Car Rental in Dudley

Dudley, situated in the West Midlands County, has a history that dates back to the medieval times - the Anglo-Saxon era. In fact, its name originates from Old English Duddan Leah (which means Dudda’s clearing). It lies to the north-west of Birmingham and to the south-east of Wolverhampton.

Dudley was once famous for its limestone, iron and coal industries and because of the heavy and polluting industries and the thick, black smoke emanating from the iron forges, it became a part of the Black Country. Today, the town of Dudley is a flourishing retail, commercial and leisure center and its focus is on a modern development.

Thanks to its numerous attractions in and around the town and the easy availability of TravelCar car rentals, enjoying the many sights in a leisurely fashion is possible.

Car Rental in Dudley

Pricing & availability

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A Wide Range of Vehicles in Dudley

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Driving in Dudley Town

The borough of Dudley with its fascinating attractions is just waiting to be explored-

Black Country Living Museum

If you want to turn back the clock and take a peek at the past, then this 26-acre museum is for you. Historic buildings have their space here and you get an idea of what life must have been during the industrial revolution. Get a glimpse of the world’s first steam engine, visit an underground drift mine, live a day like a coal-miner or just drift through the museum’s Canalside village. You can also get a dose of 1930s cinema, ride on the fairground of yesteryear, participate in street games or even take a school lesson- an Edwardian one.

Dudley Castle and zoo

Dudley Castle was formerly a motte and bailey castle- made from earth and timber- subsequently rebuilt as a stone fortification. It was then demolished and rebuilt again in the 13th century. Later the tower was demolished partly and the interior buildings were destroyed by fire. The ruins have been preserved and part of the moat now houses a part of the Dudley zoo. Entry to the castle is through the zoo. The moat is inhabited by water-fowl and seals. The zoo has lions, tigers, snakes, chinchillas, Asiatic bears, chimpanzees, and many other furry creatures. There are more than 1300 animals in the zoo. You can also get on to the Land train, take a fair ride or have fun at the adventure playground. The restaurant will appease those hunger pangs and on your way out, you can pick up a souvenir at the gift shop...

Baggeridge Country Park

This is located close to the Black Country and is sure to thrill nature lovers. A small gauge railway runs around the park (during summer) and you can have a pleasant ride and enjoy the beautiful countryside at the same time. The adventure playground is bound to keep children busy and active. In addition, there are many walks- the Easy Access Walk, the Toposcope Trail, the Baggeridge Circular Walk, Baggeridge Woodland Walk and more.

Dudley Canal and Limestone Mines

If you want to discover years of history, then explore the underground waterways and experience the tropical shallow sea that formerly covered the land and created fossils. Lifelike constructions and immersive light and sound displays add to the atmosphere. Explore the limestone caverns that are over 400 million years old and learn about the local mining tradition.

Red House Glass Cone

Have you ever wondered about the glassmaking industry and how glass was blown into different shapes? Here’s your chance- You can watch demonstrations of glassblowing during weekends or holidays and get an idea of how it was all done before. Go on a journey of exploration to the craft studios, participate in craft activities and pep yourself up with a cup of coffee at the coffee house. Don’t forget to visit the Tudor Crystal, the Webb Corbett visitor Center and the Ruskin Glass Center.

Driving In Dudley Town

If you ever wanted to have a shot at golf, this 18 Hole Mini Pro Golf Course at Kidderminster is a great place to show off your skills. It’s great fun and the best part is you don’t need to be a pro or have any experience at all. This is said to be the World’s first Chip and Putt golf course and is set against a beautiful riverside setting. There are true bunkers, mini fairways, tees, and wonderfully manicured greens to satisfy the regular golfers. If you don’t own golf equipment, it doesn’t matter--you will be provided with bits of equipment.

  • The best way to reach Kidderminster from Dudley is to drive a rental car--the journey takes just 19 minutes
  • No direct buses from Dudley to Kidderminster but there is one from Blower’s Green road to Kidderminster. Blower’s Green is just a five-minute drive from Dudley
  • Train services from Dudley to Kidderminster operated by West Midlands run every half hour. Journey time is about 17 minutes.

Chase Distillery

This is a genuine single-estate distillery in the United Kingdom. Potatoes grown on the farm are distilled and made into Chase vodka. You can actually get a glimpse of the whole process - starting from the mashing of potatoes to the fermenting and distilling, not to mention the bottling. You can view the rolling potato fields, cider apple orchards and get to know what raw ingredients go into the making of spirits and actually pick up a bottle on your way back.

  • Driving time takes about one hour and 12 minutes- distance from Dudley is 54.9 miles

Didcot Railway Centre

It has a huge collection of carriages, wagons, locomotives and other artifacts that show why the Great Western Railway was the foremost one in the 1940s. This center was not only a former engine-shed but also a locomotive stabling point in Didcot. Today, the site has been preserved and converted into a living railway history museum.

  • Distance from Dudley is 95.7 miles via M40 and journey time is 1 hour and 47 minutes by road


Located in the village of Avebury in Wiltshire is a Neolithic henge monument that contains three stone circles. This prehistoric site contains the largest megalithic stone circle in the world and is about 7 miles from Marlborough and Caine. The monument sits on a low chalk ridge that is about 160 m above sea level and is slightly elevated above the local landscape.

  • You can drive from Dudley to Swindon- journey time is about 1h 26 minutes and then take a bus from Swindon to Avebury, which is about 11 miles away
  • There are bus services from Dudley Bus Station to Swindon and the journey time is about 4 hours including transfers. From Swindon, you can take another bus to Avebury

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Another great visitor attraction near Dudley- the tropical environment is simulated inside large greenhouses, where you can find flying birds, fish, butterflies and even running water. Insects and spiders are found living in glass displays.

There are three main sections

  • Arachnoland that contains many of the world’s largest spider species- over 15 species of spiders from black widows to Tarantulas can be found here
  • Insect city- contains beetles, exotic insects, stick insects, praying mantis and giant millipedes and these are housed behind glass
  • Caterpillar room- contains special plants that help in butterfly breeding, caterpillars, pupae’s, eggs- this glasshouse is a walkthrough

Driving time by the road just 59 minutes via M5

Though there are public transport options, the best way to get around Dudley and closely areas is by hiring a rental car.

Driving in the United Kingdom

Speed Limits for cars in the UK


70 mph

Dual carriageways (roads divided by grassy areas or barriers)

70 mph

Single carriageways (undivided roads)

60 mph

Built up urban roads

30 mph

Built up area near schools

20 mph

Road with sharp bends

50 mph

The national speed limits apply in Dudley as well and you would have to drive on the Left side of the road.

  • 30 mph and 40 mph limits exist in urban areas in Dudley
  • 50 mph limits allowed on some rural roads with a road safety problem

Those entering Dudley from a European Union Country- existing license is valid in Dudley

From outside the EU- license is valid for 12 months from the date of entry in the UK and you can drive any small vehicle

Insurance is a must--at least third-party insurance