around Portland

If you love road trips or even if you don’t in particular, Portland has many beautiful sights within a three-hours’ drive. There are serene beaches, landscapes, gardens, waterfall and more. With a car rental from TravelCar at your service, Portland is the place to be!

Mount Hood

All models of TravelCar are equipped with Skis. Book your car and drive up to the snow-peaked popular mountain to scale, Mt. Hood. Mt Hood is the sole ski slopes in North America. Mt. Hood is One and a half hours’ drive from Portland. It is open throughout the year. So, it is not only winter skiing, it is Summer skiing too! Alternatively, you can cuddle up to the fireplace in the lodge around there. There are twelve glaciers that are surrounded by green, beautiful forests. There are six ski spots near the mountain. There are many Camping grounds by the lake of Mt. Hood Forest.  Check out Timberline Lodge to know why it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1977. Take a ride on the Mt. Hood Express from Sandy city to Timberline Lodge.

Travel along the Oregon coastline

One of the better choices for a weekend in the month of July through September is to pick up a TravelCar car rental and drive the Oregon Coastline stretching around 365 miles. It is an hour and a half’s drive to the Astoria Column. This is a spot where you catch some wonderful views. You can opt to go fishing, go Camping at South Beach State Park and the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. You can play golf and catch up on some tees and pegs at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River runs in between Washington and  Oregon. There are innumerable waterfalls around Oregon. Watching the 620 feet high Multnomah Falls is a splendid experience. Other waterfalls that are similar to its height are Elowah and Oneonta falls.  Early in the morning is the best time of day to visit Multnomah. There are many points for hiking. Dog Mountain and Horsetail falls are few great spots for hikes. Around  35 minutes drive from Portland around September will prove a memorable trip.

Skiing and Rock climbing in Bend

Bend is a road trip of around 3 hours towards Northwest from Portland. This is one of the famous places where you can enjoy the snow during winter and the rocks in warm summers. Mt Bachelors is a ski resort you ought to be in in the winter where you can snowboard, have sled dog race or ski. Summer is warm weather for paddle boarding, rock climbing, hiking on Bend’s outskirts-in Smith Rock State Park. The park is so famous that it is one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon.

Willamette Valley

A short drive of 40 minutes from Portland will take you to Willamette Valley in Dundee. Around 70 percent of Oregon’s population lives in Willamette Valley. Dundee has the maximum of Oregon’s 400 or more wineries. During Spring, Wood Shoe Farm is one must-visit farm for grapes and beautiful tulips too. If you are a fan of adventure sports, then Dundee is the place to be for a hot balloon ride.

Lake Trillium 

Trillium lake is an hour and a half drive from Portland. Trillium Lake is a great spot for camping and fishing. The lake is calm and reflects Mt Hood. The mirror image is perfect that it gives you a heady feeling of a topsy-turvy world. During winter, the lake is frozen and with snow.

Florence, Oregon

Florence in Oregon is a three-hours’ drive from Portland along the Central Oregon coast. The scenery is different from that of any other sights in Portland. The beach has very huge sand dunes. The sand dunes are about 200-feet high. Don’t miss sand boarding here. This is where it started after all! And you may bump into the creator of sandboarding, you never know! Also, you can go on horse rides or check out Sea lion caves or even drive further north to Thor’s Well in Cape Perpetua which is 30 minutes away.

Crater Lake National Park

A good drive of three and a half hours will take you to Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake National Park is the sole National Park of Oregon. It is the deepest lake in the USA and the lake is 1,943 feet deep ranking it ninth deepest lake globally. As the name suggests, Crater Lake was formed by a volcano which fell into a huge caldera. If you are traveling in summer, take a hike around the crater or get into it for a dip in the cool waters. In the Winter the lake is great for snow activities.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is in Washington. It is a two and a half hour drive to Seattle. If you are into history and related interest, you must have Seattle in your itinerary. There are 40 museums, (you read that right), in Seattle. There are activities aplenty in Seattle. A week’s getaway is what we suggest!

Driving in the USA


Maximum Speed limit on Highways

65 mph

Maximum Speed near Schools

25 mph

Maximum Speed at Blind Intersections

15 mph

Maximum Speed near Railroad tracks and Alleys

15 mph

Maximum Speed in Residential or Business Districts

25 mph


You can legally drive in Oregon with a valid driver’s license from your home state or country. Portland’s gentle slopes, moderate climate, and many bike lanes result in a horde of cyclists on the roads. Be aware of bike lanes and keep an eye for cyclists while driving around Portland. Always watch out for bikes especially when turning left or right into the main street. On streets without a bike lane, cyclists may mix with cars in the main traffic lanes.

Take care when driving in downtown Portland, the many one-way streets can be confusing. Check sign boards for directions. Take a Right or left turn onto the main road, after coming to a complete stop at a red signal. Using a hands-free mobile phone is allowed while driving.

Area/District/Road trips

Speed Limit

Business districts


Residential districts

25 mph

on Highways

65-70 mph

on Rural Roads


on Interstate Highways

65 mph

However, 55mph is the maximum speed inside Portland city.