Port of Basseterre
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Should you park your car near the Port of Basseterre?

Locating a free parking spot at the Port of Basseterre’s parking area can be quite the hassle. Passengers from all over utilize this port and that can lead to a limited number of parking spaces available. The best thing to do here is to park your car close to the Basseterre Port using the services of TravelCar.

Why is Port of Basseterre so famous?

Port Basseterre is situated in Basseterre, which is the capital city of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The port is one of the chief commercial depots of the Leeward Islands. There is a cargo handling facility in the Port of Basseterre, which is capable of holding over 900 feet long vessels, with a draught of 27 feet. Along each berth on the port, there is container storage and reefer facilities available, as well.

Find the best parking spots near the Basseterre Port

The Port of Basseterre is a noteworthy sea-port that keeps accommodating the port’s growing passenger traffic. However, the parking area issue still exists. There are too many passengers and way too less available parking spots. To tackle this issue, majority of the people park their car near the Basseterre Port using TravelCar. TravelCar offers you the most advantageous and least expensive parking areas that fit your criteria. The parking area can either be close to the lodging you're staying at or you can pick a parking area which is the closest to the Basseterre Port. In the wake of picking the parking area, a number of quality parking spaces will be offered to you and you may book any parking spot you esteem might be the best for you. On the off chance that you are not satisfied with the parking spot that you booked, TravelCar will allocate another parking spot for your car, according to your needs. There are various alternatives for you on the most proficient method to park your automobile. Valet parking and automated parking are top amongst this bunch. Regardless of what alternative you select, your car will be under 24/7 video observation.

TravelCar service has gotten a considerable measure of acclaim due to the way it treats their clients. In the event that you are discontent with the parking spot that you recieved, you may contact the client support of TravelCar and they will attempt their hardest to ensure your concern is met with a solution. Something else that has gotten the eyes of the clients is that TravelCar is continually asking the clients for improvement in their product. Among these improvements is the safekeeping of clients’ car keys. When clients have parked their cars, through valet parking or enclosed parking, they can either keep the car keys with TravelCar or bring them along on their cruise. There is an immense risk of keys being lost if the client chooses to keep the car keys with themselves. You can trust us!

Shuttle service makes it easy to go to the Basseterre Port

TravelCar has now started a shuttle service, which transports the client to the Port of Basseterre as quickly as humanly possible. If you worry that the price of this service offered by TravelCar may be too much, there’s good news for you. The shuttle service is free to utilize. For people who wonder how long it will take them to reach the Basseterre Port via this shuttle, it will be 6 minutes. Remember that there are comic books and magazines available for the passengers to read while they are transported.


How this shuttle functions is that you are picked up from the area of your parking spot and dropped off at the Basseterre Port, so you can take off on your cruise. After you return from your journey, the shuttle will pick you from the terminal port and drop you where your automobile is parked. You can gather back your keys, ignite the engine of your car and commute home.

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