TravelCar changes its name to Free2Move

TravelCar changes its name to Free2Move, initiating a new step to accelerate its development.

A common ambition: guaranteeing and simplifying mobility

The collaboration between TravelCar and Free2Move started in 2016. Since then, the two entities have continued to work together with a common ambition: to guarantee and simplify the mobility of individuals and professionals.

The latest major joint project is Free2Move Rent, a 100% digital short-term rental service offering Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel and Vauxhall cars on a single platform for both private and business customers. The service, which is already available in France, Italy and Spain, will be rolled out in nine countries in the course of 2020, with nearly 30,000 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in 3,000 branches.

A complete mobility offer

The new entity is capable of satisfying the travel needs of its private and professional customers with a full range of uses and services: from a few hours to a few days with car sharing in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Washington, from a few days to a month with Rent, from a month to several years with or without commitment thanks to Car on Demand services in France or Lease throughout Europe.

Free2Move is now also access to a parking offer in 65 countries, VTC booking, electric recharging anywhere in Europe and a connected fleet management tool for professionals.

Unique technological expertise and customer experience

The merger of the teams has created a new organization, composed of 150 people with headquarters in Paris. A know-how and a sharp B2C and B2B expertise to invent the mobility of tomorrow.

Travelcar's founding team remains at the heart of the new structure.

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