Cheap Car Rental in Reading

Reading is a large town in Berkshire, South England. It is pronounced as Redding and not ‘Reeding’ and is surrounded by River Thames and River Kennet. The Reading became a settlement way back in the 8th century and was an important town for trading in the period of medieval and Tudor. The town is now famous as a commercial center and has many industries like information technology, insurance, and biopharma but was historically known for its ‘3B’s’ which was Bulbs, Biscuits, and Beer. The Reading was declared as the top-ranked place for economic well-being and success due to its great employment opportunities. It is also the largest town in the UK without the city status and has a population of 318014 as of 2011 census.

Apart from Reading being a commercial and retail center it has many tourist attractions including the medieval abbey ruins, Thames countryside and much more. The best way to visit these places is using TravelCar which is a popular car rental in Reading.

Cheap Car Rental in Reading

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Driving in Reading

Reading has many attractions like the ruins of the medieval abbey, the greenery surrounding the Thames Valley, shopping centers, restaurants and more.

Reading Museum

The reading museum has displays of the past from the Saxon settlement, Medieval Abbey and the 21st century. A gallery of the artifacts of bronze eagle done in the 1st century and was found in 1866 is on display. It also has excavated pieces from Reading Abbey and a copy of the Bayeux Tapestry. The Window’s gallery in the Reading museum houses the artwork of Jacob Epstein, Auguste Rodin and many more. You can also see the Gallery of Huntley and Palmers which depicts the biscuit industry's growth in Victorian times.

Forbury Gardens

Forbury Gardens is a public park close to the railway station. This park was once an open space in the Reading Abbey and after its dissolution, it was used to store guns in the Napoleon era and during the civil war. Somewhere in the 19th century, a huge monument of the Maiwand Lion was installed as a mark of respect to the martyrs of the 66th Berkshire Regiment. It later became a public park and now has a lot of crowd wanting some green space. It has ample lawn space and also a bandstand which attracts office goers at lunchtime.

Abbey Ruins

The Reading Abbey ruins lie to the south of the Forbury Gardens and are surrounded by modern commercial buildings. According to historians, Henry VIII in 1538 suppressed the abbey and dissolved the monasteries. He also ordered Hugh Cook Farington to be hanged and thereafter not used. These ruins are now Grade 1 listed and have not been used for more than 500 years. Entry to the chapter house is allowed. The ruins contain a pilgrim’s dormitory which is now a nursery for children and the Gothic style Abbey gateway was also restored.

Mable Durham House

This Elizabethan house was built in 1585 and has been recently refurbished. It lies very close to the Thames River and offers weekday tours. Inside the house lies many wondrous things one of them is the priest hole built in the 16th century to hide clergies. There is also the Mapledurham Hill built in 1400’s and altered over time, this place was a flour mill till the World War II and is in working condition. The house produced and sells energy to the National grid and used the hydroelectric turbine to generate it. There is also St Margaret’s church and a cafe that serves scones freshly baked there.

Kennet and Avon Cannon Walk

It was built between 1718 and 1810; this long waterway was used to transport coal and stones to London from Somerset. It is lined by trees of chestnut and is busy with visitors during summer. This canal towpath attracts a lot of swans and geese and also houses a prison of yesteryear. Towards the east of this waterway is Village Sonning which has the sailing club of Reading with pubs and cafes.

Berkshire aviation Museum

The main attraction of this museum is the aircraft that was in operation in the early 20th century. The other unique exhibits are the jet trainer, jet Gyrodyne, target tug of WW II and a Miles martinet. Apart from that, it has machines manufactured and assembled by Miles Aircraft and anti-submarine bomber called Fairney Gannet and airliner Handley Page. This museum is open on weekends and Wednesdays.

Beale Wildlife Park and gardens

Opened in the year 1956 this zoo is a mix of many things which includes gardens, animal exhibits and an amusement park for kids. This zoo has a barn and snowy owls, macaws, caracaras and more. There are enclosures of alpacas, meerkats, Cameroon sheep, and wallabies.

There is a lot of entertainment for kids with a play area, water garden, and miniature train.

Driving in Reading Area

Reading considered as a commercial place has a lot to offer for tourists.

Ascot Racecourse

This famous English racecourse is situated in the town of Ascot. It is renowned for the horse racing of its thoroughbred and is among the leading racecourses in the UK. It is near the Windsor Castle and thus its association with the Royal family of Britain. Visitors can travel to this racecourse hiring a car from TravelCar and can find enough parking space or can take the South West train from reading to Ascot.

Dinton Pastures

Enjoy nature’s beauty at its best at Dinton Pastures. It is a 450-acre green space with many lakes, bird hides and meadows. This award-winning play space has something for everybody who visits it. There are many activities that you can book yourselves in or relax in the park. They have kayaking, canoeing, sailing, fishing boat hire and much more along with having a golf course. Use the south-west trains or the Great Western railways and get off Winnersh, if you are driving then it is 30 minutes’ drive from Reading. Enter RG10 0TH on the satnav to reach here.

The Oracle

Experience shopping like never before at the Oracle. There are stores like the Higo Boss, Kiko Milano, House of Fraser and much more. It is also a place for great dining with riverside cafes, restaurants, and bars. Summer is the best time to visit this place where you can sit and relax by the riverside. During winter, they put up the biggest Christmas tree of the Thames Valley.

You can get here by car using Satnav RG1 2LR, RG1 2AG and by train using the Reading’s train station which is a 5-minute walk.


This place is a must-visit for kids and adults alike. This resort has many rides and attractions which includes flying through treetops, escaping dragons, underwater adventure, Star Wars display and much more.

To get to Legoland by car use the Windsor-Ascot road and is a few miles from the Windsor town center. Take the London-Paddington Great Western Railway or the London-Waterloo South West train and then alight the shuttle bus to the park.

Windsor castle

If you are in this area, then it's a must-visit as you can get a bird’s eye view of the city from the Windsor castle. It is the oldest and the largest castle which is still occupied and is the residence of the Queen. There is no car parking for visitors, and hence it is best to use public transport. The train station which is close to this castle is the Windsor-Eton Central or the Windsor-Eton Riverside.

Driving in England

Driving in the UK can be challenging- you need to drive on the left side of the road. The traffic is pretty slow in peak hours. As a visitor to the town of Reading it is essential that you carry your insurance, ID and driving license during the times you drive a car. Insurance is valid only for a year from the date of the last visit to the UK.

The speed limit for vehicles are

Undivided Roads


Motorways and dual-carriageways


Urban roads


Schools, residential areas


Texting and driving is a punishable offense and so is parking in unmarked ones. Wearing seatbelts is mandatory for drivers and all passengers of the car.