Jacksonville Airport Parking
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Jacksonville International Airport Parking

Jacksonville Airport Parking : Jacksonville Airport is only a few minutes away from downtown Jacksonville and can be accessed from Airport Road exit at Interstate 95, which is close by. It provides non-stop flights to many major cities in the United States. The airport extends over 7,911 acres, has two concrete runways, the Main Terminal, 2 concourses and 20 Gates. A network of regional carriers and more than a dozen major airlines operate from this airport. The airport is easy to navigate and is also easily accessible from downtown Jacksonville and its surrounding areas. More than 5 million passengers board flights annually at this airport. The airport provides travelers with many parking options at the airport and also near the airport.

Since airports are always teeming with passengers, finding a decent parking spot is often a challenge. TravelCar’s low cost parking is easily the most attractive at the airport.

Jacksonville International Airport Address and Map

Airport’s legal address 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA
Airport type civil-military public airport
Phone number +1 904-741-4902
Airport’s traffic Exceeds 5 million annually
GPS coordinates 30°29'23.39" N  -81°41'9.59" W

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) is in Duval County, Florida and is located 13 miles north of downtown Jacksonville. JAX serves parts of southeast Georgia and the city of Jacksonville and its surroundings. This civil-military public airport is managed by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority. It has a single terminal with 2 concourses and 20 gates. The airport is spread over an area of 7,911 acres and has two concrete runways that form a ‘V’ shape. Over 38 airlines operate from this airport and many offer non-stop flights to major cities in the United States. JAX is regarded as “one of the cheapest airports to fly out of in the country” and passenger traffic crosses 5 million annually. The airport has many parking options that include daily, hourly, garage and valet parking. JAX offers passengers many services and provides many amenities. It airport can be accessed easily from downtown Jacksonville and nearby areas.

Cheap Parking

Frequent flyers know how hard it is to find a decent parking spot at a decent price at airports. Though there are on-airport parking garages and parking lots, these come at a higher price. It is here that TravelCar, the global innovator in car-sharing, makes a difference. It provides travelers with cheap parking spaces that are close to the airport. All TravelCar parking fees and valet services are highly affordable and much less than those charged by its competitors. By providing free shuttle services between the parking lot and the terminal, it helps travelers transfer to the airport quickly. The shuttle services are frequent, they’re comfortable and hardly take 5-6 minutes to reach the airport terminal.

Valet Services

When you’re in a hurry to catch a flight, the last thing that you want to be bothered about is finding a parking space for your car. When you avail of valet services, a valet assumes the responsibility of your car once you enter the airport. The longer your trip, the better for you- TravelCar (with your permission) rents out your car to bonafide and verified customers. It’s a win-win for both- TravelCar earns rent and you earn free parking and a portion of that rent. When you claim your car on your return, you’ll find it to be well maintained-cleaned, washed and oiled. The valet ensures that the car is brought to the entrance of the terminal and you just have to hop in and drive away.

TravelCar’s different parking locations

Over the years, TravelCar’s popularity has increased and it has extended its outreach to airports, train stations, and even cruise ports.

  • Airports

    : Kansas City, San Jose, Miami, Orlando, Houston, JFK, SFO are some of the airports where TravelCar offers parking facilities to passengers boarding flights. Finding parking space at airports is very difficult but the TravelCar service helps you find parking spaces near the airport. It provides for automated and even valet parking.

  • Train Stations

    : Grand Central and Penn Station in New York, South and North Station in Boston, Union Station in Chicago and Washington D.C are some of the major stations where TravelCar has a dominant presence. There is no direct Amtrak station to the Jacksonville airport but Amtrak station is located north of downtown. Airport shuttle services can pick you up from there.

  • Cruise ports:

    Jaxport is an important port in Jacksonville while Port Canaveral is about 2 hours from JAX. Port Everglades, Port of Fort Pierce, Port Miami are some ports in Florida. Parking at cruise ports is always difficult, given the nature of passenger activity there. TravelCar has made a tremendous effort to provide >low cost parking at major ports.

What makes TravelCar tick is its cheap parking solutions and excellent customer service. Of course, the safety of its parking lots enhanced with video surveillance, security guards, and closed gates makes it all the more attractive.

Jacksonville International Airport Gates Presentation

Main Terminal Concourse A         A1-A10           10 gates
Concourse C         C1-C10          10 gates

The terminal has two concourses A and C

The main concourse is divided into two levels--

Level 1 of the terminal- Information, rental car counters, arrivals and baggage claim area

Level 2 of the terminal- ticketing area, security check, and departures.

At Level 1 of the terminal at Jacksonville Airport, there are two elevators for the disabled. Another two elevators are present near the entrance to the courtyard.

