Car Rental in Derby

Derby, initially a market town is now a city in Derbyshire, England and sits on the banks of the River Derwent. It is one of the places where the Industrial Revolution took off. Today it is home to Rolls-Royce, the world’s second greatest air engine maker and is also recognized as a center for cutting-edge transport manufacturing. Tourists from many parts of Europe flock to the city to savor its delightful attractions. The population of Derby in is about 255,000. As is with many cities in England, the Romans, Vikings, and Saxons had a say in the history of Derby and the origin of its name.

There are so many attractions in and around the city of Derby that it will take more than a few days to savor it all. Hiring a rental car is perhaps the best way to see the city and its surrounding areas. TravelCar is popular with visitors looking for affordable and comfortable car rentals.

Car Rental in Derby

Derby offers many transport options to get around but car rentals are easily the most popular choice as it gives visitors a lot of flexibility to explore the city at leisure.

Pricing & availability

Derby is a wonderful city with so much to see and do and nothing can be better than to do it the TravelCar way. Its self-drive car hire in Derby gives visitors just the option they are looking for. After all, when you want to explore and discover the city’s attractions for yourself, you need to be able to pace your trip just the way you like. The fact that TravelCar offers pick-up and drop-off options at many convenient places in the city including airports and train stations is an added advantage.

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Ease of service

These days, with everything going digital, even the hiring of cars is done online. TravelCar’s booking service is very simple and uncomplicated- so much so that visitors feel it’s a breeze to hire a rental car online. The ‘service-oriented’ provider ensures that any extra features or add-ons requested during booking are made available in the car of their choice. Moreover, TravelCar goes to great lengths to see that visitors get the right vehicle that suits their needs without it pinching their pockets. Even youngsters who otherwise find it difficult to hire a car can rent a car Derby under 25 with TravelCar. For the best car rental in Derby, don’t hesitate to choose TravelCar. You can not only enjoy your trip better, but you have the friendly support that will guide you through with no hassle at all.

Great customer service

Good customer service for TravelCar means giving customers genuine discounts and creating savings for them by offering them car rental rates that are really competitive. It also allows travelers to compare car prices across the car rental space for all types of cars. The TravelCar guarantee ensures that all cars have safety features installed and are comfortable to drive. Customer teams and TravelCar personnel are on their toes, ever willing to answer queries and attend to customer problems should they arise. After understanding their needs, they actually recommend a car that will suit them in all ways. Rely on the TravelCar assurance and you will not be disappointed.

A Wide Range of Vehicles in Derby

When you hire a car in Derby, you are obviously looking for one that caters to all your requirements.

You can bet your last pound that TravelCar will give you exactly the kind of vehicle you’re looking for. For the budget-conscious visitor, it has the fast, fuel-efficient Mini, Economy or Compact car and for those that want space and legroom, it offers the Intermediate Sedan or a Full-size Car as a possible choice. If style and class are what you are looking for, then TravelCar’s Luxury or Special cars with all the bells and whistles will be a perfect choice.

Driving in Derby City

Car rental providers do roaring business in Derby because there’s much to see for visitors-


Dovedale is full of tranquil woodlands, amazing scenery and many walks. While the limestone ravines busy with wildlife is very impressive, the most iconic part of it is the “picturesque stepping stones.” When you get to the River Dove, you can view the Thorpe Cloud, an isolated Limestone hill that’s also known as a reef knoll. Once you climb to the topmost point of this hill, you have some great views of the Derbyshire and Staffordshire countryside. If you want to pass up Thorpe Cloud, you can walk along the riverside and enjoy the Peak District countryside. There are so many walks around the place that beg to be taken.

The Derby Museum and Art Gallery

If you want to go back in time and history, then this is the place to do it in. You can get a glimpse of ancient Egypt with its collection of mummies and also discover the huge Bronze Age logboat and Viking warrior's sword as you walk through the Archaeology gallery. For a taste of art, Joseph Wright's large collection of paintings is just the thing. In addition, the natural history galleries, the various exhibitions, and exciting activities are all sure to strike the note that you want.

Carsington Water

A reservoir that can boast of wildlife habitats, wildflower meadows, and native woodlands, Carsington Water is a great spot for bird-watching. Located between Wirksworth and Kniveton in Derbyshire, England, the reservoir is operated by Severn Trent Water. Water from the River Derwent flows into the reservoir during the winter months through long tunnels and aqueducts. This popular tourist attraction encourages visitors to windsurf, canoe, sail, fish or challenge yourself on the 8-mile mountain bike course.

