Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Parking Finding Low Cost Parking at PHX


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Parking : Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the 12th largest airport in the U.S.  Phoenix itself is a major destination for travelers of all types, including tourists and businesspeople.  The airport is known for having incredible customer service and is a hub for both American Airlines and Ameriflight.  It is a focus port for Southwest and Boutique.  PHX wasn’t the first airport in the area, though it grew to become the most important.  Phoenix was a city of early air travel development, and traveling through Phoenix can be absolutely wonderful.  When you travel, you need parking for your car.  Parking with TravelCar is the best option for travelers.  Sky Harbor is home to an incredible diversity of food, drink, and shopping options that are completely unique to the American Southwest.  On-site parking has become remarkably expensive.  Thankfully, TravelCar has come up with a solution.  TravelCar offers cheap parking that is also nearby and very convenient.  In addition, the free parking program, valet service, and carwash service bring quality to the table that travelers rarely find.  TravelCar also has locations all over the country, with secure, clean lots.  Phoenix is a busy city with a high population density.  As a result, parking can be complicated.  Booking with TravelCar helps ensure you get reliable parking at good rates.  TravelCar has the best prices, and incredible reviews.  Their customer service is top-notch and acts as an extra layer of protection for travelers against unpredictable travel.  Getting to PHX is simple and straightforward.  Travel by car and by public transit are both possible, though driving by car is considerably faster.  Always remember to arrive early and to consider services that reduce travel stress!

Getting to Know Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, also known by the IATA code PHX, is famous for its cheery, welcoming atmosphere and stellar customer service that stands out above other major airports in the industry.  Politely serving over 43 million customers per year, Phoenix Sky Harbor is one of the larger airports in the United States, falling in at 12th place by passenger volume behind Charlotte Douglas International Airport of Charlotte, North Carolina.  With Phoenix being one of the most beloved destinations in the sunny southwestern United States and city of thriving businesses, Sky Harbor International sees its fair share of commerce travelers and tourists alike.

American Airlines and Ameriflight have designated Phoenix Sky Harbor as one of their hub cities, and it is also a focus city for Southwest Airlines and Boutique Air.  Located in the center of the city of Phoenix, the city has sprung up around the airport in many ways.  Sky Harbor’s 3 runways act as an inspiring changeup from the cityscape around them.

PHX has grown greatly from its early roots.  Founded in 1928, Sky Harbor was actually not Phoenix’s first airport.  The flat geography of the area made it ideal for the creation of smooth runways, and three previous airfields had been constructed before Sky Harbor.  Starting with just one runway, Sky Harbor was constructed under the ownership of Scenic Airways, which went out of business the following year.

After years of servicing smaller flights, the city of Phoenix purchased the airport in order to establish a connection with San Francisco.  Two new runways were constructed, the main terminals were rebuilt, and new destinations were added over the years.  Now, nearly a century later, PHX is a major center for airline transit.

If you’re planning travel through Phoenix Sky Harbor, you’ll need to ensure that your parking is taken care of as well, and there’s no better option than TravelCar.  Instead of being at the mercy of on-site parking, which is often expensive and unpredictable, you can plan in advance and pay fractions of the price that you would with on-site lots without having to sacrifice anything except a few seconds to book your parking online.  This guide will help you understand the Phoenix International Airport and how you can get the best deals on nearby parking without breaking the bank.

General Information, Layout, and Terminals at PHX

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85304 PHX Public International Airport 602-273-3300   Nearly 44 million passengers per year 33.434167, -112.011667  

The City of Phoenix is known for its unique environment, aesthetics, and products; the city is a microcosm of the greater American Southwest.  Likewise, the Sky Harbor International Airport has incredible Arizonan offerings that travelers can enjoy first-hand.  Travelers looking for unique gifts to take home or on the road will find themselves with plenty of options.  In addition, Sky Harbor is home to some fantastic restaurants featuring cuisine both local and beyond.

If you’re in the mood for Mexican cuisine, head over to Taberna del Tequila in Terminal 3.  You can grab a fine mixed drink and enjoy spicy, creative cantina food before your flight.  If you’re looking for something outside of the security checkpoint, you can stop in at Cheuvront Restaurant and Wine Bar, which offers fine drinks and award-winning cheeses for your enjoyment.  If you want something more traditionally American, visit Joe’s Real BBQ or NYPD Pizza.  NYPD pizza even has the best-rated pizza in the city.

If you’re looking for gifts and goods, consider shops like Indigenous in Terminal 4, which offers gifts that are uniquely Southwestern.  Indigenous focuses on bringing authentic Native American craftwork to travelers from all over the world while simultaneously supporting educating travelers and supporting the local Native American communities.  Learn about America’s first people, and see for yourself the beauty of Arizona turquoise put to use in traditional works of craftsmanship.

Finally, if you’re looking for a treat you can take home with you, consider visiting Cactus Candy, also located in Terminal 4.  Cactus Candy sells everything from cactus-shaped candy to candy made with prickly-pears.  You’d struggle to find that anywhere but the American Southwest.

How to Find Low Cost Parking Nearby to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Let’s face it: on-site parking at most airports has become exorbitantly expensive in recent years.  Not only are travelers subjected to day-of availability, but they also often have to navigate complex pricing rules which change drastically depending on the length of your trip.  The good news is that there are alternatives to on-site parking that can save you money, time, and stress.

