Newark Liberty International Airport Parking Getting the Best for Less


Newark Liberty International Airport Parking : One of three major airports in the greater NYC area, Newark Liberty International handles approximately 43 million passengers per year.  As the 15th busiest airport in the United States (14th by some estimates,) Newark is a popular destination, especially for United Airlines travelers.  Though it started as a metropolitan airport, it has evolved and grown over the years into one of the foremost airports in the world.  Getting parking at Newark can be tough, which is why TravelCar has built a network to help travelers like you get good parking deals.  Newark’s terminals have undergone a fascinating amount of change over the years and are now full of all kinds of delicious food and drink options for travelers waiting for their flights.  If you’ll be flying out of Newark Liberty, you should consider TravelCar.  Not only do they offer awesome services like valet and carwash, but they also have a free parking program that can actually make you money.  They have locations at major ports, train stations, and visitor destinations across the world, meaning that you can always book cheap parking easily.  TravelCar will save you money, time, and stress with excellent service and secure lots.  If you’re traveling to or from Newark Liberty, you can choose between train, bus, taxi, or car, though for many, going by car will be the fastest, cheapest, and easiest.  When you’re ready to head to the airport, give yourself plenty of time and don’t over-stress!  Take it easy and consider TravelCar’s valet and carwash services, which make life easy while saving you money.


Getting to Know Newark Liberty

Newark Liberty is one of three major airports servicing the greater NYC/Newark area.  With just over 43 million passengers, Newark has found itself in hot competition with Miami International Airport and George Bush Intercontinental Airport for a position on the top-15 largest airports in America list.  As of 2017, Newark took the 15th busiest title, though some data shows it having moved up to the 14th spot.

Newark Liberty International Airport is remarkably close to the metropolitan downtown of Newark itself and is less than 20 miles from New York City proper, making it the ideal airport for shipping and for travelers heading to the outer boroughs of NYC.  Newark handles a notable amount of shipping traffic, being one of the largest hubs for FedEx Express.  FedEx actually owns three enormous cargo buildings on site which help facilitate their cargo shipping across the United States.

Newark’s other major airline is United Airlines, which operates all throughout the airport.  United’s Newark Liberty hub is the third largest in the world for the brand, and passenger studies have shown that over 70% of all passengers going through Newark did so on United Airlines.

Newark Liberty was once known as Newark Metropolitan Airport, having opened in late 1928.  Interestingly enough, even though it is not the largest airport in the NYC area, it was the first airport to bring passengers to New York.  The history of Newark is fascinating.  It was dedicated by world-class aviator Amelia Earhart in 1935 after years of design and improvement, including the installment of Arshile Gorky murals that gave Newark a unique appearance and style that no other airport of the time had.

Newark Metropolitan later became Newark International, which was then re-dedicated as Newark Liberty International Airport to honor fallen citizens following the tragic events of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centers.

As one of the busiest airports in the United States located in the center of a thriving metropolis, Newark Liberty International Airport can be one of the most hectic and challenging airports to navigate if you’re not prepared.  With a little bit of preparation, however, you can ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as is possible.

If you’ll be flying into or out of Newark, its important to ensure you have parking squared away in advance, especially since prices can fluctuate drastically based on availability.  The good news is that TravelCar, a company dedicated to helping travelers find affordable parking at major destinations, has a great network of partnered lots around Newark.  The rest of this guide will show you how TravelCar can save you a fortune and help you rest easy while you travel.

General Info: Newark Liberty International

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
3 Brewster Road, Newark, NJ 07114 EWR Public International Airport 1-973-961-6000 Approximately 43 Million Passengers per year 40.6925, -74.168611

Newark Liberty is home to three main terminals, two of which are nearly identical in layout (A and B) and one (C) which was originally designed to match the first two but was later re-envisioned.  In fact, while all of the terminals have seen their share of remodeling, it is Terminal C that has undergone the most radical changes over the years.  Terminal C was built alongside Terminals A and B in 1973, but it did not see use until 1988 when an airline by the name of People Express Airlines undertook the finishing of the Terminal to house their growing operation.

The terminal would again be renovated almost in its entirety starting in 1998 as a part of a major expansion project at Newark.  Terminal C is now entirely devoted to handling flights from United Airlines, whose booths, service offices, and executive lounges now characterize the ever-changing Terminal C.

As for food and drinks within the airport, travelers won’t find Newark lacking.  Featuring everything from local beers to famous coffee outlets, the food you’ll find in the airport is almost as diverse as the food offered in the city outside.  With everything from New York pizza to fantastic curry, travelers will never find themselves boarding their flight feeling hungry.

How to Get Cheap Parking at Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty, like many other high-volume airports in the United States, is experiencing a surge in parking prices that can leave travelers absolutely bewildered at the bills they receive when they return to pick up their vehicles.  It’s not uncommon to have parking costs upwards of 300 dollars for week-long trips when using on-site parking solutions.

TravelCar, seeing these extreme prices as a product of inefficiency, set out to design a convenient-to-use network of parking partners, all of whom offer good service, cheap parking, and secure lots.  Their success speaks for itself, especially in the Greater New York City Area.

With TravelCar, you can have your car brought right up to the curb, clean as a whistle, for a fraction of the price of on-site airport parking.  Believe it or not, you’ll find that low cost parking options that are off-site can often get you to the airport in the same amount of time that on-site options can!

