3925 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33142, US

On arrival

  1. Park to Travel is open 24/7 and the shuttle runs on demand.
  2. Regular size minivans are free of extra charge. SUV's, Pick ups and 12-15 pass van are charged an additional $3.50 extra per day at the lot
  3. Park to Travel service is Valet parking only. Provided to all indoors and outdoors Parking customers.
  4. Please print your reservation confirmation and present it to the parking lot to pay the balnce due
  5. The shuttle will take you to the terminal.

Upon your return

  1. The Park to Travel shuttle runs on demand.
  2. Once you have picked up your luggage please go to the Departure level (2nd floor).
  3. Call the parking lot to notify them of your location so they can pick you up.