Affordable Car Rentals in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
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Affordable Car Rentals in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Seattle Airport officially known as Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and is operated by the Port of Seattle. It is also known as SeaTac Airport or simply Sea-Tac and is located just about 14 miles from the heart of Seattle. The airport serves Seattle, Washington and all the Seattle metropolitan area and is the main hub for Alaska Airlines and its regional subsidiary Horizon Air. 

The airport was built by the US military after World War II and had its earliest flights in 1947. It has three parallel runways and 80 gates in all. Covering an area of around 2500 acres, it is one of the fastest growing airports in the United States.

The city of Seattle is one of a kind, surrounded by its beautiful water and mountains, evergreen forests and with thousands of acres of land; this place is one of the most fabulous destinations to travel. If you love exploring a city at night, Seattle has a lot to offer– whether you choose to dance the night away at the Century Ballroom or sing out loud at the Rock Box or tour the Pike Place Market and more.

When you travel to Seattle make your journey memorable by choosing TravelCar’s affordable and quality car rental services available at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Cheap Car Rental Service at Seattle-Tacoma Airport

Budget Pricing & Availability

TravelCar is an innovative company that allows travelers to save money on parking and also makes them earn money while they are traveling by renting their car to other travelers. It is one of the most popular budget airport car rental services in Seattle with its vehicle drop-off and pick-up points easily available at all major airports, train stations, and important landmarks. TravelCar is preferred over its competitors mainly because of its pricing and its availability. TravelCar offers you parking slots very close to the airport and manages to give the best car rentals. TravelCar’s car rentals are easily the best around when compared to the other providers in the rental space- their rental rates are neither restrictive nor excessive, the cars are in excellent condition, various types of rentals are available and the service is the best.


TraveCar’s easy and simple booking process makes it very convenient for visitors to rent a car. You just need to provide information regarding your destination, time of arrival etc. With pickup and drop-off locations at convenient places, scheduling the trip becomes easier for visitors. You can book a car at the click of a button. Its interactive website offers you a range of car rental options and you can choose the one that suits you. TravelCar offers you a range of rental options: short term, long term, for a week or for a day.

24/7 Customer Service

What does anyone look for in a provider? Ease of business and quality service at any time of the day. To TravelCar- every customer is important- it believes that its duties don’t end with providing a rental car to travelers. It goes to great lengths to ensure that customers’ queries are attended to and issues are resolved promptly. Customer service staff are available 24/7 to assist in booking and rendering any help those visitors may need as TravelCar believes in the principle “customer comes first” and has, therefore, employed trained and professional customer care executives. TravelCar takes care of complete insurance process related to your rentals. They believe that a single satisfied customer can generate many more- if its aims are high so is its performance. All customers have to do, in case of an emergency is, just make one call and the executives ensure that you are immediately attended to. Renting a vehicle with TravelCar will make sure that your holiday mood never dampens and you enjoy a fun-filled vacation soaking in all the beauty and fun.

A wide range of vehicles at Seattle-Tacoma Airport

TravelCar certainly is the best airport car rental service available at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It makes available a wide range of cars for the varied requirements that its customers have. To start with, customers may opt for a mini Car if traveling alone or with just one more person. They offer the Economy and Compact class cars for customers who want to save some money or who tag along with some luggage. For those who need more leg space and a bigger room for the luggage then TravelCar offers the Intermediate car and a Full-size family car for the bigger families. It also offers its customers with luxury edition cars that are fully equipped with the latest features and comforts. Above all, TravelCar also offers you the choice of ‘add-ons’ while booking a rental car and helps you get the best there is on offer. For a larger group or families, TravelCar’s SUV and Vans are a good option. Whatever your requirement, TravelCar will always have the right car for you.

Driving in Seattle

Seattle is a major city in the United States’ North West Pacific Region. Seattle is a beautiful narrow strip of land nestled between Lake Washington and some inlet waters from the Pacific Ocean. There is much to see and explore in and around Seattle and TravelCar offers you the best deals. Some of the must-visit places in Seattle are highlighted here.

Space Needle: At 606 ft, Space Needle is the tallest and one of Seattle’s most iconic landmarks. This observation tower was originally constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair as part of Seattle Center. The observation deck at the Space Needle offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. The Space Needle was built to withstand a wind velocity of almost 200 miles an hour. The famous restaurant SkyCity offers you a great meal at impressive heights!

Pioneer Square: Pioneer Square is one of the oldest places in Seattle and features some incredible architecture, cafes, art galleries, and book-stores. If you are interested in history this is one of the best places to visit. It boasts of the Klondike Gold Rush, National Historical Park, and Smith Tower.

