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Bradley International Airport Parking

BDL Airport Parking : The Bradley International airport is situated somewhere in the middle of Springfield and Hartford and serves Hartford county, the city of Hartford, Connecticut. The State of Connecticut built the airport on 1,700 acres of land in Windsor Locks. In 2017, almost 6.4 million passengers boarded flights to different destinations. The airport has three asphalt runways, a single Terminal with an East and West concourse and a total of 23 gates.

Many non-stop flights operate from Bradley International and also other airports that are close to it. Parking at airports has always been a problem with parking spaces being inadequate and expensive. That’s Why TravelCar offers cheap parking spots near and close to the airport. It is rapidly establishing itself at more airports, train stations, and even cruise ports. Bradley International Airport can be accessed easily from Hartford and its surrounding areas.

Bradley International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address Schoephoester Rd, Windsor Locks, CT 06096
Airport type Public
Phone Number +1 860-292-2000
Airport’s traffic 6,436,407 passengers in 2017
GPS coordinates 41°56′21″N    072°41′00″W

radley International Airport (BDL) is located in the northeastern U.S., a couple of hours away from Boston and New York City. It was named after Lt. Eugene M. Bradley of the 64th Pursuit Squadron, who died during a dogfight drill in 1941 when his P-40 crashed. The airport often referred to as the “gateway to New England,” plies aircraft regularly to and from that region. As it is a civil/military airport, the airport also houses the 103d Airlift wing, belonging to the Connecticut Air National Guard. It is operated and also owned by the Connecticut Airport Authority and can be found in Hartford County, in Windsor Locks, a town in the state of Connecticut. It is the second-largest airport in New England and also the second-busiest. Eight passenger airlines that include three low-fare carriers offer non-stop services to 31 destinations.

Cheap parking at Bradley International Airport

Pricing and parking lots

The Bradley airport offers many parking options right in front of the terminal entrance- curb-side parking, overnight parking, daily parking,  and economy parking. Short-term BDL parking provides daily and hourly parking, while there are five options for long-term parking. However, airport parking lots are very expensive when compared to TravelCar’s cheap parking options. Moreover, TravelCar’s parking lots are very close to the airport- this compounded with its free shuttle services ensures that passengers are never stranded when they have to catch a flight. The frequency of shuttles and easy accessibility makes the service ‘a much sought after one.’

Getting to the airport (even during peak hours) is perhaps a mite easier when compared to finding a safe, secure, parking space at the airport. Not only do they fill as fast as they empty but the parking charges do burn a hole in your pocket. TravelCar ensures that this doesn’t happen even if you opt for its valet services. Its parking charges are said to be the lowest available and its valet services highly affordable. Opting for these services gives you the dual advantage of not having to worry about the safety of your car and ensuring that your car is maintained in tip-top condition. The icing on the cake, however, is that if you park your car for over three months and allow TravelCar to rent out your car to bonafide customers during your absence, you gain on two counts. You don’t have to pay parking fees and you get a part of the rental that TravelCar charges when travelers use your car for a short period.

TravelCar’s different parking locations

TravelCar has a presence at airports, train stations and cruise ports and most places where passenger traffic is heavy and parking, a premium.

  • Airports

    - Major airports such as John F. Kennedy International airport, Logan International at Boston, LaGuardia airport, Newark Liberty International airport are close to BDL. TravelCar offers reliable, secure and low cost parking at these spots.
  • Train stations:

    North and South station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington finds TravelCar touting its parking facilities. Amtrak train stations- Windsor train station, the Hartford Union station, Union station- New Haven connect to Bradley International via 30-Bradley Flyer local bus from the respective stations.
  • Cruise Ports:

    Port of Hartford, Port of Mystic and Port of New Haven, port of New London- all in Connecticut are subject to heavy passenger traffic. The presence of parking facilities is a boon. TravelCar has positioned itself to provide cheap parking at many major ports.

TravelCar’s parking lots are easy to access and pretty much everywhere. The parking lots are secure and all vehicles are under close video surveillance. This is an added incentive to choose TravelCar over other parking providers.

Bradley International Airport Gates Presentation

Terminal A East concourse   1-12 12 Gates
West concourse  20-30   11 Gates

The BDL airport has three asphalt runways and 23 gates. Although it originally had two terminals, only Terminal A is in operation. Terminal B, known as the 1952 Murphy Terminal, had two concourses but was closed on April 15th, 2010 and demolished in the latter part of 2015.

The Terminal A accounts for two concourses- East and West- the East concourse has 12 gates in all- 1-12 and the West concourse has Gates 11 gates- 20-30. The International Arrivals Building, that is west of Terminal A is primarily used for international arrivals and baggage claims. The upper level is for checking and there is a single security checkpoint at the center of the Terminal that leads to the East and West concourses. The departure level has many passenger amenities and also houses the airline ticket counters and waiting areas.

