Cheap Car Rentals in Miami International Airport
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Cheap Car Rentals in Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the New Global Gateway of America. It has 45 million passengers every year. For international passengers, it is the third-busiest airport in America. It has a lineup of above 100 air carriers that travel to over 150 destinations. It is the leading US airport for worldwide freight. The airport is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida which is an unincorporated area. Miami International Airport (MIA) is built on 3,230 acres of land close to downtown Miami. It is surrounded by the cities of Miami, Doral, Hialeah, Miami Springs, the Fontainebleau neighborhood that is unincorporated, and the village of Virginia Gardens. When you travel to Miami make your trip unforgettable by selecting TravelCar’s reasonable and excellent car rental services accessible at the Miami International Airport.

Cheap Car Rental in Miami Atlanta International Airport

Reasonable Pricing and Availability

TravelCar is one among the most well-liked budget airport car rental services in Miami with its vehicle drop-off and pick-up points easily available at all major train stations, ports, airports, and major landmarks. TravelCar is in a more favorable position than its competitors since it offers car rentals at incomparable rates without making a compromise of service and quality. You can get away with the difficulty of finding cars of good quality at reasonable rates. So, you can completely enjoy your stay devoid of any worry or stress.

Ease of Booking

TravelCar makes the process of booking effortless with its interactive and simple website where you only require providing information about pickup location, date, and time and drop-off date and time. The website presents you with a variety of options for car rental and you can select the one that is suitable for you. Also, the company provides you with the choice of “add-ons” which can be included in your booking for a more gratifying car rental experience. Just with a few clicks, you can reserve a car rental with TravelCar. The company presents you the option of varied cars - Mini, Luxury, Economy, etc. together with the choice of reserving the car for a week, long-term, or a day. With the availability of a customized booking service, you will definitely find the best rental option with TravelCar without spending unnecessarily. You can reserve the rental service of TravelCar beforehand or after the destination is reached and you can be certain of getting the most excellent car rental service in the city.

Professional 24/7 Customer Service

TravelCar has employed professional and trained customer care executives. They work 24/7 to deal with all your concerns and questions. The customer care executives help you in reserving the best option for car rental on the basis of your itinerary and at the most reasonable price. Also, they include further information regarding your destination and recommended places to visit etc. The vehicles that TravelCar provide are in excellent working condition and have all-inclusive insurance. In the event of any problem with the car at some time in the rental period, you can contact the customer care service. They ensure that action is taken immediately and you do not have to face any difficulty. When you rent a vehicle with TravelCar you can be sure that you can be in a happy mood during your holiday and enjoy a vacation full of fun. TravelCar is the best airport car rental service in the US and the economical way to travel within and around the city.

A wide range of vehicles in Miami Atlanta International Airport

TravelCar is certainly the best airport car rental service accessible at Miami International Airport having an extensive variety of cars suitable for all kinds of travel necessities. If you are a lone traveler or accompanied by another person,   the option of a mini car would be suitable for you. Economy class cars will enable you to save some extra dollars or select the Compact class car in case you have too much luggage to convey around. If you require more leg-room and a huge trunk for the luggage then the family cars that are intermediate or full-size will be the right choice. For traveling in luxury, TravelCar’s Luxury class cars completely equipped with every latest feature and comfort is ideal. Also, the option of ‘add-ons’ while reserving a rental car is available. For a bigger group or families, Vans and SUV of TravelCar are a good selection. Self-drive cars are also provided for rental by the company in MiamiNo matter what your requirement is, TravelCar invariably has the car suitable for you.

Driving in Miami

Miami is a major hub and leads in commerce, finance, culture, entertainment, media, international trade, and the arts. Miami is one of the most famous vacation spots in the state and the world. There are many things to see and explore at Miami and the excellent way to do it is utilizing TravelCar’s car rental service. Some of the main landmarks at Miami are given below to assist you in planning your itinerary.

Driving to the Bayside Marketplace 

Bayside Marketplace is a shopping center in the open air with two floors situated in the Downtown Miami area. The mall is located along the waterfront of Miami. The Visitor's Bureau and Greater Miami Convention recognize it as the foremost visited attraction in Miami. It varies from usual shopping malls. Bayside Marketplace presents the complete Miami experience with live music daily, local artists, bars, restaurants serving Cuban food, family events, open-container policy, and picturesque settings. The Bayside Marketplace tenancy consists of 140 inline spaces, besides over 50 kiosks and carts situated in and around the center.

Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a National Historic Landmark. It is a remarkable villa built on 50 acres of native woodlands and Italian Renaissance gardens. The luxuriant estate has been specially presented in films for its formal gardens and dreamlike ambiance. It was formerly built in 1914 as a winter-house to nature conservationist and millionaire businessman James Deering. In 1953, Vizcaya began operating as a museum for the public. Presently, travelers from throughout the world come to see Vizcaya for getting a sight of its other-world collection and aesthetic stored inside the museum.

