Glasgow Central Station

Glasgow Central

Glasgow Central parking complication

There is a plethora of passengers traveling through the Glasgow Central each day of the week, for a whole year. As a result, the parking spaces at the station's parking venue become limited. To avoid this complication, park your car near Glasgow Central using TravelCar.

Background on the Glasgow Central station

Glasgow Central is the major mainline rail terminus in Glasgow, Scotland. The station was opened by the Caledonian Railway on 1 August 1879 and is one of nineteen managed by Network Rail. This railway station saw over 32 million passengers travel between 2016 and 2017. Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations magazine, written by Simon Jenkins, gave this station a 5 star rating.

A solution to the parking complication at Glasgow Central

The parking region of Glasgow Central is compact and can only hold a small number of cars. Along with this, the parking cost at the train station is quite steep, as well. The ideal workaround to this issue is for you to park close to the station by means of TravelCar service. The parking charge asked by TravelCar is zero. This is a great benefit for individuals who would prefer not to overpay for a parking spot at the train station. TravelCar provides you with the opportunity to choose from various parking areas that are near the Glasgow Central station. After you pick a parking area, search for an available parking space there and your parking space will effectively be reserved. Numerous customers who have utilized TravelCar's service picked a parking location which is near the place they're living at, so you must keep that in mind as well. If you're lucky enough, you might land a parking spot which is the closest to the train station and you won't have to travel much towards Glasgow Central. Additionally, you get the choice of valet parking when using TravelCar to book a parking spot close to the railway station. Valet parking is most valued by passengers who might be getting late for their train. TravelCar guarantees complete safety of your car. It's possible for TravelCar to claim this responsibility since there are cameras positioned throughout the parking arenas. If theft of your car were to happen, the police authority would just look back at the video footage and catch the burglar.

The staff at TravelCar is amicable and a standout amongst the most accommodating staffs in the world. Whatever issue you experience with your booking, simply let the staff know. Once they know about your problem, they'll try their best to rectify this problem as soon as possible. You may also put in your car keys with TravelCar for safekeeping in the event you are going on a long train journey. If you choose to take your car keys along with you, instead of keeping them with the staff, there's an imminent danger of you losing your keys on your expedition. TravelCar desire the best experience for their clients.

Fast shuttle transport to Glasgow Central

To make your voyaging considerably easy, TravelCar have propelled a shuttle service which picks you up from your designated parking spot and delivers you to your destination at Glasgow Central. The shuttle will be accessible for you when you return from your voyage, as well. The usual time taken for a shuttle to finish its course has been recorded to be just 6 minutes. The journey time heavily depends upon the load of traffic that may be on the streets. You will find some fun comic books and some lovely fashion magazines on display when you enter the shuttle. They will keep you company until you reach the Glasgow Central train station.