Rent a vehicle

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Renting a car with TravelCar is the best way to save money. In addition to less expensive prices, TravelCar offers trustworthy and professional services which responds to the travelers’ needs. One of TravelCar’s strong points is that quality services is offered even with low prices.

The booking can be made online so that the person renting the car can leave directly with the car of his/her choice. All you have to do is go on the TravelCar’s website or mobile app. Once logged in all you have to do is to choose the dates for the car you want to rent. Whether your trip is a long or a short one, you can always find a car that meets your needs. Your booking can be done at any hour of the day. Same goes for your arrival at the parking. An agent will accompany you on the day of your arrival and when you return. TravelCar also offers a 24/7 customer service to reply to your requests.

Car Models

You will see a wide selection of car models and car brands available for rental. You can find car rentals in nearly all of the main cities and in different places (train station, city-centre, ports, airports etc.)

The offers are varied so that they can meet your needs :

· Special cars
· Family
· Luxury
· Tourer
· Mini
· Economic
· Compact, etc.

TravelCar functions as a traditional car rental agency and manages, with confidence, all of the processes from A to Z.

The choice varies from small cars to family cars, and models in between. Through its platform TravelCar allows you to book directly the car of your choice, within your budget, include insurance and a choice of additional services such as GPS, car seats for kids, the possibility of dropping off your car in a different location and to benefit of 14h/7 assistance.

We have chosen the best insurance possible to offer the best coverage when you rent your car through us.

When you rent your car on our platform, you are automatically insured by our insurance. Individual insurance is not needed. You can go on a holiday or business trip in peace.

In order to be insured when using our services the driver needs to have a valid driving of at least two years, be over 21 years old and not have caused any major accident or driven under the influence of alcohol or consumed drugs since 3 years. If you meet these requirements you can profit from our advantageous offers!
In addition to the initial rental pack,, you also have the option to insure your car with a comprehensive plan and buy additional kilometers to the included 100km per day.
A dedicated team is available seven days a week, 24 hours per day to accompany you on the road. From departure to the end of your stay you are covered against car breakdown and a tow truck would be at your service without any additional cost.