The passenger terminal at JAX was revamped and completed in August 2015. This makes it possible for larger planes to serve the terminal. Jacksonville Airport provides parking facilities close to the terminals. While daily and hourly parking garages are situated just in front of the terminal entrances, the daily surface lot lies to the east side of the daily garage.

TravelCar’s advantages

Booking and Parking

Any booking process should be simple and straightforward so that it’s not a hassle to travelers. Since bookings are made online, travelers are more likely to abandon their attempts at booking if the process is confusing and detail provoking. TravelCar scores lots of brownie points on its booking process, so much so that travelers have been known to complete the whole thing in minutes. To go a step further, starting from its booking to the reservation and allotment of parking space- the whole process is seamless with no glitches at all. You even have the option of changing your parking spot if you’re not satisfied with it. In short, TravelCar envisages the kinds of problems that are likely to occur and quickly bridges the gap, suitably. This is just one of the many good features about TravelCar. It’s credibility and the kind of trust it invokes has only been reinforced by 9+ points on Trustpilot. Similar rating agencies have also been highly appreciative of its professional approach and keen attention given to solving traveler issues. The parking provider’s low cost parking and its ability to provide travelers with parking spaces near the airport have been widely touted. That TravelCar provides cheap parking prices and delivers well on customer service are points that find great favor with travelers.

Valet services

The concept of valet services is nothing new- it has been applied at hotels, business centers and the like, but parking providers have caught on too. TravelCar, the innovator in car sharing, has introduced valet services at all its parking lots. TravelCar has actually taken valet parking to an altogether new level. Customers need to feel pampered, need to feel important and that’s what valet services aim to do. They allow customers to shake off their responsibility towards their car while they are away on a trip. Valets tend to their cars, park them and maintain them (on request) and hand them over to the owner in good shape when they return. TravelCar is generally open from 6 am to 12 am, although they never refuse to help even if it’s outside working hours.

Customer service

TravelCar’s customer service personnel are a set apart- for them every customer is important. They take great pains to see that travelers don’t encounter any problems either during the booking or reservation process. In case an issue crops up, the team sorts it out immediately and this reassures travelers considerably. They are available 24/7 and are always willing to lend a hand to make things easier for its customers. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance and that’s their unswerving motto. They are willing to go that extra mile to keep customers happy. All their dealings are open and above board and customers will never encounter any hidden charges or fees. TravelCar constantly improves its services by listening to feedback and customer opinions.

Access to the airport

Access to the airport is very easy and there is no dearth of transportation from downtown Jacksonville and JAX.


These are available for the asking and there are special taxis that service the Jacksonville airport. You just have to reserve in advance, indicate the pickup point and the taxi is there to convey you to the airport.


The Jacksonville Transit Authority operates public buses that connect downtown Jacksonville and the airport. The route is known as the CT3 route and runs throughout the week from 6.10 am to 9.10 pm. There are buses in the weekend though they are not so frequent. The fare is just $1 and the bus stops just outside the lower level of the terminal.

By road

JAX is located one mile west of Interstate 95- exit 363 B. Following the airport road takes you right to the airport.

From Gainesville

Reach Interstate 10 East (by following US 301 North) - once you reach I295 North go to Interstate 95 and exit 363-B- that should lead to the airport

From St Augustine

Take Interstate 95 North and exit 363-B- the airport road takes you straight to the JAX.

From Tallahassee and from Georgia

Follow Interstate 10 East to reach Interstate 295 North. Go to Interstate 95 North to exit 363-B-- the route along the airport road should take you to JAX.


Shuttles are available at the airport itself and SuperShuttle can be used to ride from downtown Jacksonville to JAX. Budget-conscious passengers can opt for shared-ride while others can opt for either non-stop services, Premier sedan or SUV.

Go Airport Express and Sedan

Go Express shuttles are available from downtown and surrounding areas to JAX. The reliable and very affordable form of transport gives travelers many options- starting from shared rides to private cars.


If you’re looking for a luxurious ride then you can book for limousine services to and from the airport. You just have to notify the concerned authorities about your pick up point.

Jacksonville Airport Transportation

Transports local residents and also travelers that need to catch a flight at JAX. They use comfortable, private cars and professionally qualified drivers to get you to the airport on time.

Other information

When flying to the airport, it makes great sense to give yourself lots of time to make the flight easily. Arriving early at the airport allows you to check in your luggage, pass through security and watch for change of gates at the last moment. You can save a lot of time if you decide to avail of TravelCar’s cheap parking facilities or affordable valet services. By having your parking space booked in advance and a valet on hand, the burden of having to worry about your car parking is taken off your shoulders.