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San Francisco Airport Parking

SFO Airport Parking : San Francisco is the gateway to the world’s tech hubs and one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Only 13 miles south of the city, SFO is one of the most beautiful and historically rich airports in California. Though it is a smaller airport than LAX and O'Hare International Airport, SFO is still a very busy hub. It’s history started as “Mills Field,” and it grew to become a well-established international gateway after years of use as a military base. The tech boom of the late 90s led to sudden evolution at the airport, and it’s visible in the cutting edge appearance that remains to this day. SFO parking can be expensive if you don’t go in prepared, but TravelCar can help you save money. Within the airport reside incredible restaurants, shops, and even a museum. TravelCar can help you get cheaper rates, faster service, and even bonus services like valet and car wash.  TravelCar locations are all over the world, and also feature an amazing rideshare program that can get you free parking. Parking nearby is safe, easy, and simple with TravelCar. TravelCar reduces stress by offering key features and top-notch customer service. In addition, TravelCar has regularly maintained top marks in trustworthiness from TrustPilot and gives you much deserved peace of mind. Getting to the airport can be a challenge sometimes, but driving your own car and taking public transit are often the best options, since taxis can cost 70 dollars during peak hours. Always arrive early, and consider taking advantage of valet offers to save yourself extra time before your travels!

The Gateway to Silicon Valley: San Francisco International Airport

Known to the aviation world as “SFO,” San Francisco International Airport is the gateway to the world of tech and innovation for much of the world. Arriving from all over the world, programmers, entrepreneurs, and inventors stream through the gates of SFO, hoping to make their mark on the industry that seems to be leading the world toward a brighter future.

Resting just 13 miles south of San Francisco proper, SFO is one of the shining examples of public international airports in California. It is a hub for both Alaska and United Airlines, being one of the largest air traffic centers for passengers crossing the Pacific. SFO is the 7th busiest airport in the United States, and the 23rd busiest in the world, featuring four runways allowing for approach and takeoff over the Pacific Ocean.

While it is considerably smaller than California’s most famous airport, LAX, it is a commendable hub of aviation, especially considering that it is consistently used to enable the business of the world’s biggest tech corporations. It is considerably larger than the neighboring Oakland Airport, which is often chosen as an alternative destination during peak travel times to the San Francisco area.

The San Francisco International Airport began as a small airfield known as Mills Field. 150 acres of land that had once been a grazing pasture was converted into a municipal airport in 1927, purchased by the San Francisco Municipal Government to serve as their first airport. The airport grew quickly, multiplying its land space by almost tenfold over the next three years following its foundation. During World War II, SFO was used as a vital Army Air and Coast Guard base. It’s relative proximity to much of the Pacific Theatre of the war made it an ideal staging ground for both exercises and aerial missions on the part of the U.S. Military.

It was after World War II that SFO became a truly international airport, opening up flights to multiple locations beyond the United States, served by bigger and better planes than had ever landed there before. It continued to grow throughout the late 1900s, having some of its most pivotal points of evolution during the late 80s and early 90s. After a terrible earthquake closed the airport temporarily, the airport realized that they needed to expand their operation.

The tech boom of the late 90s and early 00s resulted in the airport having a sudden influx of cash. These newfound funds were used to create the International Terminal Complex, a modern, stylish building that now also houses an aviation museum.

If you’re planning on flying out of SFO, you’re in for an incredible traveling experience. However, while it’s a beautiful and storied airport, there are still challenges you may encounter in the travel process. One such challenge is parking. Thankfully, the company TravelCar has set up the easiest and most reliable way to park at hundreds of airports worldwide, including SFO.

SFO Address, Map, and GPS Information

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
San Francisco International Airport PO Box 8097 San Francisco, CA 94128-8097 SFO Public International Airport 1-800-435-9736 or 1-650-821-8211 55.8 million passengers per year 37.618889, -122.375

San Francisco Airport, much like San Francisco in general, is an airport with an incredibly diverse and fascinating collection of food, entertainment, and shops.  Whether you’re stopping in SFO for a layover or are simply hoping to relax before your flight out, you’ll find plenty of incredible options. If you’re in the International Terminal Area G, stop in at 1300 on Fillmore for some incredible Southern-style American cuisine. If you’re looking for San Francisco-themed souvenirs, stop in at the Bay Area Club House in Terminal 3, Boarding Area F, where you can get San Francisco sports memorabilia and more.

The SFO Museum, located within the airport, is a record-breaking exhibit of aviation and local history that travelers can easily enjoy while they wait for their next flight.  Within the museum, you’ll find artwork, historical airplanes, a library, and more.

Low Cost Parking in San Francisco

If there is one thing that San Francisco is infamous for, it’s the cost of everyday goods and services. Food, transit, and even parking are comparatively expensive, largely as a result of the otherwise strong economy in the area. As a result, on-site parking at SFO can become very pricey. If you want low cost, cheap parking near the airport, you’ll have to look for options outside of airport-sponsored parking lots.

The good news, however, is that TravelCar is well-established in the San Francisco area, offering parking that is very close to the airport and incredibly low costs.  For example, parking at the main terminal costs $36 per day with valet service costing $45 per day. The long-term, economy parking lot is still $25 per day and requires waiting for a shuttle or walking long distances. Meanwhile, through TravelCar, you can get premium parking only 7 minutes away from the main terminal for $15 per day. This option, as an example, includes carwash service and valet, meaning that when you return, your car will be sparkling clean on the curb.