What’s also amazing about TravelCar is their innovative Free Parking Rideshare Program.  Totally optional, the Free Parking program gets you free parking at many lots just for participating.  What happens is this: You drop your car off at a TravelCar preferred partner lot and give the keys to the TravelCar partner.  While you’re gone, TravelCar will insure your car with comprehensive coverage and your car will be made available for rent by other TravelCar Rideshare members.  Your car will be back it its spot before you arrive, you’ll get free parking even if it doesn’t get rented, and if someone does rent it, you’ll get a slice of the rental charges.

TravelCar has lots all over the world, with major partners everywhere from Manhattan to Navy Pier in Chicago.  You’re not limited to airports at all; you can get low cost parking with high-quality service at rail stations, ports of call, and stadiums.  If you’re hoping to see a show or catch a game in the heart of NYC, you’ll find that TravelCar’s partner lots beat every price you’d find elsewhere.

Booking through TravelCar is as easy as can be.  Their online service lets you search by landmark, city, or airport code, and you’ll be able to quickly see which parking lots are closest, how much they cost, and what services they offer without any hidden fees or surprises.

No matter where you’re looking to park, you’ll find that TravelCar is able to deliver the best rates, top-notch customer service, and an easy booking experience.

Nearby Parking at Newark Liberty International Airport

Parking at Newark Liberty isn’t easy if you’re hoping to get an on-site, airport-sponsored lot.  On site, parking runs about $18 per day, and that’s for economy lots that are distant from the front entrance.  The rates for closer lots are $34 per day!  Meanwhile, TravelCar offers highly-rated parking lots located less than 10 minutes away from the airport for $8.95 per day.  Even closer lots, located only 4 minutes from the main terminal cost just $12.99 per day.

All nearby, cheap parking through TravelCar at EWR through TravelCar is less than 10 minutes away from the airport with frequent shuttles that will take you straight to the front door of the airport and will pick you up when you’re back, so you can get home with ease.  You’ll have a happier wallet, too.

Why Choose TravelCar at EWR?

While price is going to be the motivating factor for most travelers when they choose a parking lot, there are actually a couple of important traits that savvy travelers know to look out for when choosing parking.  Thankfully, TravelCar’s unique booking system lets you get the rundown on every lot before you even book, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your dollar.

TravelCar has a stellar reputation online, with great reviews across multiple platforms and a coveted rating of greater than 9 on TrustPilot.  The reason for their excellent reviews boils down to their philosophy: Travelers come first.  They maintain their own in-house customer service team which work as a second layer of assistance for when you’re planning, traveling, and getting to and from your lot.

In addition to TravelCar’s reviews, you can check out reviews for each partner lot individually on TravelCar.  TravelCar maintains a review system that allows their customers to share their experiences and thoughts on each individual lot.  This means that you know you’re getting clean, safe, and secure lots without any worries about being surprised when you arrive.  In Newark, for example, you can check out each parking lot’s profile and see that all of them utilize live video surveillance to protect their vehicles.  Nothing better than being informed!

Transit and Travel to and From Newark Liberty

Much like New York City, Newark features a massive and well-connected transit system.  In fact, many of the lines running from New Jersey continue into the Big Apple itself, meaning that getting from Newark into the city isn’t hard at all.  While for some travelers public transit will be the best solution, others will opt to drive in order to enjoy the flexibility it affords.  Here’s how you can get from Newark Downtown to the airport:

  1. Car

Getting from Downtown Newark to the airport is reasonably easy.  From downtown, you’ll want to get onto New Jersey Highway 21 heading south.  Driving just about a mile, you’ll begin to see signs for the airport.  The airport exit will take you right to the main terminals.  Driving during good traffic conditions takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

  1. Train

At Newark Liberty, the AirTrain service carries many passengers from the rest of the Newark, NJ transit systems to the airport.  It takes only one ticket to ride from Amtrak stations or NJ transit to the airport, and you can expect about a 15-minute ride from Newark proper.  If you’d rather head into NYC, you can expect anywhere between a 30-minute ride to an hour-long ride, depending on your destination.  Trains run from 5 a.m. to midnight every 15 minutes.

  1. Busses

NJ Transit also runs busses to the airport and to the airport station.  Lines 28, 37, 62, 67, and 107 all run to and from the airport, but there is also an express bus which goes directly from EWR to 3 different locations within NYC.  Tickets for the express bus cost $16, while fare for NJ transit varies.

  1. Taxis

Taxis from Newark Liberty have standardized fares that are determined by the Port Authority.  These numbers are subject to change and can be located in updated form on the airport’s official website.  Unfortunately, in comparison to the other transport options presented here, taxis are rather expensive.  Still, there are some benefits to riding via taxi.  A taxi to the economy parking lots costs $15 dollars while a ride into Newark proper costs between $15 and $18.  A taxi to Manhattan costs between $50 and $70, depending on what street you need to get to.

Last-Minute Preparation for Flights out of EWR

Before you fly, its important to ensure you go through your checklist one last time.  Make sure you’ve checked your baggage in online before you arrive, and make sure to get to Newark Liberty International Airport with plenty of extra time to spare.  After all, if you’re early, you can stop for a bite to eat, but if you’re late, you’ll have the headache of missing a flight.

Also, always remember that you can’t put a price on a stress-free life, so be sure to consider TravelCar’s locations that offer valet and carwash service, both of which can take unneeded stress out of the travel experience.  As you’ve learned here, you’ll likely pay a fraction of the cost of on-site parking while still getting all the benefits you could ever dream of.  Travel well!