Cardiff Airport Parking

Exclusive Parking offers near Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport Parking : Cardiff Airport is one of the busiest airport in UK(after Heathrow and Gatwick Airports), and considering the fact that millions of travller use it every year, finding a good parking spot can be problematic. If you even find one, it can be very expensive, and it can be too far from Airport. With TravelCar, you can easily book a parking spot near Cardiff Airport and that too at a lower price.

Hectic Parking near Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport is the busiest airport in Wales, and has been under the ownership of Welsh Government since March 2013. The airport is located near village of Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan. It is the only airport in Wales to offer international flights, and considering this, there are millions of travelers who use this airport. Because of this, there is always a parking spot near this airport, and it can take you a lot of time to find a good parking spot. Some people have also complained, that because of this, they have missed a flight or are late to catch a flight.

Easy Parking for Cardiff Airport

Being the only airport for international flights in Wales, you can’t find a parking spot near the airport, and you have to look for a good spot for more than hours around the airport. Sometimes, you have to park the car very far from the airport, and have to walk all the way to airport. Well, TravelCar can help you with your parking problems, because it allows you to book a parking spot near the airport, and you can use this parking spot for as long as you are on your vacation or business travel. All you have to do is, book a spot online, pay the fees, and park your car at the spot. You can look for the most feasible parking spot per your requirement.

Parking spots are monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras, and you don’t have to worry about anything. You can park your car at that spot as long as you wish, and you can give your keys to the car taker as well without any hesitation. In case, you think that the parking spot you selected is too tight, or you can get late while parking the car, then you can use their valet parking service which allows you to give your car to the valet service, and they will park your car for you. All this is made feasible by making the price as low as possible, and you can even select their shuttle service after parking the car. The shuttle service is free and can take you to airport in 5 minutes.

The purpose of TravelCar is to make sure that people can park their car in safe spots and can travel without any worry. Once you come back, you just have to go that spot, start your car, and drive back home. You can park at the spot for as many days as you wish, and the company will take care of your car.

Shuttle Service for Cardiff Airport

Most of the parking spots are near the airport, but most of them are uncovered. In case you want a covered parking spot, then you can select the option while booking the spot online. Covered spots are in city center, and for this reason you will have to travel all the way from the parking spot to airport. Well, TravelCar have got you covered for this also, as you can use their free shuttle service that will drop you at Cardiff Airport in less than 5 minutes, and is free of charge. You can select the time for the shuttle service as per your need using the online menu.