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Southwest Florida International Airport

Southwest Florida International Airport Parking : The Southwest Florida International Airport figures among the busiest, ‘single-runway’ airports and caters to both domestic and international flights. It is the third largest airport in size in the United States and this county-owned airport is situated southeast of Fort Myers. The airport code RSW stands for Regional South-West. In 1993, the Lee County Port Authority renamed it as Southwest Florida Regional Airport.

It is built on a plot of 13,555 acres and has a single 12,000 feet runway with a 9100 feet parallel runway in the wings. Its single terminal extends to almost 400,000 square feet that is spread over two levels. In 2017, the airport served over 8.8 million passengers and it is among the top 50 airports in the US in passenger traffic. It operates around 225 flights on an average, daily.

TravelCar, founded in 2012, has a large network of cheap parking facilities and offers passengers parking spots at airports, train stations, and city centers. It also offers free parking at airports to those travelers that are willing to let TravelCar rent out their cars to other trusted clients.


  • Southwest Florida International Airport Address and Map


Airport’s legal address 11000 Terminal Access Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33913, USA
Airport type Public
Phone number 1 (239) 590-4800
Airport’s traffic Handles around 9 million passengers annually
GPS Coordinates 26°32′10″N   081°45′19″W

Southwest Florida International Airport began operations in May 1983. With three passenger concourses, an international transit lounge and an international arrivals facility, the airport has transformed into a modern, award-winning state-of-the-art terminal. Its single terminal extends over 381,000 square feet and is spread over two levels.

More than 20 airlines provide 24/7 service to more than 40 destinations that include Canada and Germany. Airline partners cater to domestic services and three of its busiest domestic routes are to Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit. The runway can handle night landings and also different types of aircraft ranging from over-sized jumbo jets to long-haul transport aircraft and commercial jumbo jets.

With millions of travelers and visitors using the airport, parking is always a sore point not only because parking slots are hard to obtain but also because the parking rates are extremely prohibitive. TravelCar, with its low cost parking options, is making a difference by giving visitors and travelers a good but cheaper parking option.

Cheap parking

Parking at airports has always been a nightmare and travelers are willing to go to any length to get a parking slot, quickly and easily. Those interested in economy parking at the airport opt for the long-term parking lot. Although complimentary shuttle services and luggage assistance are offered, the parking rates do burn a hole in your pocket.

The airport offers hourly/daily parking around the main terminal building and the entrance. A specially built three-story parking facility is used for those who opt for short-term parking. There is also a ‘cell-phone lot’ where arriving passengers can be picked up.

TravelCar understands passenger’s problems and that’s why they offer low cost parking- much lower than that of other providers- either close to the airport or at the airport. TravelCar’s parking lots are invariably within 5 minutes distance from the airport. What’s even better is that you can choose from the parking spaces that are shown to you. With free shuttle services from the parking lots to the airport and back, TravelCar ups the ante on its parking services.

The act of parking takes on a different hue with TravelCar’s cheap parking options and parking is easier and less stressful. By offering parking lots at a much lower price than its competitors, TravelCar is easily the ‘numero uno’ choice for those who want to save precious dollars. Another factor that makes TravelCar rather attractive is that parking fees are waived if cars are parked for over three months and even when fees are payable, they compare very well with those of its rivals.

Valet Parking Services

TravelCar gives even more options in the form of automated or valet parking and that too at very affordable prices. Valet services are very handy for those who don’t have the time to go around looking for a parking slot. In fact, when travelers opt for valet parking, they are choosing safety and security for their cars. Valeted cars are placed under 24/7 video surveillance and if required are all washed and maintained till the owners reclaim them.

Its car-sharing initiative amounts to free car parking and you also earn a bit cash in return for having allowed TravelCar to rent your car to verified and trusted TravelCar clients. This is a win-win situation for both- the client gets temporary use of the car when they need it and the actual owner nets in some useful cash.

TravelCar parking locations

With over 200 agencies in more than 10 European countries, TravelCar has its headquarters in Paris. Its parking solutions are available at major airports, train stations, downtown areas and even cruise ports.


TravelCar has a presence in many of the airports that the Southwest Florida International Airport connects to- Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, San Francisco and many others. It also connects to the nearby airports of Fort Myers, Naples Airport, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport and other nearby airports. TravelCar is busy extending its outreach in order to ensure a greater presence in many more airports.

Train Stations:

There are 2 Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the Fort Myers city center. Once you reach the center, you can easily access the southwest Florida International Airport.

