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Cheap Parking in Luiz Munoz Marin International Airport, Puerto Rico

Luiz Munoz Marin International Airport

Luiz Munoz Marin International Airport Parking : The Luis Munoz Marin is one of the smallest of the 4 airports in Puerto Rico. It is located in Carolina, Puerto Rico, which is three miles southeast of San Juan. In spite of its size, it is the busiest airport in the Caribbean region by passenger traffic. It has one main terminal that is divided into four terminals and has two runways. SJU extends over 1,600 acres of land and operations in the first phase began in 1949. The Luis Munoz Marin airport is very important as it is Puerto Rico's only international airport and serves more than 4 million passengers every year. The airport and other service providers offer on-site and off-site parking facilities for these passengers TravelCar provides the best low-cost parking solutions at this airport. Founded in 2012, it has a large network of cheap parking facilities and offers passengers’ parking spots at airports, train stations, and city centers.

Luiz Munoz Marin International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address Av. Aeropuerto, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico
Airport type Public
Phone number +1 787-253-2329
Airport’s traffic Busiest airport in the Caribbean region
GPS Coordinates 18°26′21″N 066°00′07″W
Owned by the Puerto Rico Ports Authority and managed by Aerostar Airport Holdings, the Luiz Munoz Marin airport is a dual civil/military airport. It is located in suburban Carolina, three miles southeast of San Juan and is Puerto Rico’s main international gateway and its primary connection to the United States. It has one main terminal building that is divided in four terminals- A, B, C and D. All the terminals are connected. More than 20 airlines operate at the Luis Munoz Marin International airport. Although it is home to more than a dozen airlines, JetBlue Airways, operating from Terminal A, is the largest carrier in the airport.

Cheap parking

Commuting to and from the Luis Munoz Marin airport is literally a breeze with car rentals, taxis and buses being the modes of transport. The airport has multi-level parking facilities with long-term parking options also available. Parking facilities are available 24/7 and the airport charges hourly rates for the 2,000 odd parking spaces. The recently introduced new frequent flyer program offer by the airport parking authorities allows passengers to park their vehicles for even a month. Be that as it may, none can turn a blind eye towards TravelCar’s low cost parking options, which are way lower than those offered by other providers near the airport. It offers parking spaces anywhere you want- close to the airport or at the airport. As travelers are able to book parking slots at much lower prices and as the booking process is hassle-free, TravelCar surges ahead of its competitors TravelCar’s parking lots are invariably fairly close to the airport and its free shuttle services operating to the airport and back makes things even easier for passengers. For those who don’t want the bother of having to park the car and worry about it during the trip, TravelCar offers valet services. Your car is looked after, under constant surveillance, safe and secure till you choose to come for it. In case you don’t object to TravelCar renting your car to its trusted clients in your absence, you are not only entitled to free parking but you can make some easy cash too. TravelCar’s easy rates, dedicated services, and various parking options make it a great alternative to those offered by other parking providers.

TravelCar parking locations

TravelCar is headquartered in Paris and has over 200 agencies in more than 10 European countries. Its authoritative ubiquity and ease of functioning make it an automatic choice for those looking for parking options at airports, train stations, downtown areas and even cruise ports.


The Luis Munoz Marin International airport is a hub of activity with domestic flights operating to the cities of Culebra, Mayaguez and Vieques. It operates flights to New York-JFK, Newark, Orlando, Boston, Santo Domingo, Tampa, Washington, Atlanta and many other places. The best part is that TravelCar has a presence in almost all the big cities and towns and its cheap parking options are well received.

Train Stations:

San Juan is connected to the towns of Guaynabo and Bayamon. Though there are no direct train links to the airport, one can reach the Sagrado Corazon train station or the Pinero train station and take a bus from there to the airport. Of course, you may find parking at these stations difficult, but TravelCar promises to keep it simple for you.

Cruise Ports:

Port of San Juan- The San Juan Cruise Port is not only the largest and busiest port in the Caribbean but also the hottest cruise destination. You can easily reach the San Juan airport from this cruise port. Parking your car at the ports can be a difficult affair considering the hub of activity that centers on the port. However, TravelCar aims to make it easy for passengers that travel to and from the San Juan airport to the cruise port by offering low cost parking options.

