Best Car Rental in Southampton

Southampton is a port city on the South Coast of England. It is abbreviated as Soton, and the residents are called Sotonians. It lies at the confluence of Itchen and River Test and is known as the cruise capital of England. It is a diverse, vibrant and friendly city with a waterfront location which adds to its uniqueness. The climate in this city is the mildest compared to all other places in the United Kingdom. Regarding the built-up area, it is the sixth largest in England with a population of over 1.5 million it is considered as one of the most populous cities.

It is considered as the commercial and cultural capital of South England and is a great place to visit for all ages. Moving around the city is comfortable with TravelCar’s cheap car rental Southampton or using public transport links.

Cheap Car Rental in Southampton

Affordable Prices

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Easy Bookings

Booking a cheap car hire in Southampton airport or any other significant locations is easy. Booking can be made online or by phone. The online interface is user-friendly, and there is a clear description of the type of vehicles based on the number of people traveling, pricing and availability. The registration process for booking is also short and simple, and the reservation can be made in real-time so that you can choose a car based on your preference of dates and period. The interface is crisp, and thus the booking is painless fast and can be completed within a few clicks.

Car Sharing Option

TravelCar has a free parking option that helps your car earn money for you. List your vehicle with the company to rent when you are on vacation. They rent it to their trusted clients. Every mile the car is driven, the owner gets paid. Additionally, the owner gets a rental car at a discount in the place heshe is visiting.

Flexible Plans

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Payments are Secure

The payments made while booking online or offline is extremely secure as it is integrated with secure payment gateways. They ensure security standards are stringent so that the customer can make payments without any fear of getting cheated. The transactions are completed quickly without any hassles.

Excellent Customer Service

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TravelCar offers many insurance packages that a traveler can choose. They have a comprehensive package that covers damage and theft. They also provide insurance cover of up to $1 million in liability to include third-party claims. A thorough check of all the vehicles is done before renting and after the return is performed to ensure that there are no damages to the car. The company also assists the insurance claim in case of damage to the vehicle.

A Wide Range Of Vehicles in Southampton

TravelCar offers a wide range of vehicles for visiting the city.

  • Economy: Is best if you are looking for an affordable car which can save you some money. It is usually a five-seater with some space for luggage; it offers better mileage than other vehicles.
  • Compact: Like the economy cars, these are also five seaters but can take in more luggage than the economy version and the seating is even more comfortable.
  • Intermediate, full size and mid-size: Although these are also five-seaters, it provides more leg room, comfortable seating, and more luggage space. The downside of this car is that they offer less mileage.
  • Luxury: If you are looking for luxury car hire in Southampton, TravelCar offers the best in class vehicles with all the bells and whistles so that you can travel in style and luxury.

Automatic car hire Southampton popular among travelers and TravelCar has a range of automatic cars for hire. They also have SUV’s, minivans, passenger vans on offer.

Driving in Southampton City

The city of Southampton is vibrant and has many cultural attractions, numerous nightlife activities, and lots of open green spaces. It’s a great place to visit, shop, eat and enjoy the music and arts. Moreover, it is well connected having many trains, buses, and ferries. Travel and sightseeing in this city become convenient and easy if you chose TravelCar.

Medieval City Walls

There are many guided tours of the walls. These medieval walls built in the 14th century is the third longest unbroken wall in Britain. It was got from the Wind Whistle Tower. Along the way, you can see the St Michael’s which is the only church remaining of the medieval era and the only one with the Norman relics. To the south of the walls is the Mayflower Park, Mayflower Memorial and the 14th-century warehouse the Wool House. The God’s house tower which is the 12th-century hospital is also nearby on the Winkle Street.

Tudor House and Garden

This magnificent building in St. Michael’s square was built in the 15th century by a wealthy family and is now converted into a museum. Many Victorian and Edwardian era exhibits are displayed in this old house which spans a local history of 900 years. The museum has free audio guides for visitors looking for information on its history; there are also many artifacts and Victorian jewelry on display. Also, visit the classic Medieval Merchant’s home located in the French Street. This townhouse was built in 1290 and is the lone surviving building of this kind. There are many wall hangings, furniture, etc. which gives an insight into the way of living of a wealthy family in that era.