TravelCar’s free parking rideshare program is also available at SFO. With the Free Parking program, your car will be available for rental by other rideshare members while you’re traveling and will be completely insured by TravelCar. If your car is rented, you’ll earn a portion of the rental charge. Your parking is free whether anyone rents your car or not.

TravelCar lots offer valet, car wash service, and shuttle service, with quick, regularly scheduled shuttles you can plan for in advance. Instead of waiting 30 minutes for airport shuttles, you can catch a less than 10-minute shuttle to the airport and will find that you’ll often get to check in before people who parked on-site and had to walk.  With valet, it only becomes easier.

What’s more is the sheer number of locations TravelCar has available. In addition to locations at SFO, you can get parking at New York’s JFK, Chicago’s O’Hare, and more.  It’s not just airports, though. With TravelCar you can find parking near Amtrak stations, major cruise ports, and even major entertainment venues. If you’re planning on visiting the Museum of Natural History in New York, you can get parking for a fraction of the cost by booking with TravelCar.

TravelCar’s lots are selected for their security, cleanliness, and safety. You can review the specific offerings of each parking lot online before you choose a lot, and many of TravelCar’s partner lots offer security patrols, video surveillance, and manned gates as well.

San Francisco International Airport: Terminals and Nearest Parking Choices

Terminal Nearest Valet Lot Direction to Parking Parking Hours Shuttle Information
1 Park and Wash Valet Parking Southeast, 1.8 Miles   6 A.M. – Midnight All parking comes with included Valet and Carwash service during regular hours.
2 Park and Wash Valet Parking Southeast, 1.8 Miles   6 A.M. – Midnight All parking comes with included Valet and Carwash service during regular hours.
3   Park and Wash Valet Parking Southeast, 1.8 Miles   6 A.M. – Midnight All parking comes with included Valet and Carwash service during regular hours.
International Park and Wash Valet Parking Southeast, 1.8 Miles   6 A.M. – Midnight All parking comes with included Valet and Carwash service during regular hours.

Reasons to Choose TravelCar at SFO

With parking prices so high at SFO, cheap, nearby parking seems rarer and rarer. TravelCar makes finding the parking you need simple, easy, and effective. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for parking while you’re away, you can pay a fraction of the cost and walk away less stressed than you would with on-site parking.

With TravelCar, you have the option to have your car brought right up to the curb, meaning you don’t have to carry your luggage all the way across a massive parking lot, wait in elevator lines, or get slowed down by crosswalks. TravelCar simply offers you more for your money.

In addition, TravelCar has earned and maintained a score of higher than 9 on TrustPilot for a good reason. Their service is quick, trustworthy, and well beyond what you would receive at other lots. You can call them for help booking, handling last minute changes, or getting the answer to questions about your lot. Beyond their in-house customer service, TravelCar aims to maintain a network that serves travelers first, meaning that they work with lots which also have sterling reputations for good service and quality parking.

Unlike airport on-site parking, you can review every detail about a lot before you book, and you’ll know what to expect before you arrive. Instead of being at the mercy of day-of parking prices, which can skyrocket due to demand, you’ll have a guaranteed rate that you can budget for.

Using TravelCar, at its most essential, is about getting peace of mind, reducing stress, and enjoying your travels more, whether they are for business, respite, adventure, or all three. If you’ll be busy when you get back, you can skip the shuttle and have a clean car brought right to you at the curb of the Arrivals gate. It’s hard to put value on how good it feels to get off a plane after a long day in the air and step into a brilliantly clean car.

How to Get to San Francisco International Airport

Getting around in San Francisco can be a trip of its own. As one of the busiest cities on the West Coast of the United States, San Francisco can have stunning rush hours.  Being prepared is always the best bet when you’re planning on flying out of SFO. Driving isn’t the only option to get to the airport, either; public transit is sometimes just right for travelers who want to skip the highway altogether. Here’s a quick rundown of how you can get yourself to the airport:

  1. Public Transit

There are three main options available for travelers trying to get from San Francisco to the International Airport. The first public transit type travelers can use is the BART Rapid Rail. The BART connects directly into the Garage G BART stop. The BART rail actually connects with the second option that travelers can utilize, which is the Caltrain Commuter Rail. Caltrain connects to San Jose and allows transfers to the BART. Finally, the SamTrans Public Bus is a 24-hour bus line that runs throughout the city. SamTrans routes KX, 292, 397, 398, and 399 all go directly to the airport terminals.

  1. Taxi

Taxis from the airport to San Francisco Downtown range between 47 and 70 dollars, depending on traffic. There is no standardized rate at SFO, so passengers may need to price shop in advance. Uber and Lyft also service the airport, though the rates vary significantly.

  1. Driving

Getting to SFO by car is one of the easiest ways of getting to the airport. In mild traffic, the trip takes between 20 and 30 minutes, and largely involves taking I-80W from Downtown until reaching the US-101 S. As drivers approach the airport, they will encounter plenty of signage which will guide them to the terminal they are looking for.

Last Considerations and Planning for Your Trip

Before you set out for your flight, make sure that you plan your transit, parking, and luggage check-in well in advance. As with all international airports, security and baggage check-in can become particularly busy around peak travel hours. With that in mind, make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time. Missing a flight is a terrible inconvenience, so don’t risk it. If you’ll be bringing lots of luggage, save yourself the stress and order TravelCar valet. You deserve a relaxing journey, and parking shouldn’t contribute to a stressful trip!