TravelCar’s advantages

Pricing and Professionalism

If you are looking for an efficient parking service that is also cheap, then look no further than TravelCar. Starting from its simple booking process to its low cost parking fees, TravelCar has associated itself completely with its customers. The parking spots are secure, cheap, and safe and close to the airport. It also helps customers find inexpensive and safe parking spots near the hotels that you reside in. Very often, customers are put out by the elaborate need for details during the booking process- TravelCar keeps it nice and straightforward so that customers don’t abort the booking while they are halfway through. Its parking lots are very close to the airport and shuttle services operate between the designated parking spaces and the terminal. TravelCar is rated high by rating agencies- it scored a high of 9 on TrustPilot while other rating services have been equally impressed by its steady performance. Customer care teams are not only thorough and efficient, they are highly professional in their approach and deal with issues in a systematic way. Parking charges vary depending on the time of duration but you can rest assured that you will have to pay a lot less than what other providers charge. TravelCar has you covered extensively- right from the booking process till you pick up your car after your trip.

Valet Services

Valet services are ideal for travelers that are in a hurry to catch their flight and for travelers that just don’t want to be bothered about parking their cars at the airport while they are away. This service ensures that a valet looks after your car, maintains it well and returns it to you when you come back after your trip. Not having to bother or worry about whether your car will be safe during your absence alleviates your stress levels. When it is looked after by a valet, the responsibility moves from your shoulder to that of the valet’s. Usually, the working hours are 6 am to 12 am, although at times, the timings may alter slightly. Generally, regardless of the time of the day, there is always someone at TravelCar to look after your needs. In terms of price, availability, safety, and security, TravelCar is almost unbeatable. The cheap parking charges and offers are customer-centric in nature and that’s why customers get exactly what they want.

Customer Service at its best

TravelCar never sleeps- and 24/7 it concentrates on giving customers the best deals that suit them to a T. It helps to resolve issues, irons out creases and prevents customers from becoming irate. It exudes confidence that rubs off on those with which it connects. Its database consists of an ever-growing list of loyal customers that love the passion and dedication that TravelCar depicts. TravelCar never keeps customers on a hold and its response time to any situation is very quick. All its dealings are transparent, there is never even a whisper of a ‘hidden fee’ and that helps to build credibility and trust. It maintains high standards and customers always go away satisfied and happy. Always willing to go that extra mile, TravelCar agents and service personnel operate on the same frequency and do what it takes to keep customers happy.

Access to the airport

The Bradley International airport is easy to access and easy to locate- that’s why an increasing number of people that are looking for stress-free air travel turn towards Bradley.

By road

Regardless of what direction you come from, you should each exit 40 that leads to the airport-

  • From the East:  Take Route 90 to reach route.84 West, follow Route 291 West to Route 91 North and then head to Exit 40
  • From the West: Take Route 84 East to Route 91 North and then head to Exit 40
  • From the South: From Route 95 North go to route 91 North and then head to Exit 40
  • From the North: Take Route 91 South and that leads to Exit 40

From Exit 40- just follow the signs that lead to the airport.

Shuttle services

GO Airport Shuttle Connecticut operates between downtown Hartford, the surrounding areas, and Bradley airport. BDL shuttle buses and stretch limousines transport you to the airport. Private sedans are also available. The advantage of using GO airport shuttles is you have a choice of lower cost vans to luxury rides. Shared ride vans help you save on the cost of the trip, and private vans allow groups to reach a common destination- the airport for example.


The Bradley Flyer route 30 is a semi-express service that operates between downtown Hartford and the airport. The ride to the airport takes 30 minutes and the fare for a one-way trip is $1.75. This service belongs to the Connecticut Transit and it operates on all days of the week and the bus stops at Terminal A and international Arrivals.

Public Transit

From Main Street Hartford - Bradley airport, bus-32-36 and bus-30, 68 minutes

West Hartford - Bradley International airport, bus no.153, 63 & bus-30, 85 minutes

West Center Street, Manchester-Bradley airport, bus-83 and bus-30, 87 minutes

Lincoln Street, Hartford- Bradley airport, bus-61 and bus-30, 56 minutes

Target, Newington, bus-69, bus-30, 101 minutes


Amtrak trains serve Windsor stations as well as Windsor Locks. The trains are reliable and operate daily. Trains are met by shuttle bus to the airport terminal. New lines will be in place in late 2018.


Many taxi services operate vehicles from Greater Hartford CT to Bradley airport. The vehicles are insured, affordable and the services are highly accessible.

Other Information

Everyone knows that it pays to reach the airport well before time, for when you land at the airport, parking spots seem to evade you. With luggage to be checked in and security checks to be gone through, you’re left wondering whether you will catch your flight. Make use of TravelCar’s parking and valet services and beat the clock. Not only will the parking provider’s low parking charges bring a smile to your lips but you will feel less stressed when your car is in good hands.


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