Derby Downtown Parking

On the banks of River Derwent lies the city of Derby, in South Derbyshire. Derby was earlier a county town and got the status of a city only in 1977. The population of Derby has increased from 248,752 in 2011 to 254,374 in 2016 mainly due to a thriving economy led by the auto and auto ancillary industry.

Derby is known in history as the birthplace of Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom and was also a prime center for the British rail industry. Derby has always been a center for advanced transport manufacturing and has manufacturing units for Rolls- Royce, Toyota Manufacturing and Derby Litchurch Lane Works, UK’s first train manufacturer.

Although the city is away from any sea bodies, it still has an oceanic climate with humidity. Still, it’s a lovely place to visit and explore.

The city offers engaging museums, art galleries, historic monuments, shopping centers and much more. While at Derby, one must visit the Intu shopping center, the Cathedral Quarter, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, the Heights of Abraham, the Craft Village, Darley Park, and the Silk Mill.

Brief History of Derby

The name Derby is said to have originated from the Roman Township which settled there called “Derventio” and pronounced as “Derbentio”. Some records also state that Derby is evolved from the Viking language word “Deoraby” which means “Village of the deer”. As per archeological records, both Romans and Vikings had settlements in Derby and co-existed at the same time.

Derby and its township Derbyshire were instrumental in the Industrial Revolution during the 17th Century. The city built the first water-powered silk mill as well as a Cotton spinning mill, thus using a form of power which was unknown until then. This proved to be a major turning point in the Industrial Revolution. Jedediah Strutt, from Derby, built machinery called Derby Rib Attachment which revolutionized the manufacturing of hose or stockings.

The city also produced famous painters like Joseph Wright and scientists Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin.

In the 18th Century, Derby established its railway's system and played a central role in Britain's railway history.

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Parking in Derby

Derby city was at the heart of Britain’s Industrial Revolution and provides some great insights into how it became popular for spearheading some of the latest technologies in Silk and Cotton manufacturing along with being the hub for automotive industries as well. Derby also caters to art lovers and families with its art galleries and beautiful parks. Some of the famous sightseeing points in Derby are:

Intu Shopping Center

The Intu shopping center also called “Intu Derby” is 3 storied retail outlet built in the city center. The shopping center is one of the main attractions for tourists as well as locals with all major brands having their retail shops in the center along with theatre, restaurants, and cafes. Intu Derby offers a complete experience with retail therapy as well as good eating and entertainment options. The shopping center was earlier called “Westfield” but was bought over from the Westfield Group in March’94 and renamed as Intu Derby. Do visit Intu Derby for a day of shopping and fun.

The Cathedral Quarter

The Cathedral Quarter in Derby is a large area enclosing many tourist spots as well as the Derby Cathedral. The Derby Tourist Information center is situated inside the Cathedral Quarter as well. The Cathedral Quarter is always brimming with tourists and visitors. Anyone who is visiting Derby will definitely visit the Cathedral Quarter. The site also hosts many events and functions for the locals and is a famous landmark.

The Derby Museum & Art Gallery

The Derby Museum and Art Gallery was opened in 1879 and showcases the paintings of famous painter from Derby- Joseph Wright. The museum also has a large display of archeological finds, military collections and the remnant of world culture. The Museum and Art Gallery are inside the Cathedral Quarter next to Derby Central Library. A visit to the museum takes you down Derby’s history and many untold stories. The Art Gallery represents the best that Derby has to offer and its respect for the Arts. A must visit for all art and history enthusiasts!

The Heights of Abraham

The Heights of Abraham is a cable car ride in Derby which connects Matlock Bath town with Heights of Abraham site which consists of a hilltop park. The cable car or Gondola ride is operational since 1984 and has 4 trains with 3 cabins each. One cabin can seat 6 people. The cable car crosses River Derwent on its course to Heights of Abraham and is a beautiful sight. The main park- Heights of Abraham is built atop Mason hill and provides bird's eye view of the valley of River Derwent. The park also has caverns and mine tours.

Heights of Abraham park and the cable car is a good way to spend the day at Derby with family and kids.

The Craft Village

The Craft Village at Markeaton is like a fantasy land for art and craft lovers! The village has various shops offering handmade chocolates, hand painted pottery where you can paint a pot as well. Some shops display furniture handiwork while a few others offer classes in clay modeling. There are shops ranging selling jewelry, clothes and a lot of fun activities to do as well. It’s the perfect place to spend a day with kids and feel like one as well!

The Darley Park

One of Derby’s most popular open spaces- The Darley Park is built over 80 acres near the banks of River Derwent. It is a beautifully landscaped garden ideal for family picnics and fun. The park has the largest collection of Hydrangeas in Britain. The park hosts the annual Darley Park Concert and is visited by hundreds of locals and tourists every week. It’s a quiet piece of nature in the middle of the city and offers beautiful scenery along with serenity.

Silk Mill

The Derby Silk Mill is a museum built at the original site of the erstwhile Silk Mill which was a catalyst in the 17th century Industrial Revolution. The museum traces Derby’s industrial history and how it began Silk and Cotton Manufacturing during the 17th century. There is also a mention of the automotive industry in Derby which produced Rolls-Royce and Toyota Cars. The main headquarters of both the automobile companies are at Derby.


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