25104 Pacific Hwy S, Kent, WA 98032, US

On arrival

  1. Please print your confirmation email.
  2. We ask that you arrive at Hometowne Studios by Red Roof 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be at the Seattle Airport.
  3. Check in with the hotel front desk before parking your car. Please call 253-334-1000 to request the shuttle if shuttle is not present at the time you arrived
  4. The shuttle service is available on demand 24/7 and runs every 20 mins.

Upon your return

  1. Upon your return, please call the location at 253-334-1000 to let them know you have arrived and you are ready to be picked up.
  2. After baggage claim, please proceed to the shuttle pick up area you were provided when you called.

Gwen S.
When we arrived at the parking lot (Hometowne Studios by Red Roof), we were told there was no spot for us. We were directed to go to another parking lot which was also full and the staff really didn't try to help. I already sent an email to get reimbursed as we had paid in advance. I put one star for the staff and for the transfer because it looks like I can't put a zero but that's what they should get.
Amir S.
I wish I could give no star. The shuttle left me in middle of no where at 12 midnight and put my suitcase out of his car without telling me how long I need to wait. I never use this website and not at all recommend it. I have to pay taxi afterwards to go to parking lot since my family including my kids waiting in SeaTac!!!
Lewis Q.
I made my reservation. Money was taken from me. I drove all the way to the place it told me to go and when i tried to check in with the hotel, the office was closed and there was a paper on the door that said there was no parking here and gave me an address to a different lot. Keep in mind I have a flight to catch. I hastily plug the new address into my phone and drive there as fast as i can only to discover it was the address of a closed down auto parts store or something. In my confirmation email it gave a number to call if I "have trouble parking" .I called it nobody answered. I ended up paying another $170 to park at the airport. I got nothing from this service but a huge headache and i still havent got my money back. Never using this again. Total scam
Paul G.
Will never use Way.com again!!
Benjamin P.
We got to the hotel and an employee gave me a sheet of paper with an address for the lot a few miles from the hotel and said they didn’t do the parking thing anymore. Price is what we were going for and we got what we paid for. It was an ok experience despite driving to the sketchy hotel first.
Tina S.
Staff wasn't there when I was parking. When I called a private vehicle (not a shuttle) came to pick us up in a hurry. Once I came back, I tried to take Red Roof shuttle because my iternerary specified it was by Red Roof, but Red Roof agents wouldn't take me to where I parked. I had to call again. They finally showed up and took us to a parking lot, but that wasn't wher I parked. They told us to wait. We waited good 20 min. Still no sign of them getting us to the right parking lot, so I ended up taking UBER to the parking lot I parked my car. Worst service ever. They won't listen. They don't prioritize. They don't want to help you; They just want you out of their face.