Belfast-City Airport Parking

Belfast-City Airport Parking

Belfast-City Airport Parking : The George Best Belfast Airport belongs to the County Antrim of Northern Ireland. The airport is located near the Port of Belfast and Belfast City Centre. The airport became operative in the year 16th March 1938 under the name "Belfast Harbor Airport" which was later renamed in the memory of footballer George Best.

The airport handled almost 2.6 million passengers in the year 2017. It covers 23 destinations across the UK, Ireland, and Europe through its network of 6 airlines. The airport is a single runway airport with many amenities including reduced mobility assistance team. The aerodrome can be reached by car, taxi, bus, train, and even bicycle.

The charges for parking vehicles at the airport are pretty high- TravelCar renders unbeatable parking options at the aerodrome by handing over low cost parking deals combined with a skilled customer care team.

Belfast-City Airport Address and Map

Airport's legal address Belfast BT3 9JH, UK
Airport type Public
Phone number 02890 939093
Airport's traffic 2,559,846 passengers in 2017
GPS Coordinates 54°37′05″N 05°52′21″W

The Belfast City Airport is a passenger airport located along on the outskirts of Belfast and is just 5 km away from the Belfast City Centre. The aerodrome mainly deals with Intra-UK flights and is connected well with Northern Ireland's top destinations. The airport is near to the Port of Belfast and belongs to the County Antrim. The airport was originally given the name "Belfast Harbor Airport" which was changed to George Best Belfast City Airport in 2006, to commemorate the achievements of the footballer.

The Belfast City Airport served 2,559,846 passengers in the year 2017 and covers 23 destinations across UK, Ireland, and Europe. The Flybe airlines are the largest operator in the airport and cover major destinations across the United Kingdom. The airport supports facilities for both low-cost carriers and international carriers which makes it successful across the Northern Ireland region.

BHD is a single runway airport which is 1,829 meters long and covers 95% of the Northern Ireland's air transport without any difficulty.

Cheap Parking in BHD

The Belfast City Airport provides on-site parking facility like short stay parking, long stay parking, and fast-track parking. However, the one that lies closest to the terminal is the fast track parking, which is just 2 minutes' walk from the airport. There are even annual park passes available for passengers that undertake regular travel. The parking zones near the terminal are charged higher than the ones located at a distance.

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In case, you plan to get hold of their valet services, your problems are further lowered. The car is cleaned, oiled and washed so that it stays well maintained when you claim it back. Additionally, the vehicles are monitored for their safety with CCTV cameras 24 hours a day to keep the cars protected. The working hours of the business are between 6 am and 12 am and regardless of the time, service personnel provide services as requested by its clients.

TravelCar parking locations

  • Airports-

    Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and many other leading airports. TravelCar's network in these destinations and other local and international airports defines its impressive hold in the car- sharing and parking business.
  • Train Stations

    - Paddington, Waterloo, Victoria, Kings Cross, and Charing Cross are among the busiest stations. TravelCar assists passengers at these major railways stations by giving them low cost parking. Additionally, the parking zones are easily accessible, affordable and safe.
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    Port Dover, Port Portsmouth, Port Harwick, Port of Southampton, and London-Tilbury cruise port are the most crowded ports whose requirement for parking zones are always high. TravelCar proposes cheap parking zones at this destination along with remarkable service.Furthermore, TravelCar also promises its customer complete security of the vehicles parked under their business through its gated communities and CCTV surveillance system.


Belfast City Airport Gates Presentation


Single Terminal Entry and Exit point for flyers from BHD

The terminal at BHD includes various amenities like ATM centers both after and before security checks, currency exchange, and food zone in the departure area, duty-free outlet, toilets, first-aid, and different desks for the disabled passengers.

There are also many parking facilities available at the airport which includes short stay parking, long track parking, fast track parking, blue badge parking for the disabled and annual parking passes for frequent flyers.

