Cheap Car Rentals in Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Cheap Car Rentals in Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is a civic-military joint public use airport in the state of Minnesota. It is also known as Wold-Chamberlain Field and is ranked the 17th busiest airport in the United States of America. The airport, which is located within 10miles of the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, is built on 2,930 acres of land with 4 runways.

The twin cities are located near the banks of river Mississippi and Minnesota and thus offer scenic landscapes and entertainment sites. The main sightseeing points near the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport are the Chain of Lakes, Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis Institute of Art, and the Minnehaha Park. All the sightseeing points are family friendly and provide much-needed relief from the bustling city lives.

Minnesota has some amazing cities and town which are worth a visit if you are at Minneapolis- Saint Paul. The cities of New Ulm, Duluth, Stillwater, and Red Wing each offer something different and exciting for the wandering souls. These cities can easily be reached via car and offer a great road trip experience.

TravelCar’s cheap airport rentals at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport provide you with stress-free rentals which make your journey comfortable and all you take back is happy memories.

Cheap Car Rental Service at Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport

Affordable Pricing & Availability

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Ease of Booking

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Professional 24/7 Customer Service

TravelCar owes a large part of its success to its professional and trained Customer Care team. Customer care executives work 24/7 to ensure that all your queries and issues are resolved. They also assist with booking a rental car based on your itinerary and provide information about major sightseeing points at your destination city. In case of any issue with the rental car, a phone call to the customer care executives ensures that immediate action is taken and the customer does not have to undergo any kind of trouble. TravelCar’s affordable airport rental service is the safest and easiest way to travel and explore the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

<H3> A Wide Range of Vehicles at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport </H3>

TravelCar offers a wide range of rental vehicles starting from their Mini and Compact cars which are ideal for single or small group of travelers with limited luggage. Their Economy Cars are for the ones looking to save a few extra bucks while their Family-size cars are ideal for people looking for a little extra leg space and a big trunk for luggage. Big groups can choose to travel in TravelCar’s vans and SUVs. For the ones looking to travel in style, TravelCar’s Luxury Cars are a perfect choice. The Luxury cars are equipped with all the latest features and plush interiors which gives a royal feeling. TravelCar also provides self-drive cars for the ones looking for a little adventure and exploring at Minneapolis- Saint Paul twin cities. With cars to suit all your requirements, there is no better airport rental service than TravelCar at Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport.

<H2>Driving around Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport Area </H2>

The Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport in Minnesota lies next to the confluence of two major rivers- The Mississippi and the Minnesota River. This provides a lovely backdrop and many scenic landmarks. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan area is a hub for art and entertainment attracting thousands of travelers each year. People visit these Twin cities of USA to experience the modern world charms in Minneapolis and the quaint and Victorian style of architecture at Saint Paul city. While at Minneapolis- Saint Paul, you can visit the following attractions which are near the International Airport.

Visit the Chain of Lakes

The Chain of Lakes is a must-visit site if you are at Minneapolis-Saint Paul. At about 30 mins away from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, the Chain of Lakes is situated in downtown Minneapolis and is formed of 5 major lakes in the city. The waterbodies provide ample opportunity for boating, picnics and family fun. One can also take a walk down the lake or visit the many gardens and a bird sanctuary. It is the perfect place to spend a day with family and can be reached easily via road. Book TravelCar’s easy and affordable rental cars to reach the Chain of Lakes from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

Watch a play at Guthrie Theater

For the Connoisseurs of art and theatre, a visit to the Guthrie Theatre must definitely feature on the itinerary. The theatre opened in 1963 and “Hamlet” was presented as its first show. Since then the theatre has given classical as well as modern productions and is one of the city’s most well-renowned landmarks. Visitors try and catch a show at the theatre but in case they can’t, a tour of the theatre and backstage is equally enthralling. The theatre features three stages, a fine dining restaurant, and a few eateries as well. The Guthrie theatre, at a distance of 10.6m from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, can be reached either by public transport or rental cars.

Explore the Minneapolis Institute of Art

If art interests you and curious about artifacts from different countries, then head straight to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The institute houses more than 83,000 art exhibits some of which go back 5000 years.  There are artifacts from ancient Egypt and Europe. The museum also organizes a scavenger hunt for kids making it an ideal destination to head for with family and kids. The Minneapolis Institute of Art is located in Downtown Minneapolis and it takes 30 mins by car to reach here from Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport. TravelCar’s affordable airport rentals will make your visit to this amazing place easy and comfortable.

Take a Drive to the Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park is situated near the banks of river Mississippi and is 193-acres of beautiful lush greenery. The Minnehaha falls are located inside the park and are one of the prized treasures of Minneapolis. The park attracts hordes of tourists around the year who come here to soak in the beauty of the falls, the scenic landscape and enjoy an outdoor picnic with the family. The fastest way to reach the park from Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport is via car. Make your trip to the Minnehaha Park memorable with TravelCar’s cheap and quality airport rentals.

Driving to cities near Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are the famous twin cities in the US state of Minnesota but the state is also home to some amazing cities and town which are worth a visit if you are at Minneapolis-Saint Paul. These can be easily explored via road and the best way to do so is by hiring rental cars. Explore some of the other cities & towns in Minnesota and experience something amazing.


Stillwater is a town near the twin cities and is popular for offering water sports and other water-based recreational activities. Tourists can indulge in fishing, paddle boating, kayaking etc. The town has many great eateries and comfortable places to stay. The easiest way to reach Stillwater from Minneapolis-Saint Paul is by road which will take around 30mins. TravelCar provides airport rentals from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport to Stillwater.

Red Wing

Red Wing city in Minnesota is one of the most Historical places as adjudged by National Geographic. Tourists can make a 1-hour drive from Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport and reach Red Wing, The city offers a lot of recreational activities like biking, hunting, swimming, skating etc. It has one of the finest award-winning restaurants in the state with unique shopping and entertainment options.

New Ulm

The city of New Ulm is situated in the south of Minnesota with only about 15,000 people. The city has deep German roots as they were the first ones to come and start the industry here. The city is a hot favorite with travelers who come here to experience the German influence in food, drinks, architecture, and the arts. The New Ulm Hermann Monument is a popular sightseeing point which provides a breathtaking landscape of the city. New Ulm can be reached within 1-hour from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and the fastest way to reach is by car


Duluth is Minnesota’s major port city with extreme weather in winters and summers. The city is situated on Lake Superior and provides travelers with varied experiences. The city hosts a number of events which attracts visitors. Duluth can be reached in 2hrs by road from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

Driving in Minnesota, United States

Driving in Minnesota is a pleasant experience with the scenic Mississipi river background. Though winters can be exceptionally difficult but then it’s true for all other states in The US as well. The state follows basic traffic rules and observes speed limits at various junctures. It is possible to drive in Minnesota without a valid license from the state if you have a valid license from any other state in the US. The speed limits followed in Minnesota are:


Maximum Speed limit on Expressways

65 mph

Maximum Speed near Schools

20 mph

Maximum Speed in Urban Districts

30 mph

Maximum Speed on other roads

55 mph

It is advisable to follow the traffic rules in Minnesota to avoid legal issues. Moreover, it is recommended that visitors opt for rental cars to see and experience the twin cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul.