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The history of Liverpool started in 1207 C.E. when the then monarch of England, King John, ordered for the creation of the Liverpool borough which was upgraded to a city circa 1880.

Liverpool is the city of The Beatles and the world-famous football leagues –Liverpool FC and Everton. Many centers and docklands of the city are UNESCO heritage sites.

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A Wide Range of Vehicles in Liverpool

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Driving in Liverpool

Being one of the most visited cities in the UK, Liverpool offers many exciting places of historical and cultural importance. If that is not your scene then indulge in the gastronomical delights of the city with ample water holes and pubs for your perusal.

The Albert Dock

The first place on the itinerary of your Liverpool sojourn ought to be The Albert Dock, a world heritage site. Inaugurated in 1846, Albert Dock was an important cog in the 19th-century global trade. With almost 40 percent of the world’s maritime trade passing its way during the 1800s, Albert Dock went through many ups and downs in its long life which involved the war years and even abandonment till the year 1981 when the city council decided to renovate the historic site.

Now, The Albert Dock is the most visited and loved places of Liverpool with museums, restaurants, and shopping stops dotting this iconic site. It is perhaps the most happening place in the city.

The Beatles Story

Are you a Beatles fan? If yes, then head toward The Beatles Story located at The Albert Docks premises. It showcases the lives, music, culture and interesting tit-bits of the Fab Four. The Beatles Story museum houses memorabilia, the band’s interviews and offers an immersive experience to the visitors.

Visit The Beatles Story and be a part of the times and lives of the legends of the music world.

Mersey Ferries

Enjoy Liverpool’s waterfront in Mersey ferries which offers the best views of the city and the World Heritage site, The Albert Dock. Hop in a ferry, choose a spot and lose yourself in the smooth glide of the ferry which moves between Liverpool and Birkenhead along the Wirral Peninsula, a route which has been in use since the 12th century CE. A 50-minute ride around the waterside of the city will win your heart with many Instagram-perfect moments for you to click and capture!

The Cavern Club

Not the original Cavern Club which was built to resemble a famous jazz club in Paris and later popularized by the Beatles who performed there a lot of times, the new Cavern Club at 7, Matthew Street was remodeled along the lines of the original one and even constructed of the bricks of the old.

The Cavern Club has live music and an old-world ambiance for you to soak in. Many famous and up-coming bands have performed at the Club and continue to do so. The walls of the Club are adorned with the posters of all the singers/bands who sang there and be sure to keep your camera-phone ready to pose on the stage in front of the wall with the names of all bands that have performed in the Club written on it.

International Slavery Museum

This museum is part of the Merseyside Maritime Museum at Albert Dock and focuses on transatlantic slave trade. The gallery shows the lives of the West Africans and their enslavement. It also displays the history behind the freedom struggle of the slaves and the famous names attached to the struggle. Walk around and find out the forms of slavery as it exists today among other things.

Radio City Tower

A trip to Liverpool would be incomplete without climbing to the top of its second tallest free-standing building. Originally built with a revolving restaurant at the top with its rooftop serving as an observation deck, the Tower is now home to the offices and studio of the radio station. You can still pay a visit to the viewing gallery and enjoy a 360-degree view of the city.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Completed in 1967 and envisioned by the famous architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral should definitely be on your must-see-in-Liverpool list. Climb up the stairs and enter the conical-shaped cathedral which looks as if it’s wearing a crown. Cast in gothic revivalist architecture, the cathedral has a beautiful interior with concentric rows of seats and a stained glass tower in colors of yellow, red and blue.

Driving In Glasgow Area

There are many places around Liverpool which are easily accessible by road.

Chester Zoo and city

Home to around 12 thousand animals of which many are endangered, Chester Zoo at the suburbs of Upton by Chester, is one of the largest zoos in the UK. Opened by George Mottershead in 1931, the zoo is one of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries in the UK with more than a million visitors each year. The suburb is in the outskirts of Chester city and can be reached in 40 minutes via M53 from Liverpool.

Veering away from the traditional cages and bars which penned the animals, Mottershead and his family wanted to build a haven for animal species where they can roam around freely. The zoo still adheres to the same concept and offers many sights and scenes with a monorail, daily talks and waterbus rides.

If you feel like visiting Chester then the city has a lot to offer with many restaurants and shopping centers and places of historical importance. The museums and architecture of the buildings in Chester have a uniqueness of their own.

Ness Botanical Gardens, Parkgate

Situated along the River Dee, Parkgate is a beautiful little village near Chester. Visit the village that lies on the Wirral Peninsula to slurp at country style home-made ice cream or gobble on a rich variety of seafood, courtesy the Dee River. On the Dee River estuary, within 10 minutes reach of Parkgate, are Ness Botanical Gardens which are 64 acres wide. A wealthy cotton trader named Arthur Kiplin Bulley laid down the garden in 1898 and since then the garden has evolved to a large extent. These are award winning beautifully maintained gardens. Lois Bulley, Arthur’s daughter signed over the gardens to the University of Liverpool in 1948 with a condition that her father’s beloved creation should remain accessible to the public. Adorned with a waterfall, Ness Botanical Gardens should not be missed.

Formby and Crosby beaches

Formby is 33 minutes’ drive from Liverpool via the A565 route. A commuter town in the borough of Sefton, Formby has beautiful beaches and pinewoods. It is also known for its wildlife, especially the natterjack toad and red squirrel. The Formby Coast is famous for two of its main spots; the LifeBoat Road and the Victorian Road.

Crosby is a coastal town with sunny beaches lining the coast. These towns are within easy distance of Liverpool along the same route.

If you find time away from the beach then roam about the towns and imbibe the local culture, food, and drinks. There are plenty of shops to go around and splurge too!

Martin Mere Nature Reserve near Ormskirk

Nature lovers must visit this reserve for the sheer variety of birds, amphibians, and mammals. The eco-garden and wetlands of the Martin Mere which has been constructed to make the fauna feel at home are a delight to experience. If you take the A5038 road, a 50-minute drive through panoramic countryside view would take you to this reserve.

Talacre beach

An hour’s drive via M53 and A548 would take you to the small village of Talacre, of Flintshire which is woven with memories of generations of people living around the Merseyside area. The golden sand beaches and the Point of Ayr lighthouse, built in 1776, is a must-visit place if you are not afraid of some spooky friends! Legend has it that the Lighthouse is haunted, with some locals swearing of sightings of a figure wearing medieval styled lighthouse keeper clothes.

Things to remember while driving in the UK

If you have a valid driver’s license then you are good to go. To make things even easier for your driving experience in the UK, try and get an International Driving Permit (IDP) which you can show along with your driver’s license. However, an IDP cannot be used in place of a driver’s license! Remember to drive on the left side of the road. Miles per hour is what you will see on the speed limit signs and do keep in mind to overtake a vehicle from the ride side. Mind the zebra crossing for the pedestrians and if using mobiles then use a headset or a hands-free device.

Do not forget that seatbelt. And children aged 12 or less should be made to sit in a child restraint of their size.

The standard speed limits in the UK are as follows:

Urban areas

20-30 mph

Rural areas

60 mph


70 mph

National Roads

70 mph