Cruise Ports:

Port of Miami Cruise Terminal- The Florida Express Bus operates a bus from Port of Miami Cruise Terminal to Ft. Myers Airport twice daily.

TravelCar’s ubiquity and excellent customer service have made it a name to be reckoned with. CCTV surveillance, security guards and ‘on the go valets’ are the signature marks of TravelCar services.

Gates Presentation at Southwest Florida International Airport

Southwest Florida International Airport consists of one main terminal and three concourses with 28 gates. Though the main building is open to all, you require a pass to enter the concourses.

Concourse B with 9 gates

Concourse C with 9 gates and

Concourse D with 10 gates

A and E have been left unnamed as of now as it is planned to expand to five concourses with 65 gates.

The airport also has a convenient Cell Phone Lot with a gas station as well as convenience stores. There are 11,250 hourly and daily parking spaces situated around the terminal building and also at the entry. A three-story parking arrangement is available adjacent to the main terminal, which is used for short-term parking.

Advantages of booking through TravelCar


Impeccable service and low pricing


TravelCar is said to be the first European peer to peer car sharing platform for travelers at airports and train stations. Over the years, the platform has built a reputation for itself. You can rest easy when you park your car with TravelCar- easy access to parking lots, video surveillance, 24/7 security and low parking costs- all of which ensures that your car is well looked after during your absence.


Reliability and credibility


There is a great degree of transparency in TravelCar’s dealings- passengers will never be in for rude shocks when they pay the parking fees. The booking process is very simple and the service teams are trustworthy and dependable. They are willing to walk that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. The cheap parking alternatives and excellent customer service is something very satisfactory for passengers.

Low cost parking

options are in the vicinity of the airport and this ensures that passengers can reach the terminal well in time to catch their flights. TravelCar’s friendly shuttle services are a bonus for those who have to travel some distance to reach the terminal from their parking lot.

TravelCar is rated highly on Trustpilot and other rating services. It scored a very high 9+ based on the services and its professional approach. The best feature is of course, the proximity of the TravelCar parking lots- they are all within a 5-minute drive from the airport!


Prompt Valet Services


Valet services are a boon for people who are always in a hurry and TravelCar offers convenient valet parking and allied services. The very thought that their car is in good hands, safe and secure, is enough to soothe the brow of the harassed commuter.

A valet takes your car keys and drives the car off to a safe and secure parking spot. When you need to use the car all you do is to let the valet know about it and you have your car in a jiffy. TravelCar’s services are a combination of efficiency and speed with an emphasis on the personal touch. To them, every customer is important- regardless of whether the car is parked for a short or a long-term.

Above-par Customer Service!

TravelCar is reputed for its excellent customer support services. Customers are cared for and accorded top priority. Right from the time you make a reservation TravelCar extends excellent service. Its team of customer care professionals are not only extremely friendly but are thorough with resolutions to any issue that may arise, while being truly professional. They are prepared to go the extra mile to attain customer satisfaction.

The service team is open to questions regarding booking and are willing to deviate from norms to assist someone in need. Customer care is open 24/7 and can avail of their services as when required. Help is always at hand and you can rest assured that your booking related or general queries are addressed promptly. TravelCar customer service simplifies the booking and parking process and streamlines them to perfection!

Access to Southwest Florida International Airport




LeeTran bus serves the airport and provides public transportation from 7.00 in the morning to 9.30 at night. The routes that these buses take need to be checked as schedules are subject to frequent alteration.




MBA Airport Transportation provides rides to commuters to and from the airport. Fares are decided according to the meter. Pre-arranged limousine transportation is available for those that book their cars or limousines beforehand. On-site and off-site car rentals are also available.


SuperShuttle services


SuperShuttle offers airport rides and transportation solutions that fit all pockets. All you need is to book in advance, letting the service know when and where to pick you up from.

If you drive to the airport and find that parking is a problem, all you have to do is to get in touch with TravelCar and the rest is taken care of!

Other information

The Southwest Florida International airport is within 30 minutes of Florida’s pristine beaches- it attracts visitors from all over the world. The airport has almost 400,000-square feet of space, which is spread over two levels.

It is imperative that a passenger reaches the airport well ahead of departure time. That would allow for the formalities such as registering luggage and boarding to be carried out without hassles.

Rushed and harassed as travelers are, they have to juggle with so many things before leaving for the airport. And once they’re there, they experience the woes of parking. TravelCar helps you avoid the hassles of parking and removes those furrows from your brows.

Once you enter the airport, allow TravelCar to take over from you. It offers low cost parkingthat are bound to make your trip trouble-free and less painful. Trust TravelCar with your car and you won’t regret it.