Bristol Airport Parking

Bristol Airport Parking

Bristol airport parking : The city of Bristol lies between Gloucestershire and Somerset and the Bristol airport, which serves the city of Bristol and the surrounding areas, is located at Lulsgate Bottom in North Somerset. The airport was properly opened in 1930 and after a couple of name changes, in March 2010, it acquired its current name- Bristol Airport (BRS). The airport is at a distance of 8.1 miles from the Bristol city center and is easily accessible from the M4 and the M5 via the A38.

In 2017, it was the 9th busiest airport in the UK and passenger traffic exceeded 8 million. It has a single, short runway and one terminal with three levels. Parking is available in and around the airport and many car hire providers are inside the terminal

TravelCar, founded in 2012, offers passengers parking spots at airports, train stations, and city centers. It also offers free parking at airports to those travelers that are willing to let TravelCar rent out their cars to other trusted clients.

Bristol Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal Address Bristol BS48 3DY, UK
Airport type public
Phone number +44 871 334 4444
Airport’s traffic Exceeded 8 million in 2017
GPS coordinates N 51° 23' 1.1'' W 2° 42' 48.8''

Located 8 miles south of Bristol city center, the Bristol Airport (BRS) is the gateway to a “hub of creativity, innovation, and culture”. It is stated to be the busiest airfield in the south-west of the UK. Situated as it is in North Somerset at Lulsgate Bottom, it serves the city of Bristol and areas around it. The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan owns and operates the airport.

Over the years, the airport has grown rapidly and today is a major British gateway for many foreign airlines. It has flights to over 122 destinations across 23 countries and passenger traffic is currently over 8 million annually. These figures are set to multiply by 2030.

Stated to be the 9th busiest airport in the UK, it serves as a commercial hub for Gloucestershire, Bristol, and Somerset. This makes airport parking all the more important.

It is here that TravelCar, a global trendsetter in airport parking and automobile-sharing, makes a difference by providing low cost parking and a whale of other extremely affordable services.

Cheap parking in Bristol Airport

The Bristol Airport offers a wide choice as far as car parking options go with an online facility to book parking spaces in advance. They do profess to offer good and competitive parking rates.

However, TravelCar offers low cost parking- very much lower than that offered by other providers. Also, it makes good its promise of offering parking spaces either at the airport, close to the airport or even near the hotel where you reside. This has eased the parking situation for travelers, who are constantly on the lookout for parking options that cater to their tastes and also suits their pocket.

TravelCar is in the driver’s seat as far as prices and choice spaces go, but that’s obviously not enough for it. Wanting to give more incentives to travelers, it offers free parking if they park their cars for a period of over three months. In case the duration is less than that, TravelCar is still in tune and parking fees payable is considerably less than that demanded by other providers.

TravelCar parking slots are located very close to the airport and the remote possibility of being assigned one a little further down is nullified by the presence of free shuttle services that drop travelers off at the terminal from the parking lots.

And that’s not all- TravelCar has more to offer- automated parking and valet services that take care of parking for you and also guarantees the safety of your car till you return from your trip. It even offers you an opportunity to earn a little revenue by allowing your car to be rented out to trusted clients during your absence.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar, headquartered in Paris, is slowly reaching out to all corners of the globe, establishing its presence at all places where the intensity of passenger traffic is high.


Exeter Airport and Bournemouth Airport in Southwest England, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, London City Airport, and Stansted in London are major airports and very busy locations. Parking spaces are hard to secure, but TravelCar provides cheap parking solutions that are convenient and advantageous.

Train Stations

: Bristol Parkway Railway station, Bristol Temple Meads and Bath Spa are heavily used stations in the West of England. King’s Cross, Paddington, Charing Cross, Victoria,

St. Pancras etc., are some of the important stations in London. Like airports, train stations too, are concentrated hubs for passenger activity. Locating parking spots at these stations is a tiresome affair but TravelCar simplifies the problem by offering low cost parking spots that are convenient to access.

Cruise Ports:

Port of Bristol in Bristol, Port Talbot, Port Portsmouth, and Port of Tilbury have a steady stream of visitors and passengers and that means parking spaces are always in demand. Where there are ‘parking crowds’, TravelCar is not far behind- it offers parking spots close to the port.

Safety and security of the vehicles under its umbrella is the prime responsibility of TravelCar. It places a great onus on video surveillance, security guards, and constant monitoring in order to thwart thefts.

Bristol Airport Gates Presentation

Main Terminal Ground Level

First Level- Gates 1-7, Gates 8-16 and Gates 23-25

Mezzanine level connects to ground and first levels


Bristol Airport has one runway, which is stated to be one of the shortest international airport runways in the country. In spite of this, large aircraft can still be accommodated.