Sudbury Hall & the Museum of Childhood

This Jacobean conception with a long gallery and a grand great staircase has attracted many visitors. It is said to be the country home of George Vernon, who spent almost 42 years transforming the small mansion that he inherited into the present version. The interior of the hall is filled with fine carvings, murals, and sophisticated plasterwork.

The Museum of Childhood houses a delightful collection of objects that trace the evolution of childhood over the years. Toys, dolls, games, items relating to childcare, education, pastimes and hobbies and collection of Betty Cadbury’s “Playthings Past” help you understand how childhood has changed over the years.


A jewel and one of the treasure houses that dot England. Set against a beautiful background of landscaped gardens, woods and trees, the house is located in the heart of the Peak District. Also noteworthy is the 1000 acre park that was laid out by Lancelot in the 1760s. As you walk through the park, you can see sheep and cattle grazing and large herds of deer walking through. The interior of the house with its paintings, works of art, tapestry, sculpture and elegant furniture beckons eagerly. You can explore the garden shop in the stables, meet the farmyard animals or just enjoy a cup of tea in those splendid surroundings.

Driving In Derby Area

Matlock Bath

This village lies midway between Buxton and Derby and the town center is in Derbyshire’s Peak District. It is set in the gorge of the River Derwent and it was in the 17th century that the spa waters were discovered. It was often called as the ‘the little Switzerland’ by Lord Byron. The rocky limestone crags, the riverside gardens, and the wooded hillsides are a treat to the eyes. During the Matlock Bath Illumination, the riversides and cliffs are lit up. It’s known to be a good spot for a day trip as there is so much to do for everyone- for bikers, for hikers, fun seekers, and even families. Boat parades during weekends and occasional firework displays add to the excitement. There’s never a dull moment in Matlock Bath.

  • Direct buses operate between Derby Bus Station and Matlock Bath every day. The distance between the two is about 14 miles and the journey time is 37 minutes
  • Direct trains run every hour run between Derby and Matlock Bath. Journey time is about 30 minutes
  • Taxis or hired cars take about 25 minutes to reach Matlock Bath from Derby.

Heights of Abraham

This is a very popular destination in the Peak District and is home to 60 acres of woodland, walking trails and caverns. It is in Matlock Bath in Derbyshire and was opened to the public in the 18th century. It has a hilltop park on top of the Masson Hill. This can be reached either by cable car or a zig-zag walking path. The cavern and mine tours in the park are especially interesting and the panoramic views of the valley of the River Derwent keep you spellbound. Today, the Heights are well known for the cable cars that take you across the spectacular Derwent valley. The Great Masson Cavern is full of history and the Tinker’s Shaft viewing point lets you enjoy the hillside view. With so many picnic spots, shops, and play areas, you can easily work up an appetite and enjoy the food and the views.

  • Direct buses from Derby Bus Station and Matlock Bath ply every day, every hour. Journey time is 39 minutes- distance is 14 miles
  • Regular trains, operated by East Midlands depart from Derby station to the Heights of Abraham.
  • Taxis and hired cars are the easiest way to access the Heights

Theme park Gulliver's Kingdom

This is a favorite with families and young children as the theme parks have been designed keeping the little tots in mind. The park was created by Ray Philips in 1978 and is close to the Victorian Switchback roller coaster ride. There is a huge selection of rides and magical attractions, a pirates play area, the Drop Tower, the Log Flume and others. Over the years sister parks have appeared- Gulliver’s World in Warrington and Land in Milton Keynes.

  • Taxis or rental cars run between Derby and the theme park in just 25 minutes
  • Direct buses operate between Derby bus station and Matlock Bath, Fishpond Hotel and from there the Gulliver Kingdom is just a 3-minute walk. Bus journey time is about 37 minutes
  • Direct trains operate between Derby and Matlock Bath every hour and journey time is about 30 minute. Gulliver’s Kingdom is just a stone’s throw from there.
  • The distance between Derby and Gulliver's Kingdom is 14 miles and road distance is 20 miles.

Driving in the United Kingdom

Speed Limits for cars in the UK


70 mph

Dual carriageways (roads divided by grassy areas or barriers)

70 mph

Single carriageways (undivided roads)

60 mph

Built up urban roads

30 mph

Built up area near schools

20 mph

Road with sharp bends

50 mph

The national speed limits apply in Derby as well and you would have to drive on the Left side of the road.

Those entering Derby from a European Union Country- existing license is valid in the city

From outside the EU- license is valid for 12 months from the date of entry in the UK and you can drive any small vehicle

Insurance is a must--at least third-party insurance