9020 Bellanca Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045, US

On arrival

  1. TravelCar is open 7 days a week from: 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Please ensure this fits your travel arrangements.
  2. The shuttle will drop you at your departure terminal. It takes 4 minutes on average to get to the terminals.

Upon your return

  1. After you've retrieved your luggage from baggage claim, please give us a call using the number from the text message you received. 
  2. Our customer service agent will inform you where to meet at the shuttle. 
  3. If your flight is delayed or has a late arrival time, please inform us via email or phone as soon as possible.

Chance H.
Make sure you review the hidden fees. I say this while reviewing them highly. Just know what you're paying for, as you will be charged a transfer fee to and from the airport. My point is after factoring it all in, what sounds like $15/day is more like $18/day (depending on what you want/need). I found TravelCar to be painless. The staff (to and from) were super kind. Place is small but clean. Lyft driver to and from the airport made it easier (less tedious) than a shuttle by far. My car was waiting for me when I arrived. All in all a breeze. I wouldn't say their charge is low. You're definitely somewhere in the middle (between Parking Lot C & say Wally or Spot). But they deliver on all promises. Will use again if I need to.
Anthony C.
Very efficient and straightforward! Employees were very helpful and polite. Traffic at LAX is honorific and can’t be avoided!
Pamela K.
We arrived past their closing and were stuck at the airport without a way home. Ended up taking Uber and returning the following day to pick up the car. Very bad customer service and no options for unexpected late arrival.
Amy X.
Loved that this company sends a Lyft to send/retrieve you from the airport. Everything was incredibly efficient. Would definitely park here again.
Meghan C.
My family and I at first loved your service. The employees are great and it was extremely easy. However, we did not like using the Lyft. At first we thought it was a great idea and it was extremely easy to get to the airport. Unfortunately getting picked from the airport was an absolute nightmare. It took two hours to get picked up by a Lyft driver. Our first driver took 60 min to get to us, but drove right past us and told your employees that he picked us up even though he didn’t. So another Lyft driver was called but he took an additional 40 min to pick us up. This delay also made us drive during peak traffic that we would have missed if it didn’t take two hours to be picked up. This resulted in an additional 1hr and half being lost. A total of 3 hours and 30min. Like I said we loved your company at first and the employees were wonderful and such a great help. Unfortunately, traffic and the quality of Lyft drivers are out of your control. So unless your company changes to a more sufficient way to transport your customers from the airport and back we will have to take our business elsewhere.
  • Oversized Vehicles +$3/day
  • Interior/exterior wash
  • Interior/exterior wash (TRUCKS)
  • Detailing
  • Exterior wash only
  • Exterior wash only (TRUCKS)
  • Service Fee
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