Its single terminal is divided into 3 levels-

Ground level- houses Arrivals, check-ins, self-service kiosks, information counters, ticketing, baggage claim areas for domestic and international arrivals, and other food and drink establishments.

First Level- security check, departure lounges, and assistance points. This level leads to Gates 1 to 7, via escalator, to Gates 8 to 16, and near WH Smith to Gates 23 to 25

Mezzanine Level- food and drink establishments and connects to Ground and first floor. It also connects to Gates 8 to 16

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and trust:

People, the world over, look for providers that offer services that are congenial and user-friendly- that’s why TravelCar is such a big take. Its online booking process is seamless and smooth, its parking prices are light on the pocket, all customer dealings are transparent with ‘no fine print’ and the whole set up exudes trust and credibility.

TravelCar has many admirers that range from travelers to rating agencies. Trustpilot approved of its professional approach and its customer service skills and assigned it a high score of 9+. Many other rating agencies also were highly impressed with its methods of operation.

Everything seems to be going the TravelCar way- its cheap parking lots are close to the airport, they are low-priced, its friendly shuttle service travels to and fro from the parking lots to the terminal- all this is very reassuring for passengers.

Prompt Valet Services:

Valet services spell efficiency and take away the pain of having to find a parking spot for your car. Nothing can be worse than having to go in circles searching for a vacant spot. This is best left in the hands of TravelCar, which offers valet parking as a convenience to passengers. The next best thing to ‘not having to find a parking space’ is not ‘having to worry about it in your absence’. TravelCar’s valet services handle both aspects, adroitly.

Even as you drive into the airport, a valet steps forward, respectfully asks for your car keys and takes charge of your car. You can afford to forget about the car for a while- at least till you return from your trip. With a weight off your shoulders, you can go ahead and focus and enjoy your trip. On your return, your car is waiting for you and your valet hands you into the car- how’s that for luxury?

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

TravelCar’s customers are an extremely satisfied lot and have very little to complain about- and even that little is set right as soon as possible. For the parking provider, customer service is not just about answering queries and solving issues- it’s about anticipating and preempting them and giving customers a good deal always, every time.

Customer service teams are friendly, approachable and very helpful- going beyond the line of duty if need be to help set things right. They are available at all times- 24/7 and that’s very reassuring to travelers that need help- be it during the booking process or with the allotment of spaces. TravelCar pays attention to feedback, listens to the customer’s voice, understands what is required and goes ahead and functions accordingly. Its customers are the supports around which it pivots and TravelCar derives its strength from satisfied and happy customers.

Access to Bristol Airport


  • From the North- take the M5, exit at junction 18, follow A4 towards Bristol and then follow A38 towards the airport
  • From the South- take M5 and exit at junction 22, take the A38 exit and then at East Brend take the 2nd A38 exit- the airport is on the left
  • From the South East, follow A4 towards Bristol, take the  A4174 ring road and then look out for A38
  • From the East, exit M4 at junction 20, catch M5 and exit at junction 18. Follow A4 towards Bristol, locate A38 towards Taunton and follow signs to the airport.

By Bus

It’s easy to get to the Bristol airport and Bristol city center by coach and bus.

  • Direct express luxury coaches- between the city center, Temple Meads, and the Bristol airport
  • National Express coaches- ply between many towns and cities across South West and South Wales and stops at the Bristol Bus Station. A1 flyer service takes you to Bristol airport from there.
  • First Group- operates  between Weston-Super-Mare to Bristol airport
  • National Express coach - between Bristol Airport and Cardiff Bus Station, Cardiff University, and Newport Rail Station
  • The Stagecoach Falcon service- connects Plymouth, Exeter, and Taunton to the Bristol Airport Available on all  7 days of the week
  • The Bath Bus Company operates between Bath and Bristol Airport
  • The A2 service- operates between Weston-s-Mare and Bristol Airport

By Train

  • Bristol Temple Meads is the nearest train station to the Bristol airport, about seven miles distant. The airport flyer connects the city center, Temple Meads, and the airport and is available every 15 minutes.
  • Paddington station to Bristol- journey time is about an hour and forty minutes. Airport Flyer bus service will take you from Bristol to the airport.

Other information

If you are driving to the airport, then you need to allow yourself oceans of time to get there and get to your gate. Your car could stall on the road, you can get caught in a traffic jam, or else when you reach the airport, you may find parking ‘next to impossible”. While you can get out on the road early enough to beat the morning or evening rush, you can’t do anything about finding a parking space close to the airport.

Calm down- with TravelCar offering parking facilities literally for a song and valet services for just a little more, you can put an end to your parking woes. That way, you have enough time to stand in queues go through security, check in your extra baggage and stroll towards your gate without a care in the world.