Boston Logan Airport Parking Find Out How You Can Save on Parking This Trip


Boston Logan Airport Parking : General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is one of the most well-known airports in the United States, and it serves as the foremost international airport in New England.  Growing greatly throughout the mid- to late-1900s, Boston Logan has become one of the busiest airports on the eastern seaboard.  Thankfully, TravelCar can help you avoid the stress of traffic and finding parking.  They have the best prices and offerings in the Boston Logan area.  Boston Logan offers fantastic food and shopping, with local greats like Wahlburger’s and Local Charm.  You can focus on enjoying what Boston has to offer by booking your parking with TravelCar, whose lots offer security, convenience, and even a Free Parking Rideshare program.  Booking through TravelCar is simple, easy, and informative.  You’ll get the best rates, and you’ll get to the airport terminal quickly.  TravelCar has many locations at all kinds of destinations, and they also offer services no other parking lot offers.  Choosing TravelCar is an easy decision.  Not only do they have an easy to use website, but they have high TrustPilot scores and fantastic security in their lots.  Getting around Boston can be busy, but it isn’t hard!  Traveling by car, you’ll take I-93, or you can take the Silver Line right to and from the airport.  Don’t forget to take the time you need before you fly; services like valet and carwash can help you have a stress-free trip!

Getting to Know General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, better known by its more convenient name, Boston Logan, is possibly the most well-known airport in New England.  While it started its illustrious history as a small Massachusetts Air Guard and Air Corps airfield known as Jeffery Field, it has since grown massively, becoming one of the most traveled-to destinations on the eastern seaboard.  In the late 1920s, the first commercial flights into the Boston area used Jeffery Field, and in the mid-1930s, the weather station at the airport became a major point of focus for the National Weather Service.

It was through the 40s to the 50s that Boston Logan International experienced its first major growth spurts, as it became a major travel gateway to the U.S. following World War II.  It received its current name in 1943, becoming the namesake of Lt. General Edward Lawrence Logan, a famed general from the Spanish-American War who hailed from Boston.

In the 1970s, Logan again had a major burst of growth, which involved the construction of a number of long runways suitable for jumbo jets such as the 747.  When Terminal E, the international arrivals terminal at Logan, was built, it was the second largest in the country.

Boston Logan now serves approximately 38.4 million passengers per year, with a large number of those passengers being international travelers.  Boston Logan Airport is currently recognized as one of the fastest-growing airports in the country, especially because of the influence of more and more international travelers who choose it as their gateway to the states.

Known to the traveler community largely as Boston Logan or BOS, Logan International Airport is one of the most recognizable airports in the world, even if it doesn’t have the same sheer size as airports like O’Hare in Chicago or JFK in New York.

If you’ll be travelling through Boston Logan, you’ll want to be 100% sure that you’ve got your parking squared away.  Boston is one of the busiest cities in America, and traffic can be undeniably difficult to navigate.  Being one of the oldest cities in New England, many of the buildings and roads are historic and don’t always follow modern design practices, meaning that traffic can get uniquely complicated.

The good news is that TravelCar has a great presence in the area of Boston Logan, ensuring that travelers will always be able to get cheap, quality parking in the area of the airport.  Keep reading to find a perfect guide to BOS area parking!

Contact and General Information for Boston Logan International Airport

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
1 Harborside Drive, Boston, MA 02128 BOS Public International Airport 1-800-23-LOGAN (56426) Approximately 38 Million Passengers per year 42.363056, -71.006389

Much like the city that surrounds it, Boston Logan Airport features an incredible panoply of foods, merchants, and services.  Being one of the longest-standing successful international airports on the Eastern Seaboard, Logan has understandably cultivated a unique culture of food and hospitality.  For example, if you’re looking for something to pass the time while you’re waiting for a flight, consider visiting Boston Beer Works or Sam Adams Brewhouse, both of which offer a brilliant sampling of Boston’s incredible brew culture.  The legacy of quality Boston brews stretches back to colonial times, and Samuel Adams brand beer has slowly grown in fame across the entirety of the United States.

Wahlburger’s isn’t to miss, either.  The restaurant, founded by actor Mark Wahlberg and his brothers Donnie and Paul, is a rising brand.  With only a few premium locations worldwide, you’ve just got to stop in and see what has made Wahlburger’s so famous worldwide, in true Bean Town style.

If shopping is your scene, you won’t be disappointed with Logan’s offerings.  You can stop in at Local Charm, a Boston jewelry studio that produces hand-crafted, artisan jewelry designed to bring light and unique style to any wardrobe.  In the same vein of hand-crafted artisanship is Johnston and Murphy, a top-shelf shoe designer and manufacturer that has exploded in popularity throughout New England.  So, if you’re looking to dress in true-blue, New England style, you’ll find plenty of options in the halls of Logan airport.

How to Get Low Cost Parking at Boston Logan

An unfortunate fact of the traveling lifestyle is that parking isn’t simple anymore – at least not on-site parking.  Airport on-site parking can run up bills of hundreds of dollars even on shorter trips, and at BOS specifically, you could be looking at rates of over $35 dollars per day, at minimum, for on-site parking.  Even distant economy lots cost at a minimum $26 per day!  It’s understandable why many travelers find themselves with sticker shock at the end of a trip.

