George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport Parking The Quintessential Guide to Airport Parking at IAH


George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport Parking : A historically relevant airport, IAH is named after President Bush, Sr., the 41stPresident of the United States.  It is the 15thbusiest airport in the States, falling just behind Newark and Miami.  George Bush Intercontinental was initially designed to replace Houston Hobby, but instead, they grew together.  If you’re traveling through IAH, you need to be sure to get parking squared away in advance. TravelCar can help.  Some of IAH’s most famous features are its fantastic art exhibits, many of which display and celebrate the rich culture of Houston. Low cost parking can be hard to find these days, but TravelCar has the network that can help you get it.  With TravelCar you’ll pay less and get more, not to mention that you’ll have access to their numerous locations and their Free Parking Rideshare Program.  You can get valet service and carwash service through TravelCar partnered lots, and you’ll also get top-notch customer service.  Parking on-site at the airport is expensive and doesn’t really give many advantages.  TravelCar has nearby lots that offer great shuttle service that will often get you to the terminal faster than if you parked in on-site parking.  Choosing TravelCar is a great idea because you’ll save money, get amazing service, and know what sort of lot you’ll be in before you arrive.  TravelCar lots are secure and clean, being carefully chosen for their performance and reviews.  Getting to George Bush Intercontinental is easy, though car or bus is the easiest since taxis can cost as much as $60 to get to popular destinations.  Always make sure you give yourself plenty of time to spare at the airport and don’t shy away from services that can save you time and stress!

An Introduction to George Bush Intercontinental

Named after President of the United States number 41, George H. W. Bush, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the pride and joy of the bustling city of Houston, Texas.  While Houston the city is the fifth largest city in the United States, the Houston Intercontinental Airport is actually the 15thbusiest airport in the United States.  It ranks just behind Newark and Miami International airports and, surprisingly, just ahead of Boston Logan International Airport, bringing in just over 41 million passengers per year.

Interestingly, George Bush Intercontinental Airport boasts an incredibly large land holding, measuring in at over 10,000 acres which feature five full runways of various lengths. The longest runway at George Bush Intercontinental is runway 15L, which measures in at 12,001 ft.  The shortest runway is just under 9,500 feet in length.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport began its storied history in 1957 when a group of Houston entrepreneurs came together to help the City of Houston set aside land for what they believed at the time would be a replacement for William P. Hobby Airport. Houston Hobby, as it is more frequently referred to, is actually still in business to this day, though it only handles a fraction of the passengers each year that George Bush Intercontinental Airport does.

The airport was finished and opened for business in mid-1969, operating under the name “the Intercontinental Airport of Houston.”  This name is actually where George Bush Intercontinental’s seemingly out-of-place IATA code, IAH, is derived from.  Since then, the airport has thrived, opening multiple terminals over the decades since its inception.

As the old saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and that holds true for Houston’s most famous airport as well.  The nearby highways are bigger, the cars driving there are bigger, and that means the demand for parking is bigger as well.

If you’re flying to or from IAH, you’ll be happy to know that TravelCar has your back.  With excellent offerings all around Houston, you won’t find yourself stuck with sky-high, Texas-sized prices for on-site parking. Instead, TravelCar can get you incredible rates right next to the airport.  Keep reading to learn more!

Contact and General Information: George Bush Intercontinental Edition

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
2800 North Terminal Road, Houston, Texas 77032 IAH Public International Airport 1-281-230-3100 Approximately 41 Million Passengers per year 29.984444, -95.341389

George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport in an airport to be proud of.  With food, shopping, and entertainment options that will delight any traveler, Houston opens its doors to the world and truly lives up to its intercontinental title.  In addition to shops and restaurants, though, IAH is home to a number of iconic, stunning works of art, which have granted additional fame to the airport.

Concourse A is home to “Light Wings” by Ed Carpenter, “Countree Music” by Terry Allen, and “Passing Through” by Leamon Green.  Light Wings is a glass sculpture positioned such that the light of the sun passes through, sending prismatic light all across a section of Concourse A.  Countree Music is both visual and audio in nature, being a metalwork tree that can, when powered on, play music that fills the Concourse with sweet country tunes.  Finally, Passing Through is a massive glass piece that artfully honors the many travelers that pass through the Terminal.

Another iconic piece, “Lights Spikes,” depicts all of the flags of the countries of the 1990 G7 Summit in the forms of large columns.  The columns, representing the capital city of each nation, are positioned around a point that represents Houston with scale distances reflecting the distance from Houston to each capital city.  There are indoor recreations of the piece in two of the terminals of IAH, in addition to the full piece outside of Terminal E.

Getting Low Cost Parking at George Bush Intercontinental

Parking at major airports like IAH isn’t always friendly towards travelers anymore, especially if you’re looking for on-site parking.  Some airport-sponsored parking lots can charge hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to park your car for a single vacation, depending on the length of stay.  It’s not unheard of to pay greater than $40 per night in on-site lots, and you often won’t even get benefits like valet.

TravelCar, however, through the innovative application of web booking and online networking technology, has built an incredible network of partner lots which are nearby airports and offer cheap parking with unbeatable service.

