Best Car Rental in Plymouth

Plymouth is a city located along the south coast of Devon in England. The city is enclosed by the mouth of the Tamar and Ply River. Historians believe that the first settlement at Plymouth emerged during the Bronze Age. Plymouth is believed to have acted as a trading post for the Roman Empire in those days. Plymouth grew into a commercial shipping port during the industrial revolution and is one of the biggest operational naval bases in Europe. In fact, the naval base is the only one in the UK that refits nuclear submarines. The current population of Plymouth city stands at around 263,100.

Car Rental in Plymouth

Traveling in and around Plymouth has become an easy affair with the introduction of quality, budget-friendly services by TravelCar.

Different Rental Plans

Plymouth offers plenty of places to visit and explore. If you rent the right kind of vehicle, you will be able to enjoy your stay and have a memorable visit to Plymouth. TravelCar also offers different rental plans like short term long term, weekly, daily and so on. You can pick one out depending on your travel duration and even extend the rental plan if you wish to do so.

Breathe Easy Prices

TravelCar offers unbeatable rental prices that will help you plan a stay in Plymouth without having to break the bank. TravelCar also offers you the option of having your rental vehicle picked up or dropped off at different locations as per your itinerary. This is often chosen by any clients, as it is convenient and easy as well. In fact, you can even choose to have the vehicle delivered to the airport to make your visit to Plymouth as seamless as possible. TravelCar is famous for its cheap car hire Plymouth UK.

Complete Insurance Coverage

With an increase in road accidents and mishaps, Travel Car ensures that its extensive fleet of vehicles has up to date, all-inclusive insurance. This way you need not worry about your co-passengers or yourself in case you wind up in some sort of mishap. TravelCar makes sure that all the insurance papers are up to date and that no payment is lagging when you rent a vehicle.

User-Friendly Service

TravelCar has designed its website to be user-friendly to prospective clients irrespective of age. You can easily look through the extensive range of vehicles and pick out a suitable rental plan with a few clicks from the comfort of your own home. The staff at TravelCar will ensure that the vehicle is at the requested pick up point on the date and time you specify. Facilities like this haven enabled TravelCar to take over its competitors and emerge as one of the best car rental services in the city. Once you are done with your visit to Plymouth, you can easily have it arranged to be picked up by the staff at TravelCar without any worries.

24/7 Customer Service

The 24/7 customer service provided by TravelCar makes it possible for customers to always be in touch with the staff in case of any query or unexpected incident. The staff is also trained to help out visitors to Plymouth to plan out an itinerary based on their interest and hobbies.

Professional Services

The staff at TravelCar has been trained to offer professional services to their clients at all times. They will help you pick out a rental car and plan based on your requirements. In fact, they will also help you make sure that you stay within your budget during your planned stay in Plymouth. TravelCar’s budget car hire Plymouth services makes it the best rental agency in the country.

Top Notch Vehicles

While renting a car, it is essential to decide what your requirements will be, based on the number of people traveling, luggage to be carried, which terrain you will be traveling through and so on. TravelCar offers vehicles in all sizes and shapes starting from compact Mini cars to large and spacious SUVs.

A Wide Range of Vehicles in Plymouth

Travel Car keeps a large fleet of well-maintained vehicles of all sizes. Regardless of how many people are traveling together, TravelCar will have a vehicle ready that will suit your requirement. In case you are traveling along and looking for a smaller ride, the Mini is a good choice. If you are traveling with luggage, you can also check out the economy model. If you are visiting Plymouth with friends or family, TravelCar recommends picking out the more spacious SUV so that you can travel in comfort. TravelCar also has a minivan and travelers in its fleet of vehicles to cater to a larger group of people. You can easily car hire Plymouth station with TravelCar’s services.

Driving In Plymouth

Mothecombe Beach

If you prefer a quiet beach that is far away from noisy crows, Mothecombe beach is your answer. This beautiful untouched beach offers you the chance to go for sheltered bathing when the tie is low. You can easily drive to Mothecombe beach and park your vehicle in the adjoining car park. The beach offers plenty of opportunity for kite flying, windsurfing, and bodyboarding. As you go further down south along the beach, you will notice a small, circular stone wall that acts as a swimming pool when it is filled with water during the high tide. Mothecombe beach has a laid-back charm that is hard to find these is the perfect choice if you plan on sitting by the beach and enjoy some quality family time.

Newton Abbot Racecourse

The Newton Abbot Racecourse is located in the heart of Devon County and is only a short drive from Plymouth you can easily rent a car from TravelCar and make your way towards the iconic Newton Abbot Racecourse and indulge in a lovely day of horses, good food and good weather. The Racecourse usually hosts summer jump fixtures during the months between March and October. If you are on a budget, do not forget to check out the group booking offers when you book in advance. Additionally, kids who are 16 and younger do not require an entry ticket if you are a student do not forget to bring along your student ID card for free entry to the racecourse.