Sea City Museum

This place shows Britain’s rich marine history and also the contribution of Southampton's people to it. It narrates stories of people who arrived and departed on this port and its connection to the Titanic which sailed in 1912. This museum also has an Art gallery with many exciting works by English artists from 1750 to date.

Old town and Bargate

To the south of this city lies the old town where there are many unique places to visit. It is a place where many famous people resided like William Shakespeare, Henry V, Jane Austen, and Isaac Watts. The Bargate is the entry point to the old town and is a place for art exhibitions and other events, this gateway to the medieval city is 800 years old. Plaques of all the key happenings which includes Roman settlement to the latest event of the inauguration of the National Oceanography Centre have been placed from Bargate to the waterside.

SS Shield Hall

This steamship was built in 1954 and is among the Historic fleet of Britain. It is also the longest working steamship in Europe. This fully restored vessel is a shining example of the machinery expertise which was typical of the ships that sailed in the 1870’s. SS Shield is a regular in the Maritime festival of Southampton which is a summer event with many activities and attractions. It is also famous for educational outings and sightseeing among visitors.

Netley Abbey

It was built in 1239; these ruins were a great inspiration to many English poets, writers, and artists like John Constable. Netley Village is also known for its association with Queen Victoria. The fountain stone for the Florence Nightingale designed Royal Victoria Military hospital was laid by the Queen. There is also a 200 acre Royal Victoria County Park and a small beach in this Abbey.

Driving in Southampton Area

Mayflower Theatre

It is a venue with 2000 seats and is the host for many west end productions. Some of the famous ones like the Les Miserables, Hairspray, West Side Story has been screened in this 90-year-old grade 11 listed theatre. This venue is also a famous spot for major musical events and comedy shows. They also host many dinner events with themed menus.

As a traveler getting here is easy, you can rent a car from TravelCar or use the train and get off at the Southampton Central Station which is near the theatre.

The Art House

The art house is a community-run cafe along with being a venue space and a gallery. It hosts events, exhibitions, workshops, live music shows, book clubs, film clubs, open mic shows, and many such activities. Apart from an organic Vegetarian cafe, it also sells crafts, books, artwork and other such unique things that you can take home as a souvenir.

Use SO14 7DW on SatNav if traveling by car. To use public transport, it is a 10-minute walk from Southampton Central Train station.

New Forest Wildlife Park

This park is a haven for butterflies. This butterfly house is open from April to October only. There are many beautiful and exotic butterflies flying around if you are lucky you may catch pupae coming from the cocoons, but if not there are many other things to spot like the caterpillar or the stick insect.

Get to this park by car using SO40 4UH on the SatNav. If you are using the public transport, take the Bluestar 6 and stop at Ashurst.

Caskaway Tasting Rooms

Is among the few micropubs in Southampton and you can get to taste top-notch beers, ciders, spirits and wines as the name suggests. On any night you can get to sample around 18 brews from independent brewers, and most of it can get delivered to your table. They also host music shows which adds to its appeal and serve some delicious pork pies, sausage rolls, etc. to go with the drinks. To get to this micropub, use SO14 3DP on the SatNav.

Shopping at WestQuay

The west quay is the one-stop destination if you are looking to buy for international brands. This shopping center has significant stores like the Marks and Spencer and John Lewis with a wide range of shops for lifestyle fashion, technology and much more. Many cafe and restaurants in the shopping center will satisfy your palate.

Reach WestQuay by car using SO15 1QF postcode on SatNav; if you are using the train, the Southampton Central station is a five-minute walk to WestQuay.

Driving in England

If you are visiting Southampton and driving a car, then there are a few things that you should be aware. The foremost thing to know is that you should drive on the left side of the road. At all times when you are driving, you should have your passport or id, valid driver’s license and insurance handy.

The speed limit for vehicles are:



Motorways and dual-carriageways


Built-up roads


Schools, residential areas


Beware that you will be fined if you are found texting while driving. Also, the driver and the passenger has to wear the seatbelts. There are certain road etiquettes that you should follow like no honking, no jumping queue, etc. Familiarize yourself before you start driving the vehicle.