TravelCar's advantages

The auto rental provider kick-started its operation with the mission to assist customers spends less amount of money towards parking. TravelCar stood by its words to deliver low cost parking facilities without compromising on its quality level and customer service. TravelCar's strategy to provide free parking to customers who leave their vehicles in the company's parking for longer time periods finds a good amount of appreciation from its clientele. By providing subsidized rentals (with permission sought beforehand from the real owner) on vehicles kept under their shelter, the auto-rental assures that all parties are benefitted.

The fact is that parking is a big problem at cruise ports, railway stations, and airports and if you are able to find one by chance, consider yourself blessed. TravelCar removes the problem associated with parking by offering customers internet booking option at lowest possible rates.

Why TravelCar proves to be a feasible option is also because its parking spaces are situated close to the airport terminals, so reaching the airport is way simpler. The service has been further improved by providing free shuttle service to clients from their allocated parking zones to the airport at regular intervals.

The excellent business proposition of TravelCar and its popularity attracted the attention of rating agencies, who started looking at them with appreciation. Moreover, the rating agency TrustPilot even awarded them a rating of 9 on 10 to make people aware of their brilliant service offering.

The business, however, states that the free parking facility is available for people who keep their cars under their care for more than three months. Other clients can enjoy lower parking charges compared to other providers.

Valet Services

TravelCar proposes affordable automated and valet parking options which can be opted for based on one's personal choice. In cases when you are late to catch a flight, choosing the valet service proves very fruitful, as the valet professional will help you with your parking needs and place your car in a safe zone. The valet just needs your car keys and the work will be done efficiently. The staff of TravelCar undergoes rigorous training to provide quality service to its customers and assist them with every issue. If you have made up your mind to choose the valet service then simply declare it during your booking to avail the service.

Furthermore, TravelCar along with cheap parking and valet services provides excellent security to your vehicle. This is done with help of technology like CCTV cameras. The parking zones are monitored throughout the day so that each car under its service stays secure. There are even covered spaces for parking available to keep the cars in the shade. TravelCar is a responsible organization that recognizes the trust placed on them. It is for this reason; they make sure that the automobile remains well-maintained, even in your absence. The vehicles are subjected to washing, detailing, as well as waxing, so that it stays in good working condition when reclaimed.

With all these facilities you can remain cool about your car and its security. The Valet services are available from 6 am to 12 am and beyond that too on occasions.

Friendly Customer service

The backbone of TravelCar is its brilliant customer care team which works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cater to all customer bookings and queries. At the airports, the business gives you the flexibility to compare its cheap parking facility with its rivals and simultaneously leads you to experience superior customer support facility as per parking and other issues.

TravelCar gives the highest regard to its esteemed customers treating them as kings! Each client is given utmost importance by its customer personnel and served according to their needs with respect.

Access to Airport

here is no rapid transit to Belfast City Airport

Public transit

The Belfast City airport includes a specific Airport Express 600 service that runs buses every half an hour during peak time from the front area of the airport terminal.

No Bus route Bus Numbers/ Names
1 Belfast City Centre – George Best Belfast City Airport Airport Express 600 Service


The Belfast City airport is situated along the A2, Sydenham Bypass road which falls between Belfast-Hollywood, on the south of Belfast Lough. People coming from Belfast on either the M1 or the M2 route need to follow the signboard for Belfast City Airport, leading the A2 through the M3.


The airport runs a shuttle service between the terminal and Sydenham railway station. Translink runs the NI Railways train service throughout Northern Ireland. If you are planning to undertake the journey from the airport, you need to board a train at Sydenham station to reach Belfast Central Station; from here you can achieve connecting transport to destinations across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Other Information

Traveling in itself is a serious business, and there can't be anything worse than being late for a flight. Additionally, if you encounter traffic jams en route then the situation worsens further. With the number of flights operating from the airport being on the higher side, the procedure to check in becomes tougher considering the long queues. So, it is always advisable to report early for your flight, so that check-in, security checks, and luggage can be handled smoothly.

Moreover, if reaching the aerodrome is problematic, searching for a parking space is even tougher when you are late for your flight. In such difficult situations, it is always good to take help of Traveler's Valet Services. They take away all your vehicle parking related worries and make your car stay in the protected environment. Moreover, TravelCar provides cheap parking facility along with cost-effective valet services.