LAX Airport Parking
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Planning For and Understanding Los Angeles International Airport Parking

LAX Airport Parking : LAX is one of the most recognizable airports in the world, being set in the heart of the film industry and one of the most diverse cities in the country. As a hub for five airlines, it can be incredibly busy. It serves as a destination or point of origination for more passengers than any other airport. LAX’s storied history extends back to 1928. Travelers to LAX should consider using TravelCar’s impressive parking network to save money and stress. LAX is on the coast, about 20 miles from Downtown. General information that can help you prepare is readily available. Driving your car can be a very convenient option, and if you are planning on driving, you should consider using TravelCar. TravelCar has locations all across LA and at many other popular locations across the state of California and the United States. While many drivers get stuck with high prices, TravelCar customers can enjoy secure lots and better prices. TravelCar beats other local prices and gives you more for your dollar, offering you cheap parking and optional services that can make your trip a breeze. Valet and car wash services are high-value and affordable, often being cheaper than on-site parking that simply has you walk to your car. Getting to LAX is flexible. Busses, taxis, and the Metro rail are all options for travelers. Travelers should always arrive early and consider using TravelCar lots, which often get you to the terminal faster than other lots, even on-site lots.

Information and History for America’s Most Famous Airport: LAX

There are few airports more recognizable worldwide than Los Angeles International Airport. Commonly referred to by its International Air Transport Association code “LAX,” Los Angeles Airport is associated with Hollywood, celebrities, and the glamor of the movie business. LA is more than just bright lights and movie stars, however. It is a vibrant, diverse city with incredible food, breathtaking vistas, and local events unlike anywhere else. Even travelers with longer stopovers in LAX can enjoy the city; LA Downtown is only 18 miles away, and Hollywood itself is only 23 miles away.

LAX is a hub city for five of the countries most well-renowned passenger airlines and is a focus city for five more major airlines. It is the world’s fifth busiest airport, handling over 80 million passengers per year, and it is California’s biggest airport by far in terms of passenger traffic. Interestingly, LAX holds the record for the most origins and destinations, meaning that it is either the first or final stop for more passengers than any other airport in the world. While Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is larger by pure volume of passengers per year, Los Angeles International Airport is a hub for more airlines and serves as the gateway to the United States for many international travelers.

The story of LAX begins in 1928, when a partition of land was set aside by the city council to become a new airport, originally known as Mines Field after the broker who negotiated the deal for the city. At first, it was little more than a simple, flat field for landings. In 1929, however, the historic first building, Hangar No. 1, was constructed. The next year, Mines Field opened as the first airport of Los Angeles, becoming the official city airport in 1937.

With so many travelers making LAX their first or final destinations, parking at the airport can be hectic and complicated. Thankfully, LAX is serviced by TravelCar, a company that has built a network of low cost and secure parking lots within minutes of the airport. If you’ll be picking up or dropping off a car at Los Angeles International, understanding TravelCar will be key to parking your car.

Los Angeles International Airport Address, Contact Info, and Maps

Los Angeles International Airport is located near the coast of Los Angeles, approximately 20 miles from the Downtown Los Angeles area. Because it is one of the busiest airports in the United States, it is a hub not only of air travel but of cargo shipping, public transportation, and employment. As a result, the full extent of the airport in full is much larger than the terminals most everyday travelers will visit. If you’re going to LAX for reasons other than domestic or international travel, it might be worth calling the general information help line listed below to get more specific information about the area of the airport you need to get to. To help everyday travelers, here is a helpful chart of general airport information:

Address IATA Type/Designation Phone Number Traffic Data GPS Coordinates
1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045 LAX Public International Airport 1-855-463-5252 Airline traffic is approximately 1,500 flights per day. Ground traffic includes heavy automobile traffic and many public transportation options. 33.942791, -118.410042

Getting to LAX and LAX Parking

Many travelers will find that driving to LAX is a convenient option; after all, driving your own car means that you’re not on anyone else’s schedule. LAX is a hectic and crowded place, so understanding in advance how you’ll handle getting there on time is important. It’s also important to plan your parking in advance. Los Angeles International Airport parking lots on-site do not allow for reservations, so if you don’t plan for parking, you’ll be at the mercy of the availability of spots and the costs for the day.

Many of the affordable parking lots run by LAX are not even on-site, yet they charge rates in line with other airports. On-site parking at LAX can run as high as $30 per day, with economy lots charging as much as $12 per day for uncovered remote lots.

For comparison, booking with TravelCar can get you covered, valet parking within 2 minutes of the airport for $12.95 per day. Getting low cost parking and cheap parking options is as simple as taking a few seconds to look beyond the on-site parking lots. TravelCar parking lots are more than just parking; they offer valet, car wash before delivery, and excellent customer service that on-site lots lack completely. Choosing a TravelCar partner with valet and car wash means getting a sparklingly fresh car, at the curb when you return from your flight for the same price as everyday parking at the airport.

Not only are there quality services offered by TravelCar, but its also possible to earn completely free parking by participating in TravelCar’s rideshare program. Instead of having your car sit idle in the parking lot, you can enroll it in the TravelCar Free Parking program, which allows other drivers to rent your car while you’re out of town. Your car will be fully insured and cared for by the partner lot staff, and you’ll be able to earn money if your car is rented. Regardless of whether your car is used or not, you’ll receive free parking.

One additional benefit beyond the immediate savings available through TravelCar is the fact that TravelCar partnership lots exist all over the country, at all kinds of locations. Looking to spend the day wandering Venice Beach? You can get all-day, low cost parking less than two minutes away from Venice Beach for only $10.95 through TravelCar. Planning to stow your car before a cruise out of the Port of San Diego? You can get parking directly in the port for less than $10 per day.

