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Luton is a large town located in Bedfordshire in England. It is located on the side of River Lea which is on the south-east side of the Great Britain Isle. Luton is only 30 miles away from London. The earliest settlement in Luton is believed to have occurred over 250,000 years ago. Luton was well known for its famous hats in the early days. In 1905, Vauxhall Motors started manufacturing cars in this town. The Luton Airport was opened in 1938. It even served as an RAF base during World War II. With a population of around 214,700, Luton is a brimming town that offers plenty to visitors from all over the world.

Car Rental in Luton

If you are planning on visiting Luton, it would be a good idea to rent a vehicle from TravelCar to take in all the wonderful sights that Luton and the nearby areas have to offer.

Flexible Rental Plans

While renting a car from car rental services like TravelCar, you can pick out any one of the flexible rental plans as per the length of your stay. TravelCar also offers you the option of changing your plans to make your trip as seamless as possible. Once you rent a vehicle, you can enjoy the different sights of Luton at your own pace and even extend your stay if you wish to do so. If you prefer car rental Luton airport, TravelCar will make the necessary arrangements for you.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Planning a trip to a new town or city can be a daunting affair if you are on a low budget. TravelCar is here to offer you unbeatable rental prices on top of the line vehicles for your satisfaction. You can stay within budget and enjoy your stay at Luton and even drive up to London if you wish to see more of the big city. TravelCar staff can even arrange the vehicle you have rented to be picked up or dropped off at any location you desire, to make your stay in Luton as comfortable as possible.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

With the rising number of road accidents being reported every day, it is inconceivable to rent a car that does not have the necessary insurance coverage. TravelCar takes the utmost care in making sure that their entire fleets of vehicles are all insured and that the documents are up to date. In case you get into any unexpected road accident or mishap, you need not worry about your co-passengers or yourself.

Easy To Use Service

The website launched by TravelCar is easy to use and has all the information you need to rent a vehicle to be used in Luton. In case you live in another part of the globe, you can arrange to have our rented vehicle delivered to the airport on the day you arrive. This will help make your journey as seamless as possible. You can look through the extensive range of vehicles at TravelCar and pick one that will suit your requirements based on the number of people, luggage to be carried, terrain that will be covered and so on.

24/7 Customer Service

TravelCar prides itself on offering 24/7 customer services to all of its clients. Even though there is a very low probability of running into any trouble, you still need not worry, because the TravelCar staff will be on standby to help you out any time of the day or night.

Professional Services

TravelCar makes sure the staff is able to handle any request put forth by customers. You can be assured of professional services at all times. In fact, the staff at TravelCar are also trained to help you plan out an itinerary based on your interests. This is why TravelCar is often rated to be the number one car rental service in the country.

Exemplary Fleet of Vehicles

Based on your requirements, Travel Car will match you up with one of the exemplary vehicles from their fleet of cars. You can pick out any rental plan based on your travel duration. TravelCar makes sure that all its vehicles are serviced regularly and are in top notch condition. TravelCar also offers cheap car hire Luton to let you enjoy the town for as long as you like.

A Wide Range of Vehicles in Luton

With a wide range of vehicles, TravelCar promises to meet your travel requirements during your stay in Luton. TravelCar has vehicles of all sizes ranging from the Mini if you are traveling alone, to the spacious SUVs if you are traveling with family and friends. In case you are traveling with a larger group of people Travel Car will also arrange a minivan for your satisfaction. In case you are not sure of which vehicle to pick out, the staff at TravelCar will help you out based on the number of passengers and the luggage you will be carrying.

Driving In Luton

Wardown Park Museum

The Wardown Park Museum is located on the Old Bedford Road, just on the outskirts of Luton. You can easily reach this museum by renting a car from TravelCar. The museum collection includes plenty of examples of early lace-making and hat-making samples. You can even find samples from the early 17th century. During World War I, this building functioned as the Wardown Voluntary Aid Detachment. The first floor of the museum was refurbished and reopened in 2003. The museum collection gives the visitors a glimpse into the life of Luton locals over the past 150 years. You will also be able to see historic photographs of the town on the computer screens set up in the gallery. You can also find collections related to the natural history and archeology on the ground floor. The Lace Gallery proudly exhibits some of the fine laceworks that were produced by local workers in the earlier days.

Stockwood Park & Museum

The Stockwood Park is a public park located in the heart of Luton. About 100 hectares in size, this park includes formal period gardens, the Stockwood Park Rugby Club, as well as museums. In fact, the earlier Stockwood Park Museum was transformed into the Stockwood Discovery Centre in 2008. This spectacular museum attracts plenty of visitors from all over the globe. It has been specifically designed with sustainable principles and environmentally friendly practices in mind. The museum introduces you to the stories of thousands of people behind the museum collection. A visit to the Stockwood Park helps you get a lot of fresh air and get closer to nature as well as delve into history at the Stockwood Discovery Centre. It is the perfect location for an outing with friends and family. With options of a budget car hire Luton to airport¸ TravelCar is the best way to get around in Luton.