TravelCar is a parking company that has used the internet to modernize the parking marketplace.  By connecting quality lots in a centralized network, TravelCar has built a parking network that puts travelers first.  In a TravelCar lot, you’ll pay a fraction of what you’d pay for on-site parking without having to sacrifice the convenience.  TravelCar lots offer regular, quick shuttles that often get you to the airport faster than you would if you were to walk from on-site parking.

TravelCar also offers a unique program that no other parking company offers: the Free Parking Rideshare Program.  This innovative blend of ridesharing concepts and quality communication allows travelers to put their car up for rent while they travel.  TravelCar insures their car for the entire time it’s on the rideshare program, and travelers like you get free parking whether or not the car actually gets rented.  If your car does get rented, you’ll get a cut of the rental fees on top of the free parking you get for simply participating at all.

Whether you decide the Free Parking Program is for you or not, you can still take advantage of TravelCar’s quick booking system and additional parking services.  Many TravelCar partner lots offer both valet service and carwash service.  With valet and carwash, you can have your car on the curb for you when you get off your plane, clean and sparkly.  Nothing feels better after a long day of cramped flying than climbing into a cool, clean, and familiar vehicle.

One of the best things about TravelCar’s system is that they don’t just have lots at airports alone.  TravelCar lots are located near major ports, music venues, train stations, and more.  If you need parking near Yankee Stadium, you can get cheap parking through TravelCar.  If you’ve planned a cruise out of Puget Sound but you haven’t booked a parking solution yet, TravelCar has you covered.  TravelCar has partnerships with parking lots all across the country and world.

Phoenix Sky Harbor: Nearby Lots

Phoenix is a busy place.  It is a college city, a business hub, and a travel destination all at the same time, densely packed into 517 square miles of the Arizona desert.  In terms of population, Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the United States, officially becoming more populous than Philadelphia in 2017.  Parking in Phoenix is, understandably, in high demand, especially considering the popularity of car ownership is almost 2 per household in the Phoenix area, according to census data.

If you’re traveling into Phoenix, your parking needs may change depending on what you’re most interested in doing.  If you’ll be visiting Arizona State University, for example, you might benefit from parking that is slightly further from the airport so that you can quickly transit between your parking and your final destination.

If you’re flying out of Phoenix, however, it's important to get bookings with TravelCar’s nearest lots.  With the airport being located so close to the Phoenix Downtown proper, flights that occur during rush hours can get difficult to travel to unless, and every minute counts with airline travel.

How TravelCar Parking Beats On-Site Airport Parking for Travelers

For most travelers, the most apparent and immediately important factor in their parking choice will be the cost of parking.  TravelCar’s lots are generally less than half the price of on-site parking without any additional drawbacks.  Because TravelCar’s network is organized between independent parking lots, their rates are simply unbeatable.  Combine that fact with the fact that you can book in advance and instantly compare prices, and you’ll find that travelers have a powerful tool at their fingertips.

TravelCar has consistently maintained a TrustPilot score greater than 9, boasting fantastic reviews across multiple platforms.  Not only does TravelCar itself have good reviews, but they also provide a way for customers to review individual lots, so you can always be sure you know what you’re getting when you arrive on travel day.

TravelCar’s in-house customer service is nothing short of stellar.  They are available 24/7 to help you with trip changes, parking questions, or any unexpected bumps in the road.  They vet their lots to ensure that they have a good offering of services, such as curbside valet and carwash service, around every major airport.  TravelCar works with their partner parking lots to ensure quality, frequent shuttle service that will get you to the front doors of the airport in comparable times to on-site parking, without any long-distance lugging of bags required.

Getting to PHX

If you haven’t planned out how you’ll get to the airport, it’s always a good idea to do so well in advance of your trip.  Thankfully, getting around the city of Phoenix isn’t particularly difficult on most days.  Phoenix is a city with a well-developed transit system and a standardized grid layout, and, as a result, it enjoys comparatively efficient transit.  Here’s how you can get to the airport:

By Car:

Travelers coming from the main area of Downtown will be able to take I-10 East from Downtown almost directly to the airport.  The airport is located on Sky Harbor Boulevard, which is well-indicated with signs on I-10 E.  Traveling by car only takes about 10 minutes when traffic is clear.  During more congested times of the day, travel times can increase significantly.

Using Public Transit:

Most travelers coming from Downtown Phoenix will board either a bus or the Light Rail from Van Buren/1st Ave station.  Valley Metro runs the majority of Phoenix’s transit, and their trains from Van Buren take approximately 40 minutes total.  If you’re alright with transferring across multiple busses, you can take the Zero from Van Buren, transfer to the 13 bus, and arrive at the airport in about 35 minutes.

Final Considerations Before You Fly

The last portion of this guide serves as a reminder: Always be sure to arrive extra early to the airport, especially if you’re checking multiple bags or flying internationally.  You never know what kind of minor delays could add up over time, and no one wants to be late for a flight.

A second reminder is to take steps to keep stress under control.  The stress of travel is enough as it is.  Book your parking in advance, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of low cost services like valet that greatly reduce what you need to think about on arrival and departure.