Gates Presentation

The airport gates are as follows: Terminal A- Gates from A1-A8 Terminal B- Gates from B2- B11 Terminal C- Gates from C2-C10 Terminal D- Gates from D1-D9 Parking at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport is open round the clock. There are payment machines close to the elevators, both at the first as well as second levels There is also a cell phone parking lot here, for free. You can park for up to 45 minutes but your car cannot be left unattended. Located at the Aeroparque, it can accommodate 94 vehicles. The airport also has a separate parking program for frequent fliers.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar

TravelCar is rated highly on Trustpilot and other rating services. It scored a well-deserved 9+ for its professional approach. That’s just one of the many reasons as to why you should opt for TravelCar’s parking solutions. It also offers free parking at airports to those travelers that are willing to let TravelCar rent out their cars to other trusted clients. Most importantly, TravelCar’s low cost parking lots are close to the airport and that translates into reaching the terminal in time for your flight. Hundreds of harassed passengers vainly seek for a parking slot and when they find one, it’s not close to the airport, but not so with TravelCar. TravelCar’s friendly shuttle service ensures that you reach the airport without losing your breath.


Starting from the booking process, TravelCar ensures that all its subsequent operations are smooth and without glitches. Its credibility and trustworthiness ensure the best service at the lowest price. The service teams are friendly, approachable and willing to sort out a problem if you happen to encounter one. The cheap parking alternatives and excellent customer service is always a soothing bonus to harassed passengers that have to combat so much before they board their flights.

Prompt Valet Services

Valet services mean that all the hassles of parking and safeguarding your car are taken over by TravelCar’s valets. The last thing that you want to worry about when you are leaving on an important trip is the nitty gritty that you can do without – finding a parking slot for your car that’s safe and secure while you are away. Valet parking is very convenient and TravelCar’s valet services are extremely affordable. When passengers drive up to the terminal, a valet takes the responsibility of your car off your shoulders. They take the car keys, drive your care to a safe and secure place, without bothering you at all. The valets operate so silently and efficiently that passengers know that their cars are in good hands. When you return from your trip and need your car, all you have to do is to let the valet know in advance- your car will be ready and waiting for you. The personal touch that the valets introduce and their extremely courteous approach adds to the sense of goodness that you feel. This low cost parking option is a feather in the cap of TravelCar.

Customer Support Service

TravelCar cares about its customers and is always given priority. The customer service team is ready to jump in if you face a problem during booking and will address all queries promptly. They are professionals to the core and believe that ‘one satisfied customer’ paves the route to others. TravelCar’s customer service is excellent and highly rated by the many thousands of users. The team of customer care professionals is enormously friendly and well-informed while at the same time totally professional. They are prepared to go the extra mile to satisfy you as they know the worth of great service. Customer care is open round the clock and as such, you can be sure of reaching them any time. You can rest assured that you will get prompt and effective service

Access to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport

You can access Luis Munoz Marin International Airport by car, taxi, bus or train.

By train

The Tren Urbano is a metropolitan rapid-transit system that connects San Juan to Bayamon, and Guaynabo. There are 16 train stations, two of which are underground, ten are elevated and four are in open cuttings. Although currently, there doesn’t appear to be a direct train to the airport, plans for extension are underway. However, if you do want to go to the airport, you need to get off at Pinero station and take the E40 express route.

By Bus

Buses to the city stop on level 2 of Departures of Terminals A and D.The public AMA buses take you to San Juan -B-53 (only carry-on’s allowed). Although most routes work from Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM; Saturdays and holidays from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM, the buses are unpredictable and sometimes there is a gap of more than an hour in between two buses. On Sundays, the E40 route from Pinero station to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport operates from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Car and shuttle services

As the shuttle pickup curbs are not marked clearly and as the car agencies are at quite a distance from the terminal, you may need help to find them. Some shuttle trips run by Avis and Hertz are more predictable. Whatever be the case, be sure to add at least 30 minutes into your planning lest you miss your flight.

Cruise Ports

The main passenger port is San Juan, which is always bustling with activity. The drive from the port to the airport is about an hour. Though there are so many modes of transport to convey you to and from the airport, either they are inconvenient or pricey. Having your car parked right at the airport by TravelCar and having its valets bring the car to you is a better and cheap parking option. TravelCar’s low cost parking options could make a big difference to your time and travel plans.

Other information

You can never quantify the trouble that it will save you if you park your car with TravelCar. Regardless of whether you are racing against time to catch a flight or racing from the airport to be in time for a business appointment, TravelCar’s services will be of great help. TravelCar offers efficient service in the best possible manner by providing you parking solutions that will fit your pocket and are easy to avail of. When you entrust your car to TravelCar you can rest assured that you’ve done yourself a good turn by bypassing prohibitive parking charges. You deserve to enjoy your trip, free from worries and troubles- TravelCar will ensure that your parking and related nightmares are given a go-by, paving the way for a hassle-free onward flight.

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