Chihuly Garden and Glass: Officially opened in May 2012, The Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit showcases the work of famous glass artist, Dale Chihuly. The Garden, GlassHouse, and Interior Exhibits are the three main areas comprising the Chihuly Garden and Glass. The Crystal and Icicle Towers and the Sun are the most impressive works displayed in the Garden.

Pike Place Market: A famous and vibrant market in Seattle, the Pike Place Market, is a must visit the place. It is not only Seattle’s most visited landmark but also a hub for foodies. Spread across 17 acres, this market is home to many farmers, small businesses and craftspeople. The market is made up of multiple levels and each one features a blend of shops, restaurants, crafts stalls and collectible stands.

Future of Flight Aviation Centre and Boeing Tour: The 90-minute Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour covers the past, present, and future of human flight in a state-of-the-art museum and gives you entry to the Boeing factory. It is a massive interactive exhibition and spreads over 8.5 square kilometers. This is a tour of Boeing Production Plant that builds the airline models 747, 767, 777 and 787.

Olympic Sculpture Park: Inaugurated in 2007 and almost unique in the United States, the Olympic Sculpture Park incorporates an outdoor sculpture park and a beach and is spread over 9 acres of land. It is home to several renowned pieces made from varied materials. It has received many awards for design, engineering, and environmental restoration. Wake, by Richard Serra, Neukom Vivarium by Mark Dion and Roxy Paine’s stainless steel Split are some of the eye-catching works here.

Driving around Seattle Area

Not only the city but also the places surrounding Seattle are equally beautiful and have a lot to offer.

Olympic National Park: A two-hour drive from Seattle is the Olympic National Park, a world heritage site and a treat to your eyes. You can take a walk on the Marymere Falls trail or another similar trail and spot marine animals and a host of other wildlife at this park. One can find remote beaches alongside the country’s oldest forests and the state’s most dramatic mountain ranges. With TravelCar’s affordable rentals you can drive up to the Hurricane Ridge that takes you near the edge of the Park’s exceptionally jogged peaks.

Mt Rainier: The majestic Mt Rainier is one of the tallest mountains in the country. Just around 62 miles from the city, it takes about one and a half hours to reach there and TravelCar comes to the rescue. You may book the type of car depending on your need and TravelCar would be there to help you. One can take pictures of stunning sites from here like the Christine Falls, Narada Falls, and the Nisqually River. During winters you can enjoy a sled adventure here. One must not miss the Jackson Memorial Visitor Centre here to learn more about the history of Mt Rainier.

Victoria: A 106 miles and a four and a half hour journey from Seattle takes you to the Victoria across the US border just into Canada. A U.S. passport, passport card, enhanced driver’s license or an ID card is required to cross the U.S./Canadian border. Take a day trip to explore the beautiful town of Victoria and get to know about the place through the eyes of passionate locals by renting a car from Seattle through TravelCar. Start by visiting the magnificent Butchart Gardens and then go on to visit Government Street, China Town, and Inner Harbour. Stop by to take a view of the spectacular British Columbia coastline.

Mount St Helen’s National Volcanic Monument: For those adventure enthusiasts interested in volcanoes, the Mount St Helen’s National Volcanic Monument is a must visit the place. About a three and a half hours drive from Seattle this 1, 10, 000-acre area has been set aside for research, recreation, and education after a volcano erupted in 1980. There are several hiking trails and viewpoints around here accessible by car. Pick the car that suits your requirements and let TravelCar serve you with its affordable rentals as to drive down to this magnificent place. The closest viewpoint available to the public is known as the Windy Ridge overlooking the beautiful Spirit Lake.

Snoqualmie Falls: The 270 feet Snoqualmie Falls is one of the places of importance to the traditional beliefs of the Snoqualmie people. It has also been listed in the National Register of Historic Places for this reason. TravelCar offers you with many rental options for visiting this beautiful place which is about an hour’s drive from Seattle. One can enjoy pancakes at the Salish Lodge and Spa overlooking the falls and this place also offers you free parking.

Driving in the United States

Though driving in Seattle is less stressful compared to many major cities if you are not in a hurry, but, getting around in the city can get difficult and time-consuming. Traffic in Seattle is pretty awful at times but drivers, in general, are very polite and courteous.

Renting a car in Seattle is a good option if you are a tourist and are looking to visit a few places in the city as well as outside it. The car rentals offer you the flexibility of charting your own itinerary as per your requirement and traffic conditions.


Maximum Speed limit on Highways

65 mph

Maximum Speed near Schools

25 mph

Maximum Speed at Blind Intersections

15 mph

Maximum Speed near Railroad tracks and Alleys

15 mph

Maximum Speed in Residential or Business Districts

25 mph

The city streets have a speed limit of 25 mph, which increases to 50 mph when you move to county roads and 60 mph on Washington state highways.