Park Box Frankfurt Airport - Valet Service (95)

  • The pick up and the return from vehicles is from now on always departure at Terminal 1 or 2.

주차 주소

Frankfurt Airport, 60547 Frankfurt, DE

지시 사항

Please call us 60 minutes before your arrival ( +49 (0)176 32655029 ) at the airport - Frankfurt/International.

Meeting point is depending on the airline at Terminal 1 or 2 in the drop of area, the first parking possibility after the entrance barriers.

Should there be a delay, please inform us immediately.

A parking employee in a blue vest, face mask and protective gloves will meet you at the respective terminal in accordance with Corona regulations.

After a brief vehicle inspection, our employee will bring your vehicle safely to our parking lot.

Your vehicle is insured for the crossing as well as for the entire parking time by our Allianz business liability insurance.

Attention: try to be at Frankfurt Airport at least 2 hours before your departure



  • 오전 5:00 - 오후 11:59
  • 오전 5:00 - 오후 11:59
  • 오전 5:00 - 오후 11:59
  • 오전 5:00 - 오후 11:59
  • 오전 5:00 - 오후 11:59
  • 오전 5:00 - 오후 11:59
  • 오전 5:00 - 오후 11:59


1 jour ₩81,917.35
3 jours ₩84,219.22
5 jours ₩86,534.48
7 jours ₩91,138.23
10 jours ₩103,838.70
15 jours ₩132,679.07

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