Drive down to the Wharf Miami

Located on the renowned Miami River, The Wharf is a remarkable event space of 30,000 sq. ft. in open-air. It aims to further develop the city’s dynamic cultural scene and local culinary. The Wharf has a setting different from others in South Florida. It pleases the palates of the patrons with culinary creations and delicious alcoholic beverages. They have a rotation of greatly acclaimed chefs carefully chosen for pleasing food lovers. There is also a fish market and raw bar set up by the local Garcia’s whose favorite is seafood. The features of the Wharf are several bars, 8 food vendors, lounge seating provided on a wooden deck and also dining and conversation areas beside the river for any person expecting to enjoy an excellent atmosphere with friends. Also, the Wharf offers a remarkable amount of space for dockage for those who arrive by boat.

Visit the Everglades National Park

Driving to Everglades National Park from Miami just takes a short time. It protects one among the most exclusive natural features of Florida. These swamplands cover an area of around 1.5 million acres. They have crocodiles, alligators, snakes, and birds of all kinds. This entire area is actually a river of little depth flowing outside to the ocean. The park has a helpful Visitors Center, and also boardwalks and walking trails for viewing wildlife. For tourists, touring on an airboat is one among the most pleasurable methods of experiencing the Everglades. These express boats take tourists into the streams and marshes for seeing alligators and other wildlife. In the area, however outside the park, several operators offering tours to the Everglades are available.

Driving Around in Miami Area

There are several tourist attractions in Miami. Also, there are some great places for visiting some distance away or around the city.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an island city in south Florida. Bridges connect it to mainland Miami. In Miami Beach, at the shore, visitors can surf, swim, and jet ski in the crystal-clear and warm Atlantic waters. Also, you can take a nap on the white sands, get suntanned, or just watch the gorgeous people, particularly at South Beach, a favorite of celebrities and models. You can take public transportation, rent a car, or a taxi to reach Miami Beach from Miami International Airport. Driving distance from Miami to Miami Beach is around 10 kilometers. The quickest and reasonable option is using a car rental service like TravelCar.


Homestead is located just 30 miles south of Miami. Homestead presents visitors with an atmosphere of a small town with the facilities of a big city. A town center that is welcoming, with restaurants and shops owned by families and a lot of natural beauty making Homestead special. There are two national parks adjacent to the city. Everglades National Park is ten miles to the west of Homestead. It has watery sawgrass plains and huge mangrove forests. It is actually a subtropical wasteland that has alligators, eagles, manatees, ibis, and panthers. Biscayne National Park is to the east of Homestead. It has the barrier islands, bay, and coral reefs. Florida Keys is to the south of Homestead, with plenty of recreational activities. The total driving distance from Miami to Homestead is 61 kilometers. The cheapest way to get from Miami to Homestead is to rent a self-drive car from a car rental service like TravelCar.

Fort Lauderdale

It is a city on the southeastern coast of Florida. It is famous for its boating canals and beaches. The long strip on the beach side is a walkway passing through Oceanside highway A1A. It has expensive outdoor bars, restaurants, luxury hotels, and boutiques. Another attraction is the International Swimming Hall of Fame which has pools and a history museum. Also, the city has Hugh Taylor Birch State Park that features trails and a lagoon. Driving distance from Miami to Fort Lauderdale is 45 kilometers. You can drive from Miami to Fort Lauderdale using the car rental service of TravelCar.

Key Biscayne

It takes only 16 minutes to drive from Miami to Key Biscayne. Key Biscayne has some of the most exceptional white sandy beaches. It offers an extensive variety of recreational activities outdoors. This includes bicycling, golf, tennis, fishing, and windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing, and boating. You can quickly reach Key Biscayne from Miami using the car rental service of TravelCar.

Driving in the United States

There is a lot of traffic in Miami. While driving keep your proof of insurance, driver license, car rental documents, or registration with you always. Driving must be on the right side of the road. At red lights, turning right is permitted unless specified otherwise. Every passenger should wear seat belts. Children below age 4 should sit in a child car seat that is usually obtainable from your car rental company. When there is heavy fog or rain, turn on the headlights and windshield wipers of your car. It is not permitted to text while driving. Driving consuming alcohol is illegal in Miami.

Speed Limits in Miami:

Maximum Speed limit on Highways

55 mph

Maximum Speed near Schools

20 mph

Maximum Speed at Blind Intersections

15 mph

Maximum Speed near Railroad tracks and Alleys

15 mph

Maximum Speed in Business or Residential Area

30 mph

For tourists, it is a good option to rent a car such as TravelCar and do sightseeing in Miami. The car rentals present you the flexibility to chart itinerary of your own according to your necessity and traffic conditions.