133-98 142nd St, Jamaica, NY 11436, US

On arrival

  1. Please print your confirmation email.
  2.  Oversized vehicles will be charged extra at the lot. SUVs/VANs +$3/day & Large SUVs/Trucks +$5/day
  3. Please be advised if you need to add additional days or pay for extra large vehicles at the lot, the location only takes cash
  4. We ask that you arrive at EconoPark Parking 30 minutes prior to the time you want to be at the airport.
  5. Check in with the attendant and present your printed confirmation email before parking.
  6. The shuttle service is available 24/7 and runs on demand.

***Free shuttle for four (4) people only, additional people will be charged $10 each at check-in.***

Upon your return

  1. Upon your return, please call EconoPark to let them know you have arrived.
  2. After baggage claim, please proceeed to the shuttle pick up area you were provided over the phone.

Dmytro B.
Staff is unprofessional and rude. When I parked a car, I signed a form which did not show any additional charges. However, when I returned, the staff demanded an additional charge and only in cash. I was lucky I had enough, otherwise they told me I would need to go back to the airport to get cash from an ATM. You have to leave a key in the car unless you make a deal $$$ with a guard. Cars are parked very close to each other. My car was scratched on one side. So, do not be surprised if you get a dent or scratch upon return. The only good thing was a transfer. We wait about 10-15min when we departed and about 10min when we arrived.
Ralph H.
Thank you for service,, shuttle drivers were pleasant and provided safe driving. My car was returned same condition as dropped off. Shuttle wait was closer to 25 minutes vs 10 quoted, although this was peak traffic hour.. I was happy with all respects. Thank you
Corey M.
They attendants were very good, however the lot got overbooked somehow, had to wait approximately 30min for the shuttle (minivan) to take us back to the airport. Driver dropped me off at arrivals, now have to make my way to departures. Our return was alittle better driver was there with a larger van. When I got my car they had left the passenger window open and there was leaves and bud. Spent the next day cleaning inside of car out. I guess I have to say I would use them again due to the fact that all the other long-term parking are double the price. I know what to expect and plan ahead and give a lot more time on Departures and arrivals
Michael L.
Worst ever. Things seemed ok on drop off. Shuttle was quick and price was low. However, the hand-written receipt on a torn-off slip of legal pad paper should have been the first hint that this was not the best place to park. We returned from our trip to our keys having been locked in our car by the staff (keys are required to be left with lot attendants to move cars). The attendant walked me over to show the keys on the windshield and the doors locked. He then told me to call Triple-A. They made no effort to help, did not take responsibility, and did not so much as apologize for the inconvenience. We then had to wait 2 hours for our road-side assistance to open it up. If our insurance didnt cover this, it would have been on our dime.
Colleen C.
I would recommend!
Anthony L.
An item from my car was blatantly stolen from my dashboard. All the staff at the lot could do was refer me to a number that would contact “the boss” if I texted it. His name is apparently Mark. I reached out numerous times via call and text and was completely ignored. The lack of customer service and theft is unacceptable and I want a response.
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