Preston Downtown Parking

Preston Downtown Parking

In the historic county of Lancashire in Northwestern England lies Preston on the north bank of the River Ribble. Originally called ‘Priest’s ton’, which translates into priest’s farm or estate, the village became a town in the 12th century and Preston acquired city status in 2002. The city is well known for its Guild celebrations every 20 years. The Preston Guild was a tradition that dates back to 1179 when a Guild Merchant was established by Henry II. The aim of this was to help develop Preston into a flourishing Lancashire city.

Preston has kept its culture intact and plays host to many events, exhibitions, workshops, street theatre, poetry nights and live music. There’s always something to keep everyone interested. The city revels as a shopping destination and its two shopping centers are worth exploring. The Preston markets offer fresh local produce and clubs it with a variety of mouth-watering Lancashire fare. The walk down Fishergate introduces you to the city’s amazing architecture. With a population of 141,300 (during the mid-2017s), Preston is stated to be the 50th city of England. The parks, gardens, and museums make the city interesting and diverting.

Brief History of Presto

Preston’ early history is rather hazy and a large part of it remains unrecorded. Unlike other cities, the original settlement was not Roman but appears to have been Anglican. Though a small town, it had great economic significance and in the 14th century was considered as the richest borough. The city was witness to battles royale during the civil war when it was captured first by Oliver Cromwell and later by the Royalists. The industrial revolution impacted Preston- roads and bridges were improved, the Lancaster Canal was built, water and steam-powered technology took the city by storm and Preston was transformed. Preston began to flourish in the 19th century and it became synonymous with elegant streets and houses, inns, walks, and promenades. Manufacturing went into a decline and service industries came to the fore. Today, the city of Preston is well known for its football venues, shopping centers and the University of Central Lancashire. A period of social and economic change has set in.

TravelCar’s Downtown Parking Service

Cheap Parking

You may have a driving record that is the envy of your neighborhood, but when it comes to finding a parking space that suits you, your record is abysmal- like that of many others. When you’re planning to enjoy the attractions of downtown in Preston, parking your car could be a dampener. However, if you opt for TravelCar’s parking options, your holiday can be one of the best that you ever had. Accept it, your car is precious to you but you don’t want to throw away hard-earned dollars and pay high rates for parking. TravelCar’s low cost parking is a boon for car owners, who are often pleasantly surprised to find cheap parking spaces even in busy downtown. That, however, is the TravelCar magic-it’s as if it wields its wand and gets parking spaces for you at such affordable rates. On the contrary, a lot of hard work has gone into it with TravelCar striking partnerships with local agencies. That’s why it’s so well placed to give you parking spots close to wherever you want.

Long-term Parking

If you’re planning to be away for more than a week or so, long-term parking is the best option for you. In fact, with TravelCar, long-term parking proves to be a more cost-effective solution rather than short-term. Even its long-term rates compare very well with that of other parking providers and TravelCar’s most expensive options are still only a fraction of what its rivals charge. Long term parking often comes with many riders and you never get a good deal on them. However, TravelCar’s plans are varied in nature and cater to the casual traveler that wants to park their car for a few days, a couple of weeks or a month. If you want a peaceful holiday then the best way to give yourself that is to avail of Travel-car’s long-term offerings. Coming with the TravelCar assurance, it’s a cinch of a deal that does wonders for your mental health and economic wealth. Keep your car safe away from theft by going the TravelCar way.

Secure Parking

Don’t you lock up your valuables while you’re absent from home for a long time? Well, your car deserves that kind of security too. However, merely locking the car is obviously not the answer. It needs to be kept in a place which is safe and secure. TravelCar’s secure parking at its parking lots fits the bill. The parking lots are gated, cars are under constant supervision and movement within the lots is monitored by high-tech video cameras 24/7. Knowing that the risk of theft is greatly minimized, car owners can go on their trip without any fear. This means so much to the ‘mind and body weary travelers’, who are just waiting to take that long overdue break.

Parking in Preston

Getting around in Preston and downtown areas makes you aware of what you have missed. Preston has scenic parks and museums and attractions galore. Don’t miss out on any of them. Park your car with TravelCar and enjoy the good things that Preston has to offer.

Board the Ribble Steam Railway

Take a 30-minute ride in the Ribble Steam Railway and get to experience the lovely coaches of yesterday. Located in the heart of Lancashire, the railway is open to the public and a ride to the Preston dock will be a gentle outing along the river stream. As you cross the Preston Marina entrance, a swing bridge comes into action. The end of the ride will be the sprawling docklands and you get to see the workshop and the museum. The newly built museum that affords a comprehensive view of railroad gear and motors will leave you exhilarated. The interactive display allows you to peek into the industrial railway history of the past and be educated on the Preston dock. Take the 3-mile trip and come back rejuvenated.

Absorb the history at Avenham and Miller Parks

Both these parks lie in the Avenham valley and are pretty close to the downtown area. They were created by Edward Milner during the 1860s. The best part is you get to see both as they are connected. Though they are close to the shopping and business areas, you get to enjoy the quiet and beauty of these wonderfully serene parks against a background buzz of activity. The parks are centrally located and have six main entry points. Of special note is the revamped Japanese Rock Garden, which is a must see. It has an unusual collection of ornamental plants and some beautiful water features too. Take The Belvedere and Derby Walk or the riverside Ribble Walk and enjoy the serenity all around.

Hoot at the Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Situated in Preston, Lancashire, this sanctuary is an amazing collection of winged animals that includes numerous birds of prey. If you are patient and watch these birds that are sheltered in a woodland setting, you will get the see the amazing flight of a falcon and the elegant swoop of eagles and hawks. Of course, the wise owls look even wiser in this setting and you get to know a lot about these rather intriguing birds. The focus of Turbary Woods is the rescue and conservation of birds of prey that have been injured in some way. Truly, a sanctuary with a difference. Don’t miss out on this one.

Cycle away at The Preston Guild Wheel

The Guild Wheel, as the name suggests is a circular walking and cycling route that connects the city to the countryside. The almost 30-mile route is a great way to see the city of Preston on cycle. Peter Ward and Alan Waters were responsible for The Guild Wheel brainwave. The route ensures that you see it all in a leisurely way- the River Ribble, the city’s parks, the Preston Dock, the ancient woodland, the Link Canal and all the other sights. As the route is almost traffic free and off-road, it’s a really safe cycling and walking route for anyone to use.

Advantages of TravelCar

Low Pricing

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Best Prices

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Proximity of Parking Spots

It’s a given that travelers and visitors will like their parking spaces to be close to wherever they choose- maybe their hotel, the airport or close to downtown city attractions. TravelCar understands this and intuitively offers parking spaces according to each one’s needs. The TravelCar mantra of offering the best of everything to its customers works every time.

Best After Sales Service

The only way to prove to people that they are important to you is to provide good after-sales service. That way you show them that you are interested in ensuring that they get what they want. It’s also a way to forge customer relationships and build a loyal customer base. After all, a single satisfied customer is worth their weight in gold when it comes to referrals. TravelCar’s customer service centers work overtime to answer queries regarding booking and reservation and extend their services to help with issues that may be causing a bit of a bother. Even with issues resolved, queries answered and service rendered, TravelCar never lets up its vigil- it’s personnel are awake round the clock to lend a helping hand whenever needed. The provider keeps its flag flying high and its aims are always directed at customer satisfaction. You can’t go wrong that way!