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Charlotte Douglas International Airport Parking : Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the top 15 busiest airports in the United States, after Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and San Francisco Airport.  As a major hub for American Airlines, it nets considerable traffic for the state.  Its history stretches back to the 1930s, and it grew quickly.  CLT is a pillar of the community and is one of the few airports worldwide to house an aviation museum.  If you’ll be traveling to CLT, TravelCar’s lots are simply the best.  CLT hosts a number of community events and is undergoing a continual improvement plan that has brought modern tech to the airport.  In addition to being high-tech, the airport has plenty of food options available to visitors.  Parking on-site can be expensive and lengthy at Charlotte Douglas, but TravelCar makes it easy and cheap to get parking.  You can book online, get access to valet and carwash services, and get to the terminal faster than you would with on-site parking.  Not only that, but TravelCar has offerings all over the world and at diverse locations above and beyond airports.  Their lots are secure, safe, and clean.  While CLT is a very organized airport terminal-wise, much of the available parking is considerably remote.  Also, on-site parking is noticeably more expensive than off-site options, many of which offer similar or better shuttle times.  TravelCar has nearby lots offering cheap parking with shuttles that arrive regularly and frequently.  TravelCar’s online booking is simple and easy, with lots of extra benefits.  They have stellar reviews and a high TrustPilot score.  They also employ their own customer service.  Traveling to CLT by car and by bus are generally the most popular options.  Remember to plan ahead and arrive early when traveling through CLT, there can always be delays, and TravelCar’s services can help prevent them!

An Exploration of Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport of Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the United States busiest airports, falling just short of the top 10 by passenger traffic and earning the title of the 11th busiest airport in the U.S.  Worldwide, Charlotte Douglas is ranked at 32nd in terms of passenger traffic, making it notably large but less immediately recognizable airport than one like Los Angeles International.  Over 45 million passengers pass through the gates of Charlotte Douglas Airport, bringing commerce and leisure travelers alike to the beautiful city.  In addition to being an influential travel center on the East Coast of the U.S., it also serves as the hub for both American Airlines and ViaAir.

American Airlines has a strong presence at Charlotte Douglas, making it their second largest hub.  American Airlines flights out of Charlotte travel all over the world, with 161 different destinations currently served by American flights.

Four runways service the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which is located just 8 miles outside of the Charlotte Downtown.  Its size and proximity to the city make it a well-known feature of the metropolitan backdrop, and its long history has made it almost synonymous with the city itself.  Charlotte Douglas was built in 1936, though it was first known as Charlotte Municipal Airport.  As the city of Charlotte grew, so did the airport, adding a new terminal and receiving a new name: Douglas Municipal Airport.  It was in the early 1980s that the airport began servicing international flights, and 1982 marked the year that the thriving municipal airport finally became Charlotte Douglas International Airport, earning the IATA designation “CLT.”

Since 2013, CLT has implemented a new expansion and growth plan which has brought a new face to the airport.  “Destination CLT” involved the creation of a new, efficient airport road, new concourses, internal reorganization of shops, restaurants, rental booths and more for the purpose of improving the quality of passenger travel.  In addition, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the home of the Carolinas Aviation Museum, making it one of a select few airports in the world that also house an aviation museum.

The museum was built in 1992 and is host to an impressive collection of preserved historical aircraft, educational exhibits, and a 9000-plus book library on all manner of aviation topics.  Most notably, it is the home of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger’s US Airways Flight 1549, which Sully landed in the Hudson River after the plane became damaged.  Sully’s heroic performance ensured that every passenger on the flight survived safely, and the story of the flight was immortalized in the award-winning film “Sully” starring Tom Hanks.

If you’ll be traveling to CLT, you’re going to need parking, and if you need parking you’ll want to consider TravelCar.  TravelCar is a company that set out to build a network of independent parking lots with high-quality lots and reasonable prices with travelers in mind.  Their network has grown exponentially since they opened their doors for business, and they’re now the best choice for airport parking you can find.

General Information and Maps for Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway, Charlotte, NC, 28208 CLT Public International Airport 704-359-4013   Approximately 45 million passengers per year 35.213889, -80.943056

Charlotte Douglas Airport is so much more than your average airport.  In addition to housing one of the world’s most fascinating aviation museums, CLT is also home to a number of amazing shops, attractions, and events.  Perhaps the best-known event that CLT hosts is the “Runway 5K Run,” a yearly event that utilizes one of CLT’s runways to provide a flat, safe area on which to run that has a beautiful view and wonderful breezes.  The 5K also involves a number of family-centric fun events to keep kids entertained while runners complete their event.

As a part of the reconstruction and modernization efforts going on at CLT in the last decade, CLT has pursued policies of sustainability, including the installation of massive solar power arrays in the open areas that are necessitated by airports.  In addition, CLT has committed to a green future that is conscientious to the increasing scarcity and environmental cost of natural resources.

CLT is inviting and has a leadership team that thinks about their passengers before and after their stay at CLT.  With that fact in mind, it’s no surprise that the terminals and gates of Charlotte Douglas are well-populated with shops and restaurants to delight any visitor.

Shades of Time in Concourse D is a unique sunglasses shop that will ensure—in true Carolina style--that any beach-bound travelers will hit the waves looking stylish and keeping safe.  Johnston & Murphy between Concourses D and E is one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for suave style on-the-go.  As one of the world’s best shoe makers, you’ll find that the inevitable long walks during travel are much less strenuous on your feet.

If you’re looking for food before your flight or before you head into town, Hissho Sushi in Concourse D is the place to go.  A renowned sushi spot, Hissho was a finalist for’s Readers’ Choice Awards and is one of the most visited restaurants at CLT.  Grab some top-notch sushi and a cool drink before you fly, ensuring that you skip the mid-flight munchies and enjoy a restful flight.