Many drivers wait to check prices until they’re driving around their destination, but this tactic just puts them at the mercy of day-of pricing spikes, lack of availability, and long walking distances. Booking parking through TravelCar takes minutes and means you can take parking stress off the list of pre-travel problems.

TravelCar partnered lots are safe, secure, and clean. The online booking process features detailed lot profiles that help you know well in advance what to expect. If a location has a security team, locking gates, and cameras, those features will be listed right on the parking partner’s profile online.

Terminals, Gates, and Passenger Service Areas:

Terminal/Gate Nearest Parking Direction to Parking Lot and Shuttle Hours
1, 2, and 3 TravelCar LAX Uncovered Valet South of Terminal 1, East of Terminal 2-3, directly outside of the gates of Terminal 1 6AM – Midnight, 4 minute shuttle rides all day to all terminals
4, 5, 6, 7, 8 WallyPark Los Angeles Express Northeast of terminals 4-8 24/7 lot and shuttle, shuttles every 5 minutes
TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal) Valeet@Lax Northeast of TBIT 24/7 parking, 24/7 uniformed valet

Why Should LAX Travelers Choose TravelCar for Cheap Parking?

As explained earlier in this guide, TravelCar partnered lots beat the prices of even on-site, airport run lots, which means more money for you to spend on the things you love. Instead of paying for parking as much as you’d pay for a nice dinner out with the family, take that cash and go get a nice dinner. LAX is one of TravelCar’s most well-covered destinations, with partner lots spread all across World Way.

What’s more, TravelCar can ensure you get what you need out of your parking, so that your parking arrangement works for you and not the other way around. Most travelers are used to having to make extraneous arrangements in order to make their parking work. If you have a meeting with clients immediately after arrival, you can simply elect to have your car cleaned and brought to the curb, ready to go the moment you walk out of the airport.

Booking with TravelCar is as simple as can be; it takes only seconds to locate parking lots near your destination. In minutes, you can check out and have a reservation you can rely on squared away before the rush of travel even begins. TravelCar LAX has golden reviews, with the nearest parking options scoring well over 4.5 out of 5 stars. Above and beyond their lot reviews, TravelCar as an organization has received and upheld a 9+ rating on TrustPilot.

The car wash service offered by many TravelCar partners is almost unheard of outside of the TravelCar network. One of the best features of renting a car is climbing into a freshly-cleaned car after a long day of flying; TravelCar makes it possible to have this fresh-car experience in the comfort of your own vehicle. You won’t have to worry at all about the side effects of leaving a car sitting for weeks of travel when you know that your car will be cleaned and kept while you’re away. Even with premium offers such as car wash and valet, TravelCar’s rates are often considerably cheaper than those of their competitors.

Valet service through TravelCar means having your car on your terms, driven to the curb by professionals trained to give quality customer service that backs up fair, low cost parking. If you should have any questions, needs, or changes to communicate to the TravelCar staff, their in-house customer service agents are equally professional. You can contact them by phone or email whenever you need them, and they’ll be ready and waiting to assist you.

Getting to LAX:

Being a major landmark and vital piece of the flow of Los Angeles, LAX is serviced by nearly every public transit network in the city. In addition, World Way connects directly to the freeways offering convenient, if busy, avenues to reach the airport. Understanding your travel options is vital to navigating this vibrant and bustling hub airport. Here are the basics of transportation to and from LAX:

  1. Public Busses and Shuttles

A free shuttle bus runs from the Metro Green Line Aviation Station stop directly to the departures entrance of each of the terminals of LAX. The Culver City Bus Lines, Torrance Transit, and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus companies also run public bus service to each of the terminals. Single-ride fare is $1.75, with further transfers costing an additional $0.50. With a $1 “TAP card,” full-day passes and 30-day passes can be purchased and used.

  1. Light Rail

The Los Angeles light rail runs to the Green Line Aviation Station, at which point passengers can transfer to the aforementioned shuttle bus from Aviation Station to each of the LAX terminals. A valid TAP card is required in order to transfer from the Metro Light Rail to the “G-bus” shuttle to the terminals. The G-bus shuttle runs for the same hours that the Green Line does, which is from approximately 4AM until Midnight on weekdays and approximately 4AM until 2:45AM on Friday nights. From the Green Line, passengers can reach nearly any location in Los Angeles by transferring lines.

  1. Taxi

A number of taxi companies serve the Los Angeles airport, making booking a taxi relatively straightforward. However, travelers should know that taxis do have additional fees and minimum fares for trips originating from LAX due to the nature of waiting in queue. Because of this, the cheapest ride possible is $15 dollars, and trips into the city can run higher than $60 depending on traffic levels.

  1. Personal Car

Travelers bringing their personal cars to the airport are going to largely follow two major highways: I-110 S and I-105 W. Merging from I-110 to I-105 will lead directly to LAX. Drivers will see considerable signage guiding them to the proper exit for their terminal.

No matter what system of transportation you’ll be using, make sure you arrive to LAX very early. Official documentation suggests arriving 2 hours ahead of time for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights. This action is especially important if you’re planning on traveling by public transit, which sometimes suffers from delays between transfers. If you’re planning on driving, do yourself a favor and visit TravelCar’s website. Whether you choose valet service or prefer to take an independent shuttle, you’re sure to lower your stress by avoiding the crowds on airport-run shuttles.