Sacramento Airport Parking
How to Win the Parking Game in Sacramento

Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento International Airport Parking : Sacramento, the capital city of the state of California, is home to the main airport for Sacramento, located 12 miles from the downtown area. It connects Northern California and major cities across the United States. The Sacramento Airport is the easiest as well as the most suitable option if you want to get to Sacramento after a tiring flight from an overseas destination or from elsewhere within the United States.

In 2017 Sacramento International Airport created a new record in passenger handling, serving over 10.9 million people. The airport is spread over 6000 acres. There are two runways-one of concrete and the other of asphalt- running north-south and parallel to each other.

Cheap parking is difficult to find at the airports and that is where TravelCar plays an important role. TravelCar, founded in 2012, has a large network of low cost parking facilities. It serves passengers desperately seeking for parking at train stations, cruise ports and airports. With its car-sharing initiative, it offers free parking to those passengers that allow TravelCar to rent out their cars to trusted and verified clients

Sacramento International Airport Address and Map

  1. Airport’s legal address

6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 916-929-5411
Airport’s traffic 39th busiest airport in the US & 5th in the state
GPS Coordinates 38°41'44"N by 121°35'26"W

The county of Sacramento owns the Sacramento county airport system, which comprises four airports. The Sacramento International Airport, which is a public airport, is located 10 miles northwest of downtown Sacramento, in Sacramento County, California. It has two terminals and two runways. Recently, the authorities added a new pedestrian walkway that connects to both the air terminals. The airport can be accessed easily by travelers from various nearby cities and towns.

A unique feature of the airport is that the air density is closer to sea level than it generally is at higher elevations. Because of its low elevation of 27 feet, planes landing or taking off from the airport can do so at a lower air speed.

Millions of travelers and visitors use the airport every day and ideal parking spots may be hard to obtain. It is here that TravelCar, the global trendsetter in airport parking and automobile-sharing, stands out from its competitors by offering low cost parking.

Cheap Parking

Parking at airports can be a nightmare if you haven’t booked your parking space in advance. However, with TravelCar, you can heave a sigh of relief on all counts. It offers low cost parking- much lower than that offered by competitors and more importantly, it makes the act of parking less stressful for you.

TravelCar’s parking lots are invariably within 5 minutes distance from the airport. You even have free shuttle services from the parking lots to the airport and back. The shuttle services are frequent and very easy to access.

Things become even easier if you opt for TravelCar’s valet services and automated parking. Its low cost valet services coupled with cheap parking makes it an automatic choice. Moreover, your car is secure under constant surveillance, till you come back from your trip.

Of course, pricing depends on the duration of parking at the airport, but yet, the charges are nothing compared to prohibitive parking fees normally charged by rivals. Better still, if you allow TravelCar to rent out your car to trusted, verified TravelCar clients, not only can you park for free, but you earn money!

TravelCar parking locations

Headquartered in Paris, TravelCar has over 200 agencies across 10 European countries. It’s very popular because of its ability to offer parking solutions at all important places- at train stations, at airports, downtown areas, and even cruise ports

In the United States, passenger traffic at airports is hectic and that means it is going to be very hard to find parking spaces when you reach Sacramento International airport. The easiest and best alternative is to get a parking space near the airport by opting for TravelCar services.

TravelCar allows passengers to book parking spaces in its numerous off-site, private, well-secured parking lots. Even remote parking spaces offer free shuttle services that can bring you to your departure terminal well in time. TravelCar offers personalized services in certain locations on demand. There’s no doubt that TravelCar provides cheap parking solutions that are very convenient.

TravelCar’s low cost parking solutions are found in many major locations across the United States. It has a presence in:


Atlanta, Seattle, LAX, SFO, JFK, Orlando, Baltimore, Miami, Kansas City. It has recently added Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) to its ever-growing list of airports that it serves. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, you get an opportunity to book free parking and also close to the airports through its innovative car-sharing service for passengers.

TravelCar is usually open every day from 6:00 AM to midnight.

Train Stations-

Boston South and North Stations, Union Station at Chicago, Washington Station and Los Angeles, Pennsylvania station at New York, Grand Central at Manhattan, are a few of the train stations.

Cruise Ports-

The Cape Liberty Cruise Port- an important port in the United States, Port Everglades, located in Greater Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, the Port of New Orleans, the only deep-water draft port in the world and more. TravelCar is also in a partnership with a car park at the port of Dover.

With its strong presence at major airports, cruise ports and the promise of a richer presence at train stations, it’s becoming a byword when it comes to parking rentals. Coupled with its valet services, it’s gradually transforming itself into ‘all in all’ utility. With TravelCar service, you can be assured of low-cost parking and travel with the assurance that your vehicle is in safe hands

Gates Presentation, Sacramento Airport

Terminal A – Has a total of 13 gates ranging from A1 to A5 and A10 to A17.

