19445 International Boulevard, Seattle, WA 98188, US

On arrival

  1. Please print your confirmation email.
  2. We ask that you arrive at Hampton Inn Seattle Airport 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be at the Seattle Airport.
  3. Check in with the hotel front desk before parking your car. Please call 253-334-1000 to request the shuttle if shuttle is not present at the time you arrived
  4. The shuttle service is available on demand 24/7 and runs every 20 mins.

Upon your return

  1. Upon your return, please call the location at 253-334-1000 to let them know you have arrived and you are ready to be picked up.
  2. After baggage claim, please proceed to the shuttle pick up area you were provided when you called.

Enzhan S.
i arrived at the parking location, talked to the hotel front desk which could.noteven find the record. called the travelcar.com provided number, which is just a shuttle service and the guy kept asking me to hold and even hang up the phone after i asked him to talk to the front desk. i was luck that the front desk guy was so nice and still let me parked even he could not find the record. a total scam!
Xi C.
We went to the address on the instruction and was told the lot was full and we had to go to another place. Fortunately, we left plenty of time to deal with these sorts of things and were on time for our flight. On the way back, the shuttle arrived half an hour late. We got our car one hour after our plane landed.
Archana B.
The actual parking was not in Hampton Inn. It was in some cramped parking lot. The location of the lot was deserted and scary. We were asked to handover the car keys which wasn’t mentioned upfront. There was another customer who complained that her car was damaged because of bad handling by staff in the cramped parking lot.