Mount Edgcumbe House

The Mount Edgcumbe House is located in South East Cornwall, making it a short drive from Plymouth. This house was the former home of the earlier Earls of Mount Edgcumbe. This famous historic house overlooks magnificent gardens and is a great place to explore and learn a bit of history as well. The House was first built in the early 1500s and had to be restored after the damage caused during World War II. The park is open from 8 am in the morning and is free to the public. The Mount Edgcumbe House is a famous tourist attraction with its old world charm and breathtaking gardens. By choosing a car hire near me option from TravelCar, you can easily make your way to Mount Edgcumbe House.

Pennywell Farm

If you are looking for a family-friendly spot to visit, the Pennywell Farm will fit your bill. This farm offers different activities, show, friendly animals, rides and plenty more to its visitors. If you are visiting during the school holidays, you will even be able to catch a glimpse of some f fantastic entertainers on the farm. The farm is family-friendly also home to several Pennywell Miniature piglets and pint-sized ponies. A visit to the Pennywell Farm is incomplete without seeing the Pennywell Pig Racing. Located just 20 miles out of Plymouth, you can easily reach the farm by hiring a car from TravelCar. The drive to the farm is also scenic, with plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful photographs.

Buckland Abbey

If you are interested in historic buildings, the Buckland Abbey is worth a visit. It was built over 700 years ago and is currently part house and part museum. It is filled with antiques and treasures that fascinate all of its visitors. If you enjoy the outdoors, the Buckland Abbey boasts of orchards, meadows, and woodlands that will help you come close to nature. The trails in the garden have beautiful bright flowers along the sides, making it hard to miss. You can even play a game of hide and seek in the secret wild garden near the cider house.

Driving In Plymouth Area

The Mayflower Steps

The Mayflower steps are located in the Barbican Area in Plymouth. This is believed to be the location from which the Pilgrims left England on the historic Mayflower ship in 1620. The Pilgrims finally disembarked at the Plymouth Rock in North America. The Mayflower steps have American and British flags on either side to mark the departure of 102 passengers. Although the actual steps do not exist anymore, a granite block with the name of the ship was erected at the site in 1891. You will also come across other plaques commemorating other key events in the areas.

National Marine Aquarium

UK’s largest aquarium, the National Marine Aquarium is located in Plymouth. The Aquarium houses over 70 sharks form 10 different species. The diving show is also very popular among the visiting tourists to the National Marine Aquarium. Located on the Sutton Harbor, visitors get to see stunning views that make it perfect for a wedding or any other special occasion. The Aquarium hosts plenty of shows for the little kids to teach them more about the diverse marine life found on the planet. If you are traveling with friends or family, the National Marine Aquarium is a must visit place.

Elizabethan Gardens

This lovely garden is located on a street that was relatively new in the 16th century. In fact, many wealthy merchants would build their houses along this street. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction, with plenty of people from all over the world. The garden has been set in the Elizabethan manner with fragrant herbs and colorful flowers placed in low box hedges. The stone seats in the garden are a boon to weary shoppers on the street today. The cobbled paths and stone steps will take you back to an era of simplicity in no time. The cooling fountain is a great spot to get your thoughts in order as you explore the beautiful city of Plymouth.

45 Southside Gallery

If you have an eye for art, do not forget to visit the 45 Southside Gallery when you visit Plymouth. This gallery palsy host to local artists and often displays plenty of artwork made using glass, ceramics, metalwork, textiles, and wood and so on. The unique pieces of art will mesmerize you and offer you a different side of art. With TravelCar, the best car rental Plymouth at your service, you need not worry about finding your way to the Gallery.

Barbican Theatre

This 140 seat theatre is located in the heart of Barbican area of Plymouth. It offers diverse programs that include laugh out loud comedy, contemporary theater, dance, live music, Christmas performance, and so on. Barbican Theatre has been setting up high-quality performances for the public for many years. It also plays the role of a mentor in helping young theatre and dance artists find their path. The Performance Training program at the theatre offers classes to kids from 5 years till adults of 25 years. The Barbican Theatre has been working hard for the past 34 years in raising awareness about arts in the local schools and communities. Check out the offerings at the Barbican Theatre to immerse yourself in the local art culture of Plymouth.

The Eddystone

The Eddystone can be described as a large rock that has a lighthouse on top of it. It is located about 15 miles away from the Plymouth coast. You can see the lighthouse clearly on a sunny day. If you are interested in diving, this is the place for you. The rock has plenty of life underwater and will give you an experience you will never forget. You can dive at the rock throughout the year as long as the water is calm and it is slack tide.

Driving in United Kingdom

Driving in the United Kingdom can be a challenge if you have never driven on the left side of the road before. Once you get the hang of it, it is advisable to go through the different rules related to driving in the United Kingdom to avoid getting a fine. For example, there is a rule in place that requires a congestion charge to be paid in case you are driving during the peak hours between 7 am to 6 pm. TravelCar will help you get familiarized with the driving rule in the country, to make sure you have a pleasant stay in Plymouth.

Speed Limits for cars in the UK

Single carriageways

Dual Carriageways

Areas near schools

Vehicles weighing less than 3.05t

Sixty mph

Seventy mph

Twenty mph

Vehicles weighing more than 3.05t

Fifty mph

Sixty mph

Twenty mph

A non-UK driving license is valid only for one year starting from the date the license holder landed in the UK for the first time.