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General Mitchell International Airport Parking

General Mitchell International Airport Parking : Extending over an area of 2,180 acres, the airport, known today as General Mitchell International Airport (MKE), was first built in 1920 as Hamilton Airport. It is just five miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has many airports in the vicinity. It has five asphalt and concrete runways, one main terminal and 48 gates. The airport averages 7 million in passenger traffic annually and is regarded as an important airport in Milwaukee. The airport can be accessed by bus, train, and even shuttles.

Though parking is provided for at the Mitchell Airport, parking rates can be very expensive. TravelCar provides a good and viable alternative to low cost parkingsolutions and great customer service.

General Mitchell International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address 5300 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 414-747-5300
Airport’s traffic Averages 7 million a year
GPS Coordinates 42°56′50″N  087°53′48″W

General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) is very close to the central business district of Milwaukee, Wisconsin- this civil-military airport is just five miles from the district. The airport extends over 2,180 acres and is not only the chief airport for Milwaukee but also considered to be the third airport for Chicago. Many travelers prefer to use MKE instead of O’Hare or Midway- Chicago’s main airports.

General Mitchell International caters to over 7 million passengers annually. All major domestic airlines operate from this airport and it is regarded as the busiest airport in Wisconsin. When it was established first in 1920, it was known as Hamilton Airport and subsequently, it was taken over by the Milwaukee County in 1926. On March 17, 1941, it was renamed as General Mitchell field and it acquired its present name on June 19, 1986.

The airport has five runways- all of which have asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Cheap parking

The General Mitchell airport offers surface, remote parking lots and also a cell phone waiting area. The surface lot is located to the south of the Terminal Parking Garage, while the SuperSaver lot is about a couple of miles from the airport. However, because of the strong demand for premium parking spots near the airport, parking rates tend to be high.

TravelCar, founded in Paris, France in 2012, offers parking spots that are very close to the airport- less than five minutes’ drive from the airport. All of TravelCar’s parking spots are easy to access and its cheap parking rates are attractive. Its shuttle services to and from the terminal are free, frequent and easy to access.

Valet Services

Parking is ‘an eternal headache’ that travelers face and getting a spot close to the airport is difficult and expensive. That’s where TravelCar’s valet services can come in handy as valets take charge of parking your car. They also ensure that your car is all spruced up when you return from your trip. It’s a luxurious feeling to just hand over your car keys and be able to forget about your car till you return. Car owners that agree to rent their car out to other verified travelers will benefit from free airport parking. They also get a share of the rental profits.

TravelCar’s different parking Locations

  • Airports:  LAX, SFO, JFK, Atlanta, Seattle, Orlando, Baltimore or Kansas City
              Across the United States, TravelCar has opened parking lots close to airports and is    also partnering with others to extend its facilities to more airports.  
  • Train Stations:  Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, South and North Station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington D.C are some of the major stations that are always crowded. That means many passengers will be struggling to find parking spots for their cars. TravelCar’s presence eases the strain on parking lots and ensures that travelers can avail low cost parking.
  • Cruise Ports: Port of Milwaukee is a port that is located on Lake Michigan in the city of Milwaukee. Other ports close to Wisconsin are: Port Washington, Port of Green Bay, Port of Manitowoc, port of La Crosse. Ports are busy places and are nearly always buzzing with passenger traffic- that’s why parking is always a problem. TravelCar, with its ubiquitous presence, ensures that cheap parking at busy ports is not a problem.
  TravelCar has been reassuring as far as passengers at airports, train stations and ports are concerned. It offers secure parking facilities and all cars are under 24/7 video surveillance. Security is top class with the presence of guards and security cameras.  

General Mitchell International Airport Gates Presentation

Concourse C Gates C9-12, C14, C17-25 15 Gates
Concourse D Gates D27-30, D34, D36, D38-39, D41-49, D51-53, 56 23 Gates
Concourse E Gates E60–69 10 Gates

The Mitchell International airport consists of the two-level Main terminal with 3 concourses- C, D, and E, which are served by 48 gates. International flights generally arrive at the terminal, which is an independent building that is situated to the north of the parking facilities. Flights from Toronto are an exception to this.

Different concourses serve different airlines and have all been designed to ensure that travelers have a good airport experience. Free shuttle services are also available from one level to another and also to the parking lots where passengers’ cars are parked.

Restaurants, shops are scattered all over the terminal. There are also family care rooms, handicap accessible services, and ATMs near all the concourses.

