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Best Parking offers near Seattle Airport

Seattle Airport is considered to be one of the busiest airport because it is the main hub for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. Every year million of passengers use this airport for international and domestic flights. Due to the large number of human traffic using this airport, parking has been a major problem associated with this airport. TravelCar can help you in choosing the perfect spot for parking by online booking.

No Parking near Seattle Airport

Seattle Airport is ranked at 28th number for busiest airports in the world. Although the parking lot that the airport has is capable of parking 13,000 cars at a time, still its not enough and people have to wait in long queues to park their cars. In 2016 alone, this airport served around over 45 million passengers. It is located in the city of SeaTac, approximately 21km south of Downtown Seattle. Parking has been a major problem since the construction and many people have complained about it.

Cheapest and Secured Parking for Seattle Airport

Seattle Airport is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, and due to this fact, people are having trouble finding a parking spot. Even if they find one, the parking is quite expensive. TravelCar helps you to find a perfect parking spot by using online booking. You can book your desired parking spot online near Seattle Airport. The staff at TravelCar makes sure that you pay minimum amount for parking near Seattle Airport. All the parking spots are highly secured and are under 24/7 surveillance cameras. The staff at TravelCar is very strict in terms of their security plans and they want to make sure that customers are happy with the level of security.

TravelCar also has an option of Free Shuttle Service. If you’ve booked your parking spot which is little further from Seattle Airport, then you can use this service so that after parking your car, you can take an instant ride from the spot to airport. The shuttle service takes about 5 to 10 mins depending on your location. You can use this service by selecting this service during online booking. It’s free of cost and can help you reach airport as soon as possible. Also, in case the parking spot you’ve selected is too tight, or if you are getting late for your flight, then you can use their valet service that will help you to park your car.

You can also select between covered and uncovered parking near the airport using the online booking option. All the parking spots for your desired type will appear and you can select the most feasible one. All of the parking spots are highly secure, so you don’t have to worry about anything regarding security.

Free Parking for Seattle Airport

If you are travelling for a long-period, then you can get free parking from TravelCar. How this works is very simple, in case you are travelling for a long period, then TravelCar will be using your car for that duration for their purposes. You will even get paid for it and your parking cost will vanish. TravelCar makes sure that even if you are away on a trip, you still can earn just by parking your car. Just book your parking spot using TravelCar, and enjoy the amazing parking spot that can even earn you money!

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