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Detroit Metropolitan Airport Parking

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Parking : Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), often referred to as the Detroit Metro Airport initially opened in 1930, but it became a commercial airport only in 1950. It is located east of I-275 and just south of I-94.

DTW extends over an area of 4,850 acres in Michigan, which is a suburb in Detroit. Considered as the busiest airport in Michigan, it caters to over 35 million passengers annually.

The airport has two terminals- the McNamara terminal (with 3 concourses) and the North Terminal (one concourse) and has six runways. As the airport is located close to the city center, it can be easily accessed via public transport. It has many parking options that include short, long-term and economy parking, but given the number of passengers leaving and entering the airport, demand always exceeds availability.

TravelCar, the parking provider with a difference, has the ability to provide cheap parking facilities at busy airports and places that are hubs for passenger activity.

Airport legal address Detroit, MI 48242, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number (734) 941-6180
Airport's passenger traffic Passenger traffic in 2017 was almost 35 million
GPS Coordinates 42°12′45″N 083°21′12″W

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Address and Map

Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) is a major international airport that is located to the southwest of downtown Detroit. It is situated in Romulus, a busy suburb in the state of Michigan. The airport is regarded as a "gateway for tourism" in that region, is one of the largest airline hubs in the country and also the busiest airport in Michigan.

It was regarded as the 18th busiest airport by international passenger traffic in 2016 and is owned by Wayne County, Michigan. The airport is considered a major Midwestern hub for SkyTeam and also helps to promote tourism in the metropolis of Detroit.

The south entrance is close to the McNamara Terminal and is located off the Eureka Road exit off I-275, just south of I-94. The north entrance is just east of I-275.

Thousands of travelers and visitors use the airport every day and parking spots are very difficult to get. TravelCar, with its dominating presence at busy passenger-activity places, makes airport parking easier and less expensive.

Cheap parking

Car parking is available at all airports and though there are many options available, it's usually an expensive affair. This is where TravelCar makes huge inroads with its low cost parking options.

TravelCar's partnership with local operators helps it provide cheap parking facilities to passengers and visitors at major airports. It allows them to choose parking spaces that suit their individual needs and this makes parking a 'no-stress, no-worry' experience. Travelers can opt for parking spots either close to the airport or in the vicinity of their hotels and that too at highly affordable prices. It also offers free parking for those who park their cars for periods of over three months and even those who do pay parking fees are considerably less taxed. In fact, they find they have 'extra dollars' in their pockets that can come in handy during their trip.

What works in TravelCar's favor is that most of its parking lots are very near the airport- just a few minutes away. Even this distance is reduced with TravelCar's offer of free shuttle services to the airport and back.

Furthermore, TravelCar's valet and automated parking services only serve to make it a more attractive option. Both costs just marginally more than ordinary parking does but has the added advantage of safety and security. All cars in TravelCar's parking lots are under strict video surveillance, are gated and monitored constantly to ensure against theft.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar has extended its global outreach to touch many European countries and offers low cost parking options at cruise ports, airports, train stations and even downtown areas.


Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Bishop International Airport, Detroit City Airport, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International, Los Angeles International, San Francisco International and O'Hare International are always busy and parking is often unavailable because of huge demand. TravelCar is well positioned to offer parking facilities at these places.

Train Stations


Union Station Washington, Union Station Los Angeles 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Chicago Union Station are some major train stations where TravelCar has a presence and offers low cost parking spots that are convenient to access.

Cruise Ports


Port Detroit, Port Baltimore, Port of Mobile, Port of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco in California, Port Everglades and Lauderdale in Florida are all major ports that witness heavy passenger traffic. Thanks to TravelCar- the ubiquitous parking provider- the act of parking is no longer a big deal at these places

The fact that TravelCar's parking facilities are very safe and secure make it an attractive option.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Gates Presentation

2 Terminals McNamara Terminal-

3 concourses- A, B, and C; more than 100 Gates

North Terminal; 26 Gates

Detroit airport (DTW) has two Terminals: McNamara Terminal and North Terminal. The terminals and concourses are connected by the Detroit Airport's Express Tram. This has three stations inside Concourse A: South Station, Terminal Station, and North Station.