The TravelCar Advantage

<>Parking your car with TravelCar is the best thing that you can do if you are looking for a low cost parking service that is safe as well. There are many service providers that throng the airport but not many are as efficient and as inexpensive as TravelCar. Right from when you commence your booking till you are assigned a parking space, TravelCar makes it simple and easy for travelers. In case you are looking for a parking space near the hotel you are staying, then TravelCar can help even with that.

TravelCar saves you money and energy by allotting parking spaces near the airport. Parking charges are said to be at least 40 percent cheaper than airport parking fees. Also, most of the parking lots are close to the airport (within 5 minutes). TravelCar shuttles are easy to access and very comfortable- all you need to do is inform them in advance- the shuttle service will pick you up from your designated parking space. As the shuttles generally run every 20 to 30 minutes or at the customer’s request, the frequency is maintained. TravelCar’s teams are highly professional in their dealings with travelers and have been known to quickly establish a rapport with them. That Trustpilot has rated it with a superior score of 9 and other agencies have been favorably impressed by TravelCar’s performance is a huge plus point in its favor.

Thanks to TravelCar, the parking process has been simplified across the United States. Booking and reserving a spot is easy and your car is always ready for you when you arrive from your trip. Armed with the knowledge that you have access to low cost parking and your car is being monitored 24/7 helps you travel peacefully as well!

Almost all of us at one time or the other have opted for valet services. Entrusting your car to a valet for safekeeping is a good option for those who don’t want to worry about their car while they are away. The valet parks the car, looks after it and returns it to you when you return- during that time, the car may be washed and cleaned, oiled and detailed, depending on instructions. It is an ideal option when you are hurried and harassed even before your trip begins and TravelCar’s valet services are highly affordable. Having your car in safe custody makes you feel easier in your mind when you are on a trip. Valet service timings usually are from 6 am to 12 am, though there may be slight changes at some locations.

Excellent Customer service

TravelCar believes that its customers deserve the best that it can give. Its customer service teams are very friendly and are always willing to work with travelers to sort out issues and resolve problems. A small issue that may crop up during the booking process is taken up seriously by its personnel. Although TravelCar would rather not encounter any complaints, it acts on them and ensures that such things don’t occur again. The instinct to constantly keep improving and keep customers happy is the hallmark of its service. To TravelCar, no customer is big and no customer is small- travelers that have parked for three days and those who have parked for over three months get the same treatment. The staff on the customer service team engages itself to provide the best results for the customer and don’t mind traveling that extra ‘uncalled for mile’ if it will make the customer happy.

Access to the Airport

Getting to the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport isn’t at all difficult as there are varied transportation options available for travelers.


The Milwaukee County Transit plus route 80 operates between downtown Milwaukee, the downtown MATC campus, and MKE. Buses are available Monday through Friday at frequent intervals. Wisconsin Coach Lines also operate from the cities of Waukesha, Racine and, Kenosha.

From Aurora West Allis Medical Center to General Mitchell Airport- Bus-53, bus-80, 65mts

From MSOE to General Mitchell Airport- Bus- GRE, 45 minutes

From Boston Store, Glendale to General Mitchell Airport- Bus-80, 69 minutes

Bus-80 and Bus- GRE stop near the Mitchell Airport

Train station

The Milwaukee Airport rail station helps passengers reach MKE using Amtrak’s Hiawatha service. The station is near the Western edge of the airport and shuttle buses transport rail passengers from the station to the airport. Amtrak offers services from downtown Milwaukee, the Intermodal station and Chicago’s union stations. It stops at the MKE airport.

Shuttle services

GO Riteway offers shared-ride services from downtown Milwaukee and its suburbs, Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin to the Mitchell International airport. Private vans, motor coaches, sedans and shared-ride vans are used for this purpose. The same shuttles operate from the airport too, to downtown areas.

Airport shuttle services exist all over Wisconsin including Green Bay, Kenosha, Wausau, La Claire and also to Camp Douglas. Shuttle drivers will pick you up from precise points and drop you off at the airport or other places. The drivers are very friendly and cooperative and reach the pickup points on time.

Airport Town Car Express provides comfortable transportation to and from the Mitchell airport. Its fleet of vehicles can easily transport people from downtown or its suburbs to the airport well in time to catch your flight.

Taxis and cars

The Mitchell airport can be accessed from I-94 via exit 318. The Milwaukee car service transports you to and from the General Mitchell International Airport by means of town cars, SUVs, Black Cars, and sedans.

Other Information

Many of us have been there more than once- leaving for the airport at the last possible moment and being unable to find a parking spot. Leaving early helps you spend more time for security and checking in your luggage. It would be great if you could find a parking spot immediately- TravelCar will take care of that for you and reduce the stress and clear those furrowed brows. Its top-notch services and low cost parking have taken away the pain points of driving your car to the airport.


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