Terminal B- Has a total of 19 gates ranging from B4-B12 and from B14 to B23. It has three different levels.

Hourly parking is available close to Terminal B and charges are $2 per every half hour and part thereof to a maximum of $29 per day.

Covered parking is available at both terminals A and B at $2 per every half hour and part thereof to a maximum of $18 per day.

Economy parking too is available on first come first served basis at $2 per every half hour and part thereof to a maximum of $10 per day.

The economy parking lot is the cheapest but is the farthest in distance from the terminals. Shuttle services are available at 20-minute intervals

6 airlines operate out of Terminal B and 4 airlines operate out of Terminal A.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar


TravelCar offers a customer friendly transport system that has, in recent years, become very popular. It has worked hard to become a genuine ‘people’s service provider’. Not only is it easy and trustworthy, but its pricing has been so amiable that passengers never even have afterthoughts on having used its services. Its customer-centric approach, easy booking services, and environmentally friendly approach makes it different from other car rental services.

Affordable pricing

TravelCar is rated highly on Trustpilot rating services as well as others. It scored a well-deserved 9+ for its professional approach. The cheap parking alternatives and excellent customer service is always a plus. Add to this the trustworthiness and you clearly have the best choice! TravelCar’s low cost parking lots, which are close to the airport are a boon to travelers that are in despair of finding parking spaces and catching their flights. TravelCar’s friendly shuttle service ensures that you catch your flight with ample time to spare.

Dependable Valet services

TravelCar’s valet services can come in pretty handy for the ‘hurried and harassed passengers’ who despair at getting to the terminals on time. You don’t have to worry about parking your car- you just need to avail the valet services. This is so convenient, especially when you will probably go round and round in search of a parking space and that too when time is at a premium.

What can be better than have a valet take your car keys from you and park your car safely and securely, without you having to give it a thought! When you need the car after you return from your trip, all you need to do is buzz your valet and hey presto! Like magic, your car appears before you. TravelCar’s valet services is an amazing combination of speed, efficiency, and courteousness. The very thought that your car is in good hands when you are away, means a lot as you can rest easy during your trip and after. Isn’t it pleasant and luxurious to have your car door opened for you?

Customer-centric approach

Travel car’s ability to lend that personal touch to travel-weary passengers and its high standards of maintenance and security leave nothing to be desired. Every customer is important to TravelCar and it will go beyond expectations while catering to customer needs. Whether it’s the service team or customer care, right from when the booking starts, it’s professional and dedicated approach leaves nothing to be desired. It believes in customer relationships and its high sense of integrity and high standards of professionalism inculcate trust and credibility in the minds of its customers. Promptness in all its actions makes TravelCar a ‘desirable’ option for passengers and travelers.

Access to Sacramento Airport

Getting to Sacramento International Airport in Sacramento is very easy. There are many options too, and varied.

Nonstop Shuttles services

Passengers are picked up from wherever they want at the requested time and are directly driven to the airport. The drivers are very professional and no reservation or luggage fees are charged. You get dropped just outside your airline terminal. SuperShuttle and Bk Best shuttle offer door-to-airport services. All you need to do is to book in advance. The Tri-City shuttle company offers exceptional service to the airport and picks passengers up from anywhere in Sacramento area, Davis, Woodland, Vacaville, and Fairfield.

Public transport

Yolobus runs hourly bus services to Sacramento International Airport through Routes 42A & 42B from Woodland, West Sacramento and Downtown Sacramento, and Davis. It also operates a bus from Sacramento Valley Station to Sacramento Airport (SMF) hourly. Tickets cost $134 and the journey takes 1 h 50 min.

Taxi service

Taxi companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Wingz, pick up passengers and drop them off at the Sacramento International airport if they have an advance reservation. GO provides luxury private airport transportation between Sacramento International and surrounding area from San Francisco to the Oregon border.


runs two long distance trains and two regional trains through Sacramento, from where you can access the Sacramento International airport.

Once you reach the airport, finding parking for your car is an unpleasant hassle. Though the airport does offer off-site and on-site parking, they come at a price. They do provide service in the form of valet, indoor, covered or long-term parking options, but be prepared to pay through your nose. TravelCar offers you parking prices that are almost unmatchable, services for literally a song and on top of that, assurances that your car is in good hands.

Other information

Going on a trip, whether it is for pleasure or business should be hassle and tension free. That means smooth drives and trouble-free parking. While the former can be achieved, the same doesn’t apply to parking at the airport. However, you do have an option- put yourself in TravelCar’s hands once you reach the airport and all your parking needs will be taken care of for you.

If you want a pleasant journey and a hassle-free tip-- trust TravelCar to make that happen for you.