The McNamara Terminal has four levels:

- Lower Level: caters to International Arrivals

- 1st Level: houses baggage claim and the area for Domestic Arrivals

- 2nd Level: Departure Gates except C1-C7

- 3rd Level: houses check-in and Departures

Concourse A is one mile long and is connected with B and C via a tunnel. There are 10 international gates with dual jet bridges.

Concourse B and C -houses more than 40 departure gates

North Terminal has two levels and a single concourse-D, which has 26 gates

Lower level caters to baggage claims and Arrivals

Upper level caters to departures and check-in

International flights are served by Gate D1 and Gates D14-15

This terminal has moving walkways on the lower level and also the upper level

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

Pricing and trust:

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Prompt Valet Services:

TravelCar never does things by halves- it means to give travelers and visitors as many comforts as possible so that they feel less stressed about their vehicles. By providing valet and automated parking at just a fraction above the usual cost of parking, it gives passengers an opportunity to be freed from the bother of parking, which is invariably a pain in the neck. Also, knowing that your car is safe and secure and will be well maintained and looked after in your absence, makes you less anxious and tense. You can look forward to your trip and make it more enjoyable without the 'background discomfort'.

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

For TravelCar, customer care is more than just selling its services to people- it encompasses customer satisfaction too. That means customers go away happy and contented and are more than willing to avail of TravelCar's facilities once again. Its customer care team consists of highly professional and friendly service personnel that are keen that customers get just what they want. Customers are its 'first' priority and TravelCar ensures that no one goes away dissatisfied or disgruntled. Time, patience, professionalism and a willingness to help are the hallmarks that characterize its presence.

The service team readily answers questions about reservation and booking of parking spaces and customer care is open 24/7 to take care of any issues that need to be sorted out.

Access to Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Possibly the best way to reach the airport from the Amtrak station is to take a taxi or a shuttle. Journey time is under half an hour. Local public bus, though available is a little inconvenient.


Two public bus routes serve the Detroit Metropolitan Airport-

Route 125- operate between downtown Detroit and the airport terminals

Route 280- operates between Garden City and North Terminal

SMART- bus operates between the Detroit airport and Michigan

SMART offers yet another service- a high-frequency service called FAST- this connects with Downtown Detroit and the suburbs quickly and it has limited stops. It stops at both the airport terminals.

AirRide-public bus service plies between Ann Arbor and North and McNamara terminal. It is also wheelchair-accessible. It is provided by the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority.

SMART and AirRide drop off and pick up at the Ground Transportation Center of the North Terminal, whereas at the McNamara Terminal, pick up and drop off are at the north end of the Departures ticketing level.

Hotel Shuttles

Free shuttle services are offered by many hotels in the area and hotel shuttles also offer their services to transport people from the airport to their respective hotels. Many of these shuttles leave from the Ground Transportation Center.

Taxis and Limos

MetroCabs and MetroCars offer their services- you can book in advance and travel in comfort- specify the pickup point though.

Rideshare service

Using this service app, you can get to ride to and from the Detroit Metro Airport. This service has a designated area in the Ground Transportation Center. For the McNamara Terminal, Rideshare is on Level 4 of the parking garage and on level 1 for the North Terminal.

By road

In case you are driving, remember the airport can be easily accessed via I-94 and I-275.

Other information

It cannot be emphasized enough that getting to the Airport on time is very important, especially if you're one of those that carry a lot of luggage around. Checking-in your luggage can be time-consuming because of the long lines, and getting through security can be equally discouraging. As if that isn't bad enough, you have parking to contend with in case you're driving. That means you have a lot to cope up with- so let TravelCar take off some of your burdens- parking can be a tiresome affair, but it needn't be so if the parking provider is around.

TravelCar offers travelers the very best - good service, excellent customer care and the best of facilities at a very low-cost. Once the parking is taken care of, you have lots of time for everything else and you can look forward to an enjoyable and pleasant trip.