Getting the Low Cost Parking at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte is a city on the rise; there is no doubt about that fact.  With the incredible growth the airport has seen in recent years, it can be tough to get yourself a good deal on parking.  Instead of chancing it with on-site parking, which can be shockingly expensive, take a few short seconds to prepare for your trip in advance with TravelCar, and you’ll likely find that you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars over the course of your trip while enjoying faster and easier trips to the terminal from your car.

At CLT, parking can be as high as $35 per day with shuttle and valet times of almost 15 minutes.  TravelCar, however, offers lots at fractions of the rate with considerably less shuttle wait time involved in the process.  Parking with on-site parking lots, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for a short trip out of town, just in parking bills.  Few travelers plan parking expenses as a significant part of their trip until it is too late.  With TravelCar, you can enjoy cheap parking and get services like curbside valet and carwash, too.

TravelCar also offers a special free parking option through their Free Parking Rideshare program.  This innovative program is designed to save money for travelers across the board while also making better use of the vehicles that are already on the road.  In the Free Parking Rideshare program, you can enroll your car to be open for rent while you are out of town.  TravelCar will insure your car, give you free parking whether or not your car is rented, and will give you a cut of the profits when your car is rented.  In the end, the Free Parking program can get you a lot more than just free parking.

TravelCar’s network expands well beyond just the Carolinas and other airports.  TravelCar has partnered lots all across the world, at major entertainment destinations, travel transfer hubs, and more.  Planning an Alaska cruise out of Seattle? Get long-term parking for fractions of the price through TravelCar instead of paying high premiums for last-minute or day-of parking.  Want to catch a game at Yankee Stadium in New York City?  You’ll find fantastic deals on parking there, too.

TravelCar offers services that are almost unheard of at other lots.  In addition, their partnered lots are clean, safe, and secure; plus, TravelCar’s website allows you to book low cost parking online, providing you with a full profile of the lot you’re considering long before you arrive.  You won’t be going into parking blind anymore, nor will you find yourself subject to expensive, last-minute parking rates in unfavorable lots.

Charlotte Douglas Terminals and Nearby Parking

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is well-organized and centrally-arranged with regard to terminals.  The parking lots, however, are a very different story.  While the lots at CLT are spacious, many of them are far from the main terminal and have long wait times for shuttles going to and from the airport.  While valet options are available on-site, they are prohibitively expensive.

TravelCar’s nearby lots, however, are both less expensive and better prepared with regard to shuttles.  Since you cannot book parking online with CLT’s on-site parking, you’ll be at the mercy of lot availability, meaning you might end up at a distant spot in an uncovered, extended economy lot.  TravelCar’s nearby lots, however, are chosen for their efficiency, service, and shuttle times.

Regardless of which terminal you’ll be flying out of, you can be sure that you’ll get to your terminal with time to spare, and you’ll be able to skip the long walks across lots with luggage.

Reasons to Choose TravelCar’s Cheap Parking Options Over On-Site Lots

If fantastic prices aren’t enough to convince you to check out the amazing alternative to on-site, airport-sponsored lots, then there are even more benefits to weigh that might convince you to ditch overpriced lots.  While still offering low cost parking, TravelCar’s partnered lots are able to offer bonus features, like valet and carwash that you just don’t find elsewhere.  Partnered lots are also committed to regular, quick shuttles with low wait times for those who need to get to the airport without any delays.

What’s most interesting is how well-rated TravelCar is; they have maintained a TrustPilot score greater than 9/10 and have thousands of glowing reviews on Google and beyond.  You can even review individual lot ratings within the TravelCar network; TravelCar aims to serve customers by allowing them to review their experiences with partnered lots.  If a lot isn’t living up to TravelCar standards, TravelCar’s stellar service will address the issue immediately.

Service is another reason to choose TravelCar.  In addition to each lot’s independent customer service, TravelCar employs a team of customer service professionals who are ready and waiting to help you find lots, resolve issues, and make trip changes 24/7.  Again, TravelCar proves their devotion to a travelers-first philosophy, aiming to provide top-notch customer service that acts as an additional layer of quality for travelers looking for cheap parking.

TravelCar’s partner lot profiles are designed to inform the customer.  They contain detailed shuttle info, valet and carwash information, relevant phone numbers, and, most importantly details about lot security features like patrols, video surveillance, and gates.

Getting to and From CLT

Charlotte is a constantly growing city with a robust public transit system and modern highways.  Even still, every city has traffic, rush hours, and construction.  It’s always a good idea to know how to get to and from the airport well in advance.  Below are a few options that travelers can choose from in order to get to the airport and back.

  1. Traveling by Car

For most travelers coming from the Charlotte Downtown, you’ll want to take I-85 until Exit 32, at which point you’ll be able to continue to Josh Birmingham Parkway, the loop road that the majority of the airport facilities are located on.  From there, you’ll just need to follow signs to the terminal you’re looking for.

  1. Bus

The CATS (Charlotte Area Transit System) bus to the airport is one of the best ways to get to the airport.  Most riders will take the 5 bus from Charlotte Transportation Center to CLT.  Likewise, riders looking to get from the airport back into Charlotte can take the 5 back into town.  The ride either way is approximately 25 minutes long, making it quick and efficient.

Final Considerations for CLT Travel

If you’re planning a trip through CLT, there’s two final things to consider.  First off, you’ll want to be sure you give yourself plenty of extra time in terminal, especially if you’re flying internationally.  Even if you think things will go smoothly, you never know when traffic congestion or security checkpoint backups will run you later than is comfortable.  Secondly, don’t forget that luggage takes time to move!  If you think things will be tight or if you’d simply like to make things less stressful, choose a TravelCar parking lot with valet.  You might be surprised how much easier it makes the trip.