TravelCar is the answer to the parking problem at airports. By innovatively networking independent parking lots nearby airports and working to carefully curate quality, TravelCar helps travelers get the cheap parking they deserve all while still beating out on-site lots in services offered and customer service as a whole.

TravelCar’s partnered lots offer quick, regular shuttles, meaning you won’t be sitting around waiting for the next shuttle.  Instead, you’ll often get to the airport checkout faster than you would have if you’d booked onsite parking.  Considering that you’ll be getting cheap parking instead of expensive parking, it’s hard to argue with also getting better service and less wait times.

There’s more to booking with TravelCar, though.  In addition to standard parking, they also offer a unique Free Parking Ridesharing program.  The way it works is simple; you sign up for the program and you’ll get free parking.  Then, TravelCar will insure your car, hold on to your keys for you, and allow other TravelCar Ridesharers to rent your car while you’re away.  You’ll be fully covered, get free parking whether your car is rented or not, and you’ll also get a slice of any rental fees that go out on your car.

Even if the Rideshare program isn’t for you, you will still get better rates with TravelCar’s lots than the frankly ridiculous rates of on-site parking.  What’s even better is just how many locations you can get low cost parking at using TravelCar’s lightning-fast online booking service.

If you’re planning to catch a baseball game while you’re in Boston, TravelCar has you covered.  Flying out to see the Seahawks face up against the Pats again out in Seattle?  TravelCar’s low cost parking is all over the place at SEATAC.  If you’re planning a cruise or train transit, you’ll be happy to know that most major stations (like Penn Station) and ports (like Port of Miami) are covered in TravelCar’s network as well.

Wherever you’re traveling to, you can rest assured that TravelCar is a company that puts travelers first.  Their incredible rates, fantastic service, and offerings of valet and carwash service prove just how much they think about the needs of the modern traveler.  In an age of constant business and action, travelers need more services for less money, not the other way around!

Parking at and Around Boston Logan International Airport

One of the best examples of TravelCar parking in the BOS area can be found in the TravelCar partner by the name of the Rodeway Inn Boston Logan.  With $15 per day parking, free 10-minute shuttle, key dropoff, and a secure parking lot backed by the inn’s in-house staff, it’s an incredible location to get your parking at.

Not only will you be able to pay less than half of the daily rate of on-site parking at BOS by working with this TravelCar partner, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the service of professional hotel staff who know the area well.  You’ll get to the terminal just as fast as if you’d parked at the airport, and you’ll also get to skip having to drag your luggage across a busy parking lot out in the elements, which, as you’ll know if you’ve ever lived through a Boston winter, is a complete lifesaver most of the year.

Reasons to Choose TravelCar at Boston Logan

Let’s face it: Most of the time, our choices in parking often boils down to price.  It’s an unfortunate necessity of frugality and financial wisdom.  Travel can get expensive if you aren’t careful with your spending.  Every traveler learns that!  With price, TravelCar will always win.  Their network brings price points unheard of in airport parking.  At many locations, you can often get curbside valet service for less than the cost of economy parking on airport grounds.

Using TravelCar means getting to realistically weight the other factors that can affect your choice in parking.  For example, customer service, lot safety, and type of lot.

TravelCar’s website is easy to use and very transparent; when you consider a parking lot, you’ll be able to see what features the lot offers, what type of lot it is (covered, uncovered, all-valet, self-park only, etc.,) and what type of security offerings are on hand.

TravelCar has persistently maintained a 9+ rating on TrustPilot, proving themselves again and again through excellent customer service.  What’s most interesting is how they manage such great service.  TravelCar maintains and in-house service team that acts as a secondary layer of great service on top of the customer service present at their partnered lots.  Because of this system, you can always be sure you’ll have someone on hand to help you should you need it.

TravelCar’s parking lots are highly secure, safe, and clean: You get to know what kind of security your lot will have before you even pay for booking.  On the lot booking pages, you’ll get all relevant information including numbers, address, security style, and more.  Most TravelCar lots have video surveillance, security patrols, and more.  With all these benefits, choosing TravelCar translates directly to a stress-free parking setup whole you travel.

Getting to and From Boston Logan

Boston is an incredible city.  Some of the best food and fun in the world can be found along the old roads of Boston.  However, it would be a mistake to underestimate the traffic that can accumulate in the winding and layered roads and highways of Bean Town.  It’s important to be prepared in advance.  Thankfully, Boston is relatively easy to navigate, even if traffic can get heavy.  There are public transit options available to travelers, too.  Keep reading for driving and public transit instructions!

  1. Driving Directions

Getting to BOS isn’t all that hard, even if you might hit some bad traffic during peak hours.  I-93 is the main highway that services the airport to and from Downtown Boston.  While the route to and from I-93 may vary depending on your initial starting or final ending point in Downtown, I-93 is clearly documented for visitors to the city.

  1. Public Transit

The “T” is Boston’s rail transit system, and the T Silver Line connects to the airport.  Transport from the airport on the Silver Line is free and actually includes a free transfer to the Red Line, which services much of the rest of Boston.  Going to the airport costs approximately $2.65, and full transit information can be found here:

Preparing for Your Flight

Being prepared is the most important part of travel, and before you fly, it’s important that you plan for the unexpected!  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time when you head to the airport; almost nothing is worse than missing a flight by just a few minutes because checkout or security takes too long.  If you need to, take advantage of services like carwash and curbside valet.  These services can save you time and greatly reduce your travel stress, and you can’t put a price on stress-free travel!