87-35 131st Street, Jamaica, NY 11418, US

On arrival

  1. Parking 4 Airport is open 24/7, free shuttle runs every 20 min. Please ensure this fits your travel arrangements
  2. Print your reservation and be prepared to present it to the parking lot attendant. 
  3. Airlines recommend arriving at airports 3 hours before your flight

***Parking 4 Airport charges an additional fee at the lot for over-sized vehicles.***

Upon your return

Upon your return, once you have retrieved your luggage, please call the shuttle at 718-849-8888 to get picked up.

Ken M.
My wife and I, along with another couple, waited over 1 hour to be picked up from JFK when we returned. We both made several calls and were told different stories such as the driver will be there in 5 minutes or the driver is at the airport, none of which was correct. Also, you advertise that you are 7 minutes from the airport. This was also not true.
Kasandra C.
I emailed previously without a reply. Kasandra Fri, Feb 15, 9:42 AM (12 days ago) to TravelCar Hello, I would like to speak to someone about our reservation. We were not able to find the location and the contact person was unable to give us an address! After half hour we gave up and parked at the airport long-term lot. We would like a refund on our reservation please.
Gregory B.
Quick,friendly and courteous staff, I highly recommend!
Felicia G.
it was -7 degrees when I was picked up. my car was warmed up and ready for me when we got to the parking office! polite staff. I dropped off car at 5:30am and it was dark and a little confusing since it was my first time there, but I would def use again
Aaron L.
Wouldn’t recommend parking your vehicle here. It’s in a shady part of town and not sure how secure you’d cehicle is with them watching it
Peter F.
We found a new more convenient location that also has cars indoors. Not critical this time, but we remember another location that was snowed in and couldn’t get cars out years ago. Our car was ready for us as we arrived on the van. Superb service at a great cost. Real value. Travelcar staff were extremely helpful with a challenge on correcting dates and printing our needed form.
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