Mossman Carriage Collection

If you are making a visit to the Stockwood Park, do not forget to check out the Mossman Carriage Collection. It is considered to be the largest collection of horse-drawn carriages in the country. It includes vehicles going as long back as the 18th century. You will be able to see carriages that were used in Britain as long back as the 1930s. The collection includes vehicles that were used by tradesmen, ordinary peoples and even those used by the British nobility. The Mossman Carriage collection gives you a chance to see how people used to move from one location to the other before the invention of cars.

Dunstable Downs

If you are interested in trying out the different activities that Luton has to offer, you need to take a trip to the Dunstable Downs. They are a part of the Chiltern Hills and are a short drive from Luton. In fact, the Dunstable Downs have the honor of being the highest point in the Bedfordshire County. The Whipsnade Zoo was set up on the side of the Dunstable Downs. In fact, you can even catch a glimpse of the lion at the zoo from the B489 point. The downs are often used by kite fliers gliders, paragliders and hang gliders because of its height. You can even check out the London Gliding Club set up the foot of Dunstable Downs.

Luton Town Hall

The historical Luton Town Hall can be found at the junction of the Upper George Street, Manchester Street and George Street in Luton. The original building was built in 1846 but was unfortunately burnt to the ground in 1919 during the Peace Day Riots. The present town hall building was built in 1936 at the same location. The bell hung in the tower is considered to be one of the heaviest in the county.

Driving In Luton Area

With Luton being only 30 miles away from London, you can easily visit the following location by renting a suitable vehicle from Travel Car.

Buckingham Palace

A visit to London is considered to be incomplete without a tour of the historic Buckingham Palace. The beautifully decorated Stat Rooms, the throne room, the grand staircase, the exquisite sculptures and painting, antique furniture, grand interiors, and delicate porcelain are sure to take your breath away. If you time your visit properly, you will even be able to see the “changing of the Guard.” The Buckingham Palace has been witness to history, mystery, nobility and plenty more. You can get a glimpse into the long history of the United Kingdom just by taking a tour of this magnificent Palace. The TravelCar Luton airport car hire center will help you pick out a vehicle to tour around the city in no time.

The London Eye

If you would like to see London in all its beauty, a word of advice is to head straight for the London Eye. You will be able to see the beautiful city in all its glory as it comes to life in front of our eyes. The London Eye is also a great way to get a glimpse of the historical landmarks in the city if you are short on time. The 30 minutes spent on the London Eye will change your perspective of the city forever.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is famous all over the world for their life like wax replica of celebrities and famous personalities. You will be able to see many icons face to face and even shake a hand or two. If you are interested in seeing how the sculptures are made, you can check out the work behind the scenes. Madame Tussauds has been adding wax figures to their collection ever since they first opened.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is often associated with executions and torture. The Tower of London was initially built by the Norman King as a sign of his power. It even served as residence to several kings. However, today it is more famous for the priceless Crown Jewels that it houses. You will often find a long queue of people waiting outside the tower to get a glimpse of these magnificent jewels. It would be a good idea to come early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the long queue.

London Bridge

Most children grow up singing the song ’London Bridge is falling down’ without knowing about this historic bridge. Made out of over 11,000 tons of steel, the London Bridge is one of the iconic symbols of London today. With the ability to be able to open up and allow larger vessels to pass through London Bridge has made helped make it easier to reach the harbor. Glass floors have been installed just forty meters above the river to allow visitors to see the bridge open and close exactly below their feet.

Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey holds an important place in the country’s history. Almost every royal coronation has taken place here and has also been witness to several royal marriages. It is also home to another iconic symbol of London city, the Big Ben. A visit to London is incomplete without visiting the magnificent Westminster Abbey. Remember to plan your visit in the morning to see all the beautiful carving and architecture in all its glory. TravelCar is considered to be the best agency offering car hire in Luton town center.

The British Museum

If you are interested in history, make your way straight to the British Museum. It houses several millions of objects that will fill you with awe and wonder. It will enable you to get a glimpse into the long and remarkable history of England.

Driving in United Kingdom

Driving in the United Kingdom can be tricky if it is the first time you are driving to the left side of the road. It would be a good idea to practice on side roads and deserted roads before taking on the main roads. Since there are plenty of driving rules that need to be followed in the country, it is advisable to take a look at the various rules in order to avoid getting fined. For example, the congestion rule states that you need to pay a particular amount in order to have permission to drive the vehicle between 7 am to 6 pm. TravelCar will be more than happy to share a copy of the rules with you so that you can have a pleasant stay in Luton.

Speed Limits for cars in the UK

Single Carriageways

Dual Carriageways

Areas near schools

Vehicles weighing less than 3.05t

Sixty mph

Seventy mph

Twenty mph

Vehicles weighing more than 3.05t

Fifty mph

Sixty mph

Twenty mph

A non-UK driving license is valid only for 365 days starting from the date the license holder arrived in the country for the first time.

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