EKO uniPark (16)

The cheapest uniPark parking lot in Vilnius airport. Address is Dariaus ir Gireno st. 53, Vilnius. The parking lot is for long-term parking. It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the airport by foot (about 750 meters).

Địa chỉ đỗ xe

53 Dariaus ir Gireno, LT-02188 Vilnius, LT

Hướng dẫn

You can enter parking lot during the time provided in your reservation.
To enter the parking lot, please follow these steps:
1. Stop the car at the entrance barrier;
2. Wait for the camera to read the car license plate and for the barrier to be raised;
3. After the barrier is raised, enter the parking lot and place the car in any free space, if there are no signs prohibiting parking.
If car license plate was read incorrectly, please inform us by phone or email



thứ hai
  • 00:00 - 23:59
thứ ba
  • 00:00 - 23:59
thứ tư
  • 00:00 - 23:59
thứ năm
  • 00:00 - 23:59
thứ sáu
  • 00:00 - 23:59
thứ bảy
  • 00:00 - 23:59
chủ nhật
  • 00:00 - 23:59

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