25104 Pacific Hwy S, Kent, WA 98032, US

On arrival

  1. Please print your confirmation email.
  2. We ask that you arrive at Crossland Studios – SeaTac Airport Parking 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be at the Seattle Airport.
  3. Check in with the hotel front desk before parking your car. Please call 253-334-1000 to request the shuttle if shuttle is not present at the time you arrived
  4. The shuttle service is available on demand 24/7 and runs every 20 mins.

Upon your return

  1. Upon your return, please call the location at 253-334-1000 to let them know you have arrived and you are readuy to be picked up.
  2. After baggage claim, please proceeed to the shuttle pick up area you were provided when you called.

Corrie M.
We were given the address to a hotel when we booked. When I arrived @ the hotel @ 4:30AM, there was no one awake in the office & no one answering the phone on site. I was able to reach a rep using the phone number in the email, but was very confused when he asked me to drive to another address about 10 mins away. By the time we arrived at the new parking lot, time was urgent. After parking the car, I was asked to complete a tag for the car & wait for the van, wasting still more time. Your company ad says 10-15 mins, but even after we were fully loaded, we had to wait another 10 mins on a single passenger, who was scrambling to get his paperwork filled out. On one of the busiest flying days of the year, I arrived extra early to ensure on time arrival to board my flight, but still almost forefeit our seats because of the wasted time trying to deal with SeaTac Parking. The driver was friendly enough, but was not very attentive with opening doors or ensuring safe entry & exit from the van. Finally, upon return, we waited for the van nearly 45 minutes. Ultimately, we were unsatisfied & will not use the service again. You failed to deliver on the most basic & most important component =TIMELY service either to or from the airport.