TravelCar’s partnered lots often offer both valet service and carwash service, meaning that you can rest easy knowing your car will be clean, cool, and ready to go when you return from your trip.  What’s even more amazing is that you can get such services without having to shop beyond the low cost parking options TravelCar has organized by connecting independent lots into a single network.

TravelCar also offers a completely unique program called the Free Parking Rideshare Program.  Here’s how it works:  You get free parking no matter what, just for enrolling in the system, then, when you park your car, TravelCar will insure your car for you. While you’re traveling, your car will be made available to rent by other trusted members of the TravelCar network. You’ll get free parking whether or not your vehicle is used, but you’ll also earn a slice of the rental fees if your car is rented.

Even if the Free Parking program isn’t the right fit for you, you’ll still enjoy incredibly cheap parking through TravelCar.  If you choose self-parking options through TravelCar, it’s not uncommon to pay less than $5 per day, and TravelCar ensures it’s nearby parking lots have regular shuttles that go back and forth from the airport quickly and easily.

You’re not limited to airports when booking through TravelCar, either.  TravelCar has locations near music venues, train stations, and seaports in addition to airports.  If you’re planning a trip to Times Square, you’ll find unbelievably low cost parking all over Manhattan through TravelCar.  Visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia?  You’re covered with TravelCar.

It doesn’t matter where you’re looking to park; TravelCar’s top-notch service and ease-of-booking will erase the stress that parking can cause you when you’re traveling.  The days of last-minute sticker shock from overpriced parking are gone.

Information About Nearby Parking at George Bush Intercontinental

While on-site parking at IAH is pricey, you’ll find that, despite being on the airport grounds, you’ll often spend just as much time getting to the front door of the airport as you would if you’d chosen an offsite lot with shuttle or valet. Because most parking at George Bush Intercontinental Airport is self-parking, if you’re not lucky enough to score a very close spot, you’ll be carrying your luggage across big parking lots to the front of the terminal.

Thankfully, TravelCar’s airport parking partners aim to offer shuttles with less than 10 minutes travel time that run for most, if not all, hours of the day.  Many lots even offer 24-hour, 365-days per year valet service that will bring your car right up to the curb so you can throw your luggage into the trunk and head home to a comfortable night’s rest.  For reference, the difference in cost between self-parking options and valet options with TravelCar tends to be only a few dollars per day.  Meanwhile, on-site parking lots sometimes charge upwards of $20 additional per day to get access to the same service TravelCar partners offer for a fraction of the price.

Why Choose TravelCar at IAH?

Obviously, when it comes to parking, price is most frequently the deciding factor.  Choosing TravelCar means getting the best prices you can get, period.  TravelCar’s partner lots offer rates that are completely unbeatable, often charging less per day for valet parking than on-site lots charge for distant economy lots.

There’s more to the parking equation, though, and TravelCar is ready to deliver.  With stellar reviews all across the web and a steady 9+ rating from TrustPilot,  TravelCar has proven that it’s ready for the challenge that the parking industry has to bring.  The secret is that TravelCar curates their lots carefully, choosing partners who offer good customer service and offering in-house customer service on top of that. You’ll always have someone on hand to help you out, no matter what challenges may come your way.

Finally, with TravelCar, you can review your lot options before you even buy.  TravelCar maintains complete profiles of all of their partner lots which include reviews, shuttle and contact information, hours, and lot maps. TravelCar’s profiles also detail the security offerings at each lot.  TravelCar’s lots are safe, clean, and secure, with many offering full security details and video surveillance to ensure a safe parking environment.

Getting to and From Houston Intercontinental Airport

Houston is a vibrant, thriving city with strong infrastructure and an accessible transit system.  For many travelers, driving will be the best way to reach IAH.  Other travelers, however, will benefit from taking public transit to the airport.  Here are some basic directions for getting to the airport:

  1. Car

Getting to IAH by car is relatively simple, as there are three main veins of transportation to the airport.  I-45, I-69, and the Hardy Toll Road.  For I-45 and I-69, airport signage lines the highway from a considerable distance away, so all you’ll need to do is look for airport signs and/or the exit to John F. Kennedy Boulevard, which will lead you right to the airport’s main terminals.

If you’re coming from the Hardy Toll Road, you’ll need to watch for the Intercontinental Airport Exit, then follow the Hardy Airport Connector, which connects to John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

  1. Bus

The main bus line servicing the airport is the 102 line, which can be boarded in Downtown Houston. The bus ride from Downtown Houston to IAH is approximately one hour and five minutes, and you can expect to pay $1.25 for fare.

  1. Taxi

Taxis are commonplace at IAH, though most travelers will likely benefit from taking the bus or driving their own car, as there are no fare limitations at IAH.  Estimates to Downtown as offered by the Houston Airport System are just under 55 dollars, not including airport fees of $2.75 per ride and gratuity costs.

Final Checklist for IAH Travel

Got your passport? TSA-Approved luggage locks in place? The final considerations before your trip should be focused on making departure and arrival simple.  Make sure you arrive with plenty of extra time to spare. No matter how prepared you are, you can’t help if other travelers hold up lines or take extra time.  Give yourself a good margin.

Also, don’t be afraid to participate in services that reduce stress during travel.  Valet parking, car wash, and even TSA-PreCheck program are all minor expenditures that bring great rewards in the form of stress-free, relaxing travel!