Cheap Car Rental in Philadelphia International Airport

Cheap Car Rental in Philadelphia International Airport


Philadelphia International Airport is next to Delaware River about 10 miles southwest from downtown Philadelphia. Formerly known as Philadelphia Municipal airport, it acquired its current nomenclature in 1945.

PHL, as it is commonly known, is a major airport in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and also the largest airport in the Delaware Valley region. Passenger traffic in 2018 was 31, 691,596. PHL extends over an area of 2,302 acres and has 4 runways. It consists of 7 terminal buildings that are divided into 7 concourses. There are 124 gates in all.

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Cheap car rental in Philadelphia International Airport

Affordable Pricing & Availability

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Ease of Booking

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Professional 24/7 Customer Service

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A wide range of vehicles in Philadelphia International Airport

TravelCar travels with the wind and knows just what different customers need. There’s the Mini for those that like to travel solo or with just a friend and for the budget-conscious, there’s the Economy or Compact Car. Some people want ‘legroom, headroom and arm room’- well, TravelCar has them covered with its Intermediate Car. Those traveling with baggage of all sizes and shapes, yearn for space to hold them all- there’s TravelCar’s Full-Size Car that will hold people and all their luggage. However, if comfort and style is your signature, then the Luxury Edition awaits you. If you want a really huge car to drive around in, then the provider’s Minivan and SUV should be right up your line.

Driving in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the most historic city in the United States and the largest in Pennsylvania. There’s culture and history steeped at every corner and centuries of architecture is visible in all its buildings.

The Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum is a great place for kids to get interactive and is the perfect place where exploration and learning happen together. Children get a chance to peep into space, enter a fantasy world or just take a peek into history and culture of yesteryears. They also get to wear costumes and playact together. The most absorbing feature is the River Adventure, where elements of science and physics combine together wonderfully. It’s a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of how things work- be it a lever, a lock, dams or waterwheels. There’s a garden waiting to be explored and a Dentzel carousel that kids can enjoy. Education can be fun- is the message that this museum spells.

2. The Franklin Institute Science Museum

Built as a tribute to the famous scientist Benjamin Franklin, this science museum is actually a conglomeration of several museums under the same roof. This too is interactive and visitors get a hand to try their own experiments across a wide spectrum of study- that ranges from computers and technology to space and astronomy. The presence of the Feels Planetarium and the IMAX theatre lends a little more oomph to the already amazing museum.

3. Liberty Bell Pavilion

This historic symbol of independence was first rung on July 4, 1776, when the United States gained freedom from British rule. When the bell was first cast in 1752, little did they know that this was to become an icon of freedom? No trip to Philadelphia is complete without viewing the Liberty Bell and the pavilion that consists of videos and exhibits detailing the history of the bell. To inspire a sense of freedom throughout the country, the Bell went on a ‘full tour’ in the latter half of the 19th century.

4. Reading Terminal Market

This public marketplace was opened in 1893 in an elevated train shed beneath the station. This place was meant to accommodate the butchers and farmers who used to hold open-air markets. Although the place has been renovated many times, it has tried to retain the unique ambiance that was there originally. More than 80 merchants are housed within this market and tourists and locals can buy fresh produce, bread, gifts, jewelry, crafts, and many more items.

5. Independence Hall

The hall, was constructed in 1753, was the center of attraction when the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Congress in 1776. It was also in the limelight when the Constitution was written 11 years later in the Assembly Hall and when the Constitutional Convention was held in 1787. Tourists are drawn to this spot all year long. Washington was chosen as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. In this Hall. Independence Hall sits across from the Liberty Bell Pavilion in the Independence National Historical Park.

6. The Philadelphia Museum of Art

This Neoclassical building houses one of the largest collections of art and also the most diverse. Whether it’s the medieval galleries, the Renaissance rooms or the Baroque rooms- all of them house unique works of art pertaining to the Great Masters. Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Cezzane adorn the walls of the galleries. Philadelphian artists, local ones and European art by Picasso, Miro, Paul Klee, and others jostle with each other for space and recognition. Furthermore, Asian art can be said to be at its best in the collections of jade, porcelain, oriental carpets and more.

Driving Around in Philadelphia Area

Philadelphia is not only a historic city, but there are also sights and attractions just outside the city that make you want to visit again. TravelCar’s used car rentals are a good way of getting about the city and its surrounding areas.

1. Relax at the Chanticleer Garden

Formerly the Rosengarten estate, this 48-acre garden, located on Philadelphia's historic Main Line in Wayne, is regarded as one of the best in the area. Dating back to the 20th century, this has a historical and a contemporary feel about it. The themed wooded areas, the eight different gardens, orchards, creeks, and meadows exist alongside elevated walkways. Tropicals, perennials, flower and vegetable gardens- the whole place teems with life. No wonder then that it is often referred to as America’s ‘most inspiring garden’. Classes and workshops are an integral part of the garden and there’s always something going on. It’s about 20 miles from PHL and takes 25 min via I-476N. There are no direct buses but including transfers, the journey time from PHL Terminal B to Wayne is about 2h 22mts. No direct trains but some services start at Terminal A and the journey including transfers is about 1h 11m.

2. Doylestown 

About 35 miles from Philadelphia, the town of Doylestown is full of parks and museums. The Mercer Museum is home to more than 50,000 items pertaining to the bygone American Trade. Close to the museum is Fonthill Castle, consisting of 44 rooms, where different architectural styles and craftsmanship blend beautifully. There are walking and cycling trails that visitors are sure to enjoy. With seven municipal parks extending over 80 acres of land, Doylestown is must see. It is about 31 miles from PHL and if you drive it will take you about an hour. Train journey including transfers takes 2h 27m and Line 37 and 55 bus takes 3h 6m. Trains arrive at Doylestown station.

3. Dip into the Hershey's Chocolate World 

Hershey’s Chocolate World does sweeten your trip- It’s two hours north of Philadelphia and is an exciting place, especially if you want to make your own chocolate bar and taste bits of the most scrumptious chocolate. You can enjoy this cocoa bean journey and see how the bean gets transformed into Hershey’s famous chocolate. Children can have fun with the 4D Chocolate Mystery, an interactive game, history geeks can take a trolley tour to find how chocolate is made, while others can enjoy the food court and bakery. This is one sweet tour that almost everybody will enjoy. If you drive- the journey time from Philadelphia to Hershey’s chocolate world is about 1h 46 m. Bus journey including transfers takes about 4 h and buses (line 322 bus) depart from Philadelphia, Pa station. The road distance from Philadelphia and Hershey’s Chocolate World is 96.5 miles.

4. Be rejuvenated at the Lapp Valley Farm 

Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, visitors can enjoy the farm against a landscape that’s filled with calves, cows, cats, peacocks, and even bulldogs. Enjoy the home-made ice cream, the waffle cones, and the rich milkshakes that come in delicious flavors. This 82-acre farm is just the antidote for those that come from the city. Drive via I-476N or US30-W and you can reach the farm from the airport in 1h 15m.

 Driving in Philadelphia

Speed limits in the United States differ from state to state-

As per Wikipedia

Freeway- rural

65–70 mph

Freeway- Urban

40–70 mph

Divided- rural

55 mph

Undivided- rural

 40–55 mph


 20–35 mph

Any urban street with no posted speed

 35 mph

If you are a tourist from a foreign country, your driver license is valid for a yearThe stress of finding an affordable rental car to take you around the city is uppermost for a tourist, but with TravelCar’s cheap car rental rates, it ceases to be an issue.