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MCO Airport Parking

Orlando Airport Parking : MCO, with its proximity to major theme parks of worldwide renown, is one of the busiest international airports in the United States. From humble roots as a military base, MCO has grown into a luxurious and well-respected airport worldwide. Nearly 45 million passengers pass through the Orlando Airport each year, and that number is likely to grow as time. The airport contains a high-end hotel and maintains numerous transportation partnerships with Walt Disney World. Getting parking at MCO can be tough and expensive, but TravelCar makes it easy as can be. With TravelCar you’ll get easy booking, great service, and secure lots. TravelCar’s Free Parking program can save you a fortune while letting you earn money on the side. The nearest TravelCar lots are only 5 minutes away from the airport and cost less than a third of the daily rate of on-site parking. TravelCar lots also offer great services like valet and carwash, which can save you time and stress from your trip. Getting to and from the airport is thankfully a simple process, especially by car, and many public transit options exist for those who will not be driving. When planning your flight, always make sure to give yourself the time you need, and always ensure that you select services that will save you time, money, and stress!

History and General Information: Understanding Orlando

Resting just six miles outside of Orlando, Florida’s downtown, Orlando International Airport, known by many by it’s IATA moniker MCO, is one of the most well-known airports in the world. It is the 11th largest airport in the United States, coming in just ahead of Miami International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and serving nearly 45 million passengers per year. Though it doesn’t yet make the top ten list of American Airports by size, it more than makes up with its personality and its ties to attractions that have been the dream vacations of travelers worldwide.

Orlando is home to some of the most famous theme parks in the entire world including SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios. As a result, it has also become a major hub of the film industry, bringing even more travel and commerce to the area.

While the airport first started as a military base in 1942, it grew rapidly throughout the 60s at which point the military began to work with private companies to allow civil flights from the airport. Its military days were what gave it the IATA code MCO; it was originally known as McCoy Air Force Base.  In 1975, MCO sent off its final military contingent in order to become the primary public airport in the city.

Orlando was transformed by the growth and expansion of Walt Disney World, which brought unprecedented commerce to the previously quiet city. The airport has continued to grow until the modern day, flying a record number of flights in 2017 and officially eclipsing the Miami International Airport’s passenger numbers.

If you’ll be flying through MCO, you’re going to need parking, and parking at Florida’s busiest airport isn’t cheap if you aren’t prepared. Thankfully, TravelCar has a thriving network of parking lot partnerships in the area, meaning that you can get the best rates and best service with just a few clicks. This guide will teach you all about MCO and all about how you can get cheap parking for fractions of the cost of on-site lots.

General Information About MCO

Address IATA Code Airport Type Phone Number Airport Traffic Coordinates
Orlando International Airport One Jeff Fuqua Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32827 MCO Public International Airport (407) 825-2001 Approximately 45 Million Passengers per year 28.429444, -81.308889

One of the most unique features of Orlando International Airport is that it houses a major hotel within the main terminal. The Hyatt Regency at Orlando International allows guests to see the city and the flight traffic as a relaxing part of their stay. The lobby is known for its relaxing environment, and the hotel houses two full restaurants in addition to multiple bars. The restaurant on the top level of the hotel, overlooking the runways, is a Hyatt signature restaurant, serving top-shelf dishes for the many visitors to Orlando.

As if to solidify the glamor and luxury of MCO, Orlando became the first airport in Florida to have a direct flight to Dubai International Airport via Emirates Airlines, one of the world’s most well-recognized luxury airliners, in 2015. The partnership between Orlando International and Emirates Airlines has locals predicting notable growth for the already-well-established airport.

As the primary airport serving the Orlando area, MCO has multiple shuttles going directly to Walt Disney World and other major parks. Needless to say, the iconic Mickey-Mouse Ears of Walt Disney fame are a common sight at the airport, and some travelers bound for the theme park choose to stay at the comfortably Hyatt instead of the Disney Hotels in the heat of the park.

How to Get Low Cost Parking at Orlando’s Premier Airport

It is an unfortunate truth that the parking situation at major airports isn’t improving for travelers – or at least, that’s true for on-site parking. Orlando is still growing, and more new attractions arrive to beckon travelers to the airport each year. If you’re flying out of MCO and need to park your car, you might be in for a nasty hit to your pocketbook when you encounter the rates of online parking. TravelCar, however, has quickly become the savior of travelers’ checkbooks.

TravelCar, through an innovative process of networking independent parking lots, has managed to break the cycle of ever-rising parking rates at major airports across the country. Their prices are often less than half the daily rate of on-site parking lots without any of the downsides associated with parking off-site.

TravelCar’s parking lots are nearby the airport and offer cheap parking to travelers, often with offerings that you’ll be unable to find anywhere else. Many of TravelCar’s lots offer valet service, letting you walk off your flight, out of the airport and into your car. On top of that, many lots also offer carwash service, which means you’ll walk out into a sparklingly clean car.

For travelers who are hoping to put more money towards the things they love and less toward parking, TravelCar offers the Free Parking Rideshare program, which allows travelers to get free parking, extra cash, and insurance while they aren’t using their car. It works like this: You park your car and hand the keys over to the TravelCar representative at a Free Parking Rideshare lot. TravelCar will insure your car, waive all your parking costs for the trip, and will rent out your car for you while you’re gone to other approved TravelCar users. Your car will be back when you arrive, and you’ll get a slice of any rental fees collected on the vehicle.  Even if no one rents it, you get free parking!

Another fantastic fact about TravelCar is that they’ve got locations all across the world. No matter what city you’re headed to, you can bet that there will be a TravelCar partnered lot there. TravelCar isn’t only at airports, either. They’ve got locations at stadiums, like Yankee Stadium; tourist destinations, like Times Square; popular ports, like Port of Miami; and more.

No matter where you book with TravelCar you’ll get their excellent service, easy-as-cake booking process, and access to detailed user reviews. With TravelCar, you can know exactly what to expect in advance, leaving the surprises for the great unknown. On top of all of that, you’ll still get the prices that fit within your budget.

Information About Nearby, Low Cost Parking at MCO

Parking near MCO is one of the easiest processes you can imagine when working with TravelCar. Not only does TravelCar have a Free Parking program lot within 5 minutes of MCO, but their next two nearest lots are only 5 minutes from the airport with frequent, quick shuttles. For just $4.99 per day, you’ll get parking that will get you to the airport just as fast as if you parked on-site. This is compared to the $17 per day rates for garage parking on-site which does not guarantee spots on floors near the terminals.

On-site valet costs even more, but you can get valet service from TravelCar partners less than 10 minutes away from the airport for only a few dollars per day more than the cost of basic parking at non-valet lots. Also, nearby, low cost parking still offers optional carwash service, which is not available at MCO on-site parking.

Reasons to Choose TravelCar at MCO

While the primary benefit to booking with TravelCar is savings (money is time when you’re traveling,) there are a number of other reasons to choose the more traveler-friendly options TravelCar offers. You’ll save money, but you’ll also get fantastic service, for example.

TravelCar has incredible reviews all across the web, including a fantastic score of 9+ on TrustPilot. In addition to great reviews for TravelCar itself, each of TravelCar’s lots feature detailed reviews that you can peruse before you book, ensuring you get a lot that fully satisfies the needs of your trip.

TravelCar maintains an in-house customer service team in addition to each independent lot’s own service team. No matter what you need for your trip, you’ll have help on hand, any hour of the day. The TravelCar team can help you make changes, iron out any issues, or confirm information.

Finally, there’s the general quality of TravelCar lots. Since you can get a preview of each lot in advance, you’ll know exactly what to expect. TravelCar lots are safe, clean, and secure, with many offering security details and patrols, video surveillance, and attended gates to ensure your vehicles are safe and sound while you’re on your trip.

Getting to and From Orlando International

Orlando is a city that, for the most part, was laid out according to a plan. With the concentrated interest and investment that came from major studios like Disney and Universal, the Orlando area flourished and was able to have infrastructure to match the interest. As a result, getting to and from the airport is easier than in many major tourist destinations. That fact doesn’t mean that Orlando is free of traffic, though! Here’s some of your options for getting around:

  1. Car

Getting to and from the airport by car is very convenient and only takes about 24 minutes during average traffic levels. From Orlando Downtown, you’ll take highway 11A until you reach FL-408W, then follow signs for the airport. The reverse route works just as well for getting back to town.

  1. Public Transit

The Orlando metro transit system, the Lynx, offers lines from the station located at the airport directly into Downtown and other destinations. To get to and from Orlando Downtown, you’ll want to take the 11 line to and from the central station. The trip takes about 55 minutes on average and will cost $2 per passenger for fare.

  1. Shuttles

Orlando International Airport is unique in that there are multiple shuttles that go to and from Walt Disney World and the airport. The Disney Magical Express is a free shuttle that will take travelers straight from the airport to Disney. However, for travelers looking to get into Downtown Orlando, cars and public transit are the best options.

Last Steps for Your Trip

Orlando International Airport, while modern and beautiful to arrive at, still sometimes has delays for passengers at security, baggage check-in, and inter-terminal transit.  Always make sure that you arrive with plenty of extra time to spare. Nothing is worse than arriving late for a flight, only to have to redo all your ticketing paperwork and wait around.

Always make sure to minimize additional stresses and delays you might bump into. Don’t be afraid to opt into services like valet and carwash if they’ll make things easier for you; after all, at many TravelCar lots, you can get all of these services and still pay significantly less than on-site parking!