Cheap Car Rental in Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is situated in its western lowlands. It is a top financial center in Europe and is considered as the ‘cultural powerhouse’ of theatre, arts, music and creative cuisine. From being an insignificant rural settlement on the River Clyde, it flourished in trade and shipbuilding in the 18th-20th century. Today, Glasgow is reckoned as the largest seaport in Britain.

The name Glasgow has a Gaelic origin- Glaschu- which means ‘Green Place’ and with its woodland and array of public parks, it certainly lives up to that reputation.

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Cheap Car Rental in Glasgow

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Driving in Glasgow City

Glasgow was once known as the “second city of Britain” It is the largest city in Scotland and is often considered to be the “people’s capital”. There are lots of attractions for tourists and if you have a rental car, then the going is a breeze.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, situated on River Kelvin and located on Argyle Street was opened in 1901. The museum boasts of themed art galleries that house an eclectic range of objects. Its extensive art collections have won world-wide acclaim- Van Gogh’s portrait and Salvador Dali’s “Christ of Saint John of the Cross” are especially noteworthy. In addition, the natural history section, arms and armor, and the Spitfire hanging from the ceiling provide a treat for visitors. This museum is easily one of the most popular ones in Scotland. Those who want to shop and eat can visit the shopping mecca of Sauchiehall Street, that’s in the vicinity.

Glasgow Science Center

This exclusive science center, which is a popular tourist attraction, was opened in 2001. It is located on the Clyde Waterfront and can provide entertainment for hours on end. What makes it unique is that it presents science and technology in many interesting and innovative ways that keep visitors entranced. It is housed in three main buildings- the Science Mall, the Glasgow tower and the Planetarium. Two of the buildings cater to interactive exhibits, workshops, and other daily shows and the fun part is that visitors get to explore the underwater world, go for a virtual ride in space or turn time back to the dinosaur’s period. Definitely worth more than one visit.

Riverside Museum and Tall Ship

If you want to experience Glasgow as it was formerly, you just need to visit Glasgow’s award-winning Riverside Museum. You can get a taste of vintage cars, horse-drawn carriages, trams and locomotives that were in vogue yesteryear. Displays that require special mention are the reconstruction of a 1983 Glasgow street and the sinking of the Lusitania. Most of the exhibits were built in Glasgow. You also get to go on a voyage of exploration aboard the Glenlee, a three-masted barque that has been restored by the Clyde Maritime Trust.

The Lighthouse

Opened in 1999, the lighthouse is located in Scotland's Centre for Architecture and design and housed in the Glasgow Herald building. It was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, an architect of great repute. As it is an events venue and is located in the heart of the city, many visitors take time off to couple their visits to the lighthouse with the exhibitions that take place there.

Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanic Gardens

You can find this in the West End of Glasgow, right on the banks of the river Kelvin. It’s a dream for botanists and plant lovers as its plant collections are amazing. The Kibble Palace, a glasshouse designed by John Kibble in 1873, is home to the large collection of tree ferns from New Zealand and Australia, plants from Africa and a rare collection of orchids. It is said to be one of the largest glasshouses in Britain.

Glasgow Green

Close to the city center, Glasgow Green is stated to be the oldest of the city parks- came into being in 1662. The People’s Palace, built in 1898, is a museum in the park that traces the history of the city from 1750- the 20th century. You can get a glimpse of a ‘single end’ home of the 1930’s, peek at the ancient dance hall and experience the “steamy bathhouses.” The Winter Garden and the famous terracotta Doulton fountain are worth a visit.

Driving In Glasgow Area

What makes Glasgow so alluring is that it is within easy reach of so many attractive tourist spots that can be seen as a day trip. There are public transport options, but if you want to leisurely move around, TravelCar’s car rentals are a great way to see the neighborhood.

Stirling and Stirling Castle

The town of Stirling is just half an hour away from Glasgow and is the site of the legendary Battle of Bannockburn and the Battle of Stirling Bridge. It is home to the majestic Wallace Monument- a tower that has 346 steps- and also to the Wallace artifacts. The 12th century Stirling Castle- built on the top of a volcanic crag does draw many visitors. No visit is complete without enjoying the panoramic view from the Loch Lomond and Stirling Castle. You can enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Trossachs National Park too.

ScotRail runs between Glasgow Queen Street to Stirling every 30 minutes and the journey time is about 40 minutes. Scottish Citylink offers bus services between Glasgow Queen Street and Stirling and the bus frequency is good. Journey time is about 40 minutes. First provides services from Buchanan Bus Station to Stirling Bus Station and from North Frederick Street in Glasgow every 30 minutes. Journey time is a little more than an hour.

Isle of Arran-Little Scotland

It’s a small island-just 267 square km in size and if you explore it thoroughly, you’ll have seen everything that Scotland has to offer. The sandy beaches, the magnificent castles, and mountains, the moorland, harbors, and wildlife make it a very attractive tourist spot. For hikers, it’s a paradise. The island of Arran can be accessed by ferry from Ardrossan, which can be reached by train from Glasgow. Brodick Castle and Goat Fell Mountain are attractions to watch out for. Though the Isle of Arran is a day trip, once you’re there, you’ll feel like spending more time among the lochs and mountains.

Loch Ness and Scottish Highlands

Who hasn’t heard of the Loch Ness monster-the sea serpent Nessie? Your Scotland trip is incomplete without a visit to the Great Glen with its amazing green walls. Loch Ness, which extends as far as 23 miles southwest of Inverness, is a big and deep freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands. It is said to be the “largest body of water in the Great Glen.”

ScotRail runs a train from Glasgow to Loch Ness every 4 hours and the journey takes more than 3 and half hours. Of course, there are buses too and they seem to offer cheaper options- Scottish Citylink offers bus services from Buchanan Bus Station to Inverness, Bus Station. The distance between Glasgow and Loch Ness is 100 miles.

Driving in the United Kingdom

Speed Limits for cars in the UK


70 mph

Dual carriageways (roads divided by grassy areas or barriers)

70 mph

Single carriageways (undivided roads)

60 mph

Built-up urban roads

30 mph

Built up area near schools

20 mph

Road with sharp bends

50 mph

The national speed limits apply in Scotland as well and you would have to drive on the Left side of the road.

Those entering Scotland from a European Union Country- existing license is valid in Scotland

From outside the EU- license is valid for 12 months from the date of entry in the UK and you can drive any small vehicle

Insurance is a must--at least third-party insurance