Cheap Car Rental in Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Cheap Car Rental in Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) is the largest of three airports that services the Baltimore-Washington, DC, area. It is situated 30 miles to the northeast of Washington, DC and about 10 miles to the south of Baltimore. Around 12 airlines fly to the airport, this includes Southwest Airlines that has designated BWI as a city of focus. Passengers can continuously fly from BWI to destinations throughout the United States, and also points in Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

In 2016, a record of 25.1 million passengers journeyed through BWI, a rise of 5.45% over the previous year. Considering passenger count, BWI airport had the ranking of 23 in North America and 75 in the world in 2014. BWI is built on 3,160 acres of land. While traveling to Baltimore-Washington make your trip remarkable by opting for TravelCar’s excellent and reasonable car rental services reachable at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Cheap Car Rental at Baltimore-Washington International Airport

TravelCar is among the most favored budget airport car rental services in Baltimore. TravelCar has drop-off and pickup points for vehicles easily reachable in nearly all the main cities in all main airports, train stations, ports, and main landmarks. For economizing, the best way is to use TravelCar to rent a car. Besides economical prices, TravelCar provides professional and trustworthy services which respond to the requirements of the travelers. One of the strong points of TravelCar is that it provides quality services even at economical prices. These economical car rentals of TravelCar have the latest features and assure total comfort and protection for its passengers.

Ease of Booking

You can make the booking online using a mobile app or website of TravelCar so that the person who rents the car can go away directly with his/her selection of the car. After logging in all you require doing is choosing the pickup location, time, and date and drop-off location, time, and date for the car which you wish to rent. For long or short trips, you can at all times find a car meeting your requirements. You can reserve whenever you want in the day. The same is applicable when you come to the parking. A mediator will come with you on the day you arrive and your return date. A car rental service can be booked with TravelCar with just some clicks.

Car Models

The company presents you with a broad selection of models and brands of your car accessible for rental. The company provides you with a range of choice of cars as per your need like Special Cars, Luxury, Family, Mini, Tourer, Compact, Economic etc. There are options for booking the car for long-term, week or day. TravelCar works as a standard car rental organization and with confidence handles all the processes. Various choices are available like family cars, small cars, and models. Through the platform provided by TravelCar you can directly book the car you choose, within your budget, take account of insurance and a range of added services like GPS, car seats for children, the chances of leaving your car in another location and the advantage of 24/7 assistance of customer service. TravelCar’s rental service can be booked in advance or after getting to the destination and you can be certain to receive the optimum service for car rental in the city.


TravelCar has selected the best likely insurance to offer the optimum coverage while renting your car through them. While you rent out your car on their platform, you get automatically insured by their insurance. Personal insurance is not required. You can peacefully proceed to a business trip or holiday. The vehicles provided by TravelCar are in superb working condition and have comprehensive insurance. Suppose the car has some issue at some point in the rental duration, their customer care service can be contacted. They make sure that instant action is taken and you do not have any problem. Besides the main rental pack, you too have the selection to use an all-inclusive plan to insure your car and purchase added kilometers to the incorporated 100 km per day. A committed team is accessible 24/7 to be with you on the street. From the beginning of your stay to the finish, you have insurance against car breakdown and a tow truck is accessible to assist you with no extra cost.

A wide range of vehicles in Baltimore-Washington International Airport

TravelCar is definitely the best airport car rental service obtainable at Baltimore-Washington International Airport with its wide range of cars to go with all sorts of travel necessities. For one or two people the cozy mini car selection would be perfect. Save some additional dollars through the cars in Economy class or opt for the Compact class car in case you have much luggage for transporting around. If more leg-room and a larger trunk are required for the luggage then the family cars that are Full-size of Intermediate will be a great choice. You can have luxury travel with luxury rental cars of TravelCar that are completely equipped with every latest feature and comfort. TravelCar as well offers you the option of ‘add-ons’ while reserving a rental car and assists you get the most excellent available to offer. For families or a bigger group, TravelCar’s Vans and SUV are a good selection. Self-drive cars are also provided by the company for rental in Baltimore. No matter what your requirement, TravelCar will at all times have a suitable car for you.

Driving in Baltimore

Baltimore is the main city in Maryland having an extensive history as a vital seaport. Presently, this harbor area presents shops, expensive crab shacks and places of attraction like the USS Constellation, Civil War era warship and the National Aquarium, exhibiting marine creatures in thousands. There is so much for seeing and exploring at Baltimore and the great way to do it is using the service of car rental such as TravelCar. Some of the key landmarks at Baltimore are given below to aid you to chart your itinerary.

Driving to the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

One among the foremost historic sites of America is situated just three miles to the southeast of the city hub. Fort McHenry was built between 1798 and 1803 to control the harbor entrance, is honored as the location that became an inspiration for the National Anthem of the United States, The Star Spangled Banner.

In 1814, through the battle of Baltimore, it successfully resisted an around the clock bombardment by a British fleet of five bomb ketches, 10 warships, and a rocket vessel. Thus it saved Baltimore from occupation and capture. In the visitor center of the fort, there are exhibits and a film about the fort’s history. You can visit the grounds and casemates for learning regarding the fort and its historic times through living history demonstration and ranger talks.

Visit Walters Art Gallery

This internationally well-known institution is one among only a few museums worldwide to provide a complete art history from the 300 BC to the beginning of the 20th century. Among its treasures in thousands are an excellent collection of jewelry, ivories, bronzes, and enamels, and a big reserve of rare books and illuminated manuscripts. The Walters' Greek, Egyptian, Byzantine, Roman, Ethiopian, and western medieval collections of art are wide-ranging, as are the museum's holdings of Asian and Renaissance art. Every main trend in French painting through the 19th century is denoted by one or additional works in the collection. Particularly the museum is famous for the several ways in which it makes its collections and exhibits available to children, with puzzles, special activities, treasure hunts, and additional ways to occupy young minds.

Drive down to the National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is the most regularly visited attraction in Baltimore. It is a striking building that overlooks the Inner Harbor. Displays in this vast complex explore Pacific and Atlantic coral reefs, a kelp forest, the open ocean environments, hidden sea life, Amazon River forests, Australian aquatic life, life on the seashore, and more. To be particularly noted is the Tropical Rain Forest, an entire environment five stories tall, where visitors can travel around from the forest base to the treetop canopy and observe all types of frogs, birds, and various larger mammals, like monkeys and sloths. In another place, visitors meet dolphins and sharks and exotic species in hundreds inhabit the Atlantic Coral Reef Exhibit.

Driving Around in Baltimore Area

Baltimore has many tourist attractions. Also, Baltimore has some excellent places to visit at a little distance from or around the city.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, the capital of the US, is a small city on the Potomac River, adjoining the states of Virginia and Maryland. It is defined by spectacular neoclassical buildings and monuments - this includes the iconic ones that have 3 branches of the federal government: the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court. It also has iconic museums and venues for performing arts like the Kennedy Center. Distance from Baltimore to Washington, DC is 56 kilometers. You can travel Baltimore to Washington, DC through Amtrak, MARC train, or in your own vehicle. The quickest and reasonable option is using a car rental service like TravelCar.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s biggest city is famous for its rich history. This is displayed at the Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and remaining American Revolutionary sites. Also famous are the stone steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, eternalized by Sylvester Stallone’s victorious run in the film "Rocky." The distance between Baltimore and Philadelphia is 90 miles. You can travel from Baltimore to Philadelphia via train, car, bus, and plane. The fastest and economical way to get from Baltimore to Philadelphia is to rent a self-drive car from a car rental service like TravelCar.


Newark is a city in New Jersey; it has the Newark Liberty International Airport. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) organizes big-name dance performances, concerts, and remaining shows. The broad art collection of the Newark Museum features American sculptures and paintings. Branch Brook Park presents lakes, pathways, and plentiful cherry trees. The massive Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart was constructed over decades, beginning in 1898. The distance between Baltimore and Newark is 293 miles. The fastest and inexpensive way to travel from Baltimore to Philadelphia is renting a self-drive car from a car rental service like TravelCar.

Jersey City

Jersey City is a part of northeastern New Jersey. Its eastern side overlooks the Hudson River where it joins Upper New York Bay. Liberty State Park has scenic views of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyline, and Ellis Island, the past immigrant gateway. The features of the Liberty Science Center of the park are live animals, interactive exhibits, and an IMAX Dome theater. Ethnic eateries and bars line in Grove Street of downtown. The distance between Baltimore and Jersey City is 188 miles.

Driving in the United States

Baltimore is one among the worst traffic cities in the US making it hard to navigate. Also, the city has some strict rules against drunk driving, littering, and usage of mobile phones while driving. High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes in Baltimore are booked for motorcycles or buses during specified time periods.

Renting a car in Baltimore is a good choice for tourists who want to do some sightseeing. Flexibility is provided by the car rentals to chart your personal itinerary as per your requisite and traffic conditions.

Speed Limits in the US:

Maximum Speed limit on Highways

65 mph

Maximum Speed near Schools

25 mph

Maximum Speed at Blind Intersections

15 mph

Maximum Speed near Railroad tracks and Alleys

15 mph

Maximum Speed in Business or Residential Areas

25 mph

In Baltimore, the speed limits on undivided highways and business districts is 30 mph. On divided highways in residential areas